Pancake Toppings for an Instant Breakfast Upgrade

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Pancake Toppings for an Instant Breakfast Upgrade

I know what you’re thinking. Pancakes are pancakes, right? You can put anything on them and they’ll taste good. But the truth is that there are a lot of different ways to make pancakes and fill them with different kinds of toppings that will change their flavor in interesting and delicious ways.

List of Pancake Toppings

Here is a list of the best pancake toppings that’ll spice up your mornings. From fried chicken to Nutella, there is salty and sweet goodness to be had for every taste.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a great topping because it provides that classic, homey flavor that everyone loves. It’s delicious on pancakes or waffles and it tastes great when mixed with other toppings like strawberries or peanut butter.

Ran out of maple syrup? Try these maple syrup substitutes.


Honey is a great topping for pancakes because it has the perfect balance of sweetness to make your breakfast extra delicious.

Blueberry Syrup

Blueberry syrup is a good topping because it’s sweet and has a nice fruity flavor. It tastes great on pancakes or waffles, but it’s also good when mixed with other toppings. To get the best taste from blueberry syrup, try mixing it with maple syrup, peanut butter, or chocolate sauce!

Strawberry Syrup

I love strawberry syrup. It tastes great mixed with other flavors like blueberry, maple, or peanut butter. I usually find that it’s best when it’s mixed with maple syrup or blueberry syrup because the two complement each other well.

Fruit Compote

Fruit compote is a great topping for pancakes. It’s a type of sauce that has fruit in it and I love how it tastes on pancakes or waffles. Fruit compote tastes great with other toppings like peanut butter, chocolate sauce, or maple syrup.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is a good topping for pancakes because it creates a light, fluffy texture. It tastes great on pancakes with other toppings, but I think it’s best when mixed with chocolate syrup. I also enjoy mixing whipped cream with fruit compote or peanut butter.

Peanut Butter Chips

Peanut butter chips are one of my favorite toppings for pancakes. They taste great by themselves or mixed with other flavors like maple or blueberry syrup. I also enjoy mixing peanut butter chips with whipped cream, fruit compote, or chocolate syrup.

Chocolate Chips

One of my favorite toppings for pancakes is chocolate chips. I love the way they add a little bit of chocolate flavor without being too overwhelming. I think they’re best when mixed with maple syrup or fruit compote, but when you choose to mix in a different topping try adding in blueberry syrup or peanut butter.

Fried Chicken

Many people love to put fried chicken on top of their pancakes. It has a delightful crunch and is very filling. Some people like to eat it dry and others prefer to dip it in syrup. Fried chicken tastes especially good when eaten with maple syrup or blueberry syrup.

Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar is a great topping for pancakes because it brings sweetness and an airy texture to the meal. I enjoy mixing powdered sugar with maple syrup or blueberry syrup, but it also tastes good when mixed with other toppings like chocolate or peanut butter.

Apple Butter

Apple butter is a type of spread that can be used to top pancakes. It tastes great with other toppings like honey, cream, or cheese. Apple butter tastes good by itself, but it also tastes amazing when mixed with blueberry syrup or apple sauce.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a delicious combination of creamy, peanutty goodness. I prefer to eat it with chocolate or honey. Peanut butter also goes well with fruit compote, whipped cream, and blueberry syrup.


Bananas are one of my favorite toppings for pancakes. They taste great by themselves or mixed with other flavors like maple or blueberry syrup. I also enjoy mixing bananas with peanut butter, fruit compote, whipped cream, or chocolate syrup.

Citrus Zest

Citrus zest is the outermost colored part of citrus fruit. It usually contains aromatic oils from the skin of the fruit, and it has a strong flavor.

Crushed Candy

Crushed candy is a fun way to top your pancakes. It tastes great on pancakes with blueberry syrup, maple syrup, and chocolate sauce. Just be careful not to eat too much of it!


Jam is a fruit preserve made from fruit and sugar, with or without added pectin. The fruit may simply be blended to a puree, heated with the sugar, and strained for clarity. Jam is usually sweetened with sugar—though it can also be sweetened by jelly crystals, honey, agave nectar, or artificial sweeteners.


Nutella is a range of spreads made primarily from sugar, vegetable oil, hazelnuts, and cocoa. It was first produced in the 1940s by the Italian company Ferrero as a new product for children. The initial spread to be marketed under the Nutella name was actually a kind of fudge—but it quickly became apparent that children wanted their Nutella paste instead.


Peanuts are often used on pancakes because they are small and crispy. Almonds are also a good nut to use for this purpose because they are rich in protein, vitamin E, riboflavin, magnesium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, and antioxidants. Walnuts are very popular with many people because of the way that they have a unique sweet flavor. Pistachios have a distinctive flavor that some people find too strong.


Bacon is another popular topping for pancakes. It has a delicious salty flavor, and cooked bacon is crispy. I recommend adding it to your pancakes with blueberry syrup or fruit compote.

Ice Cream

Many people will add ice cream to their pancakes because of the way it adds a cold and sweet flavor. It can be mixed with blueberry syrup or vanilla sauce. For a more savory experience, you could mix in cooked bacon or avocado.

Fresh Berries

Berries are one of the most popular toppings for pancakes. Many people enjoy adding fresh berries to their pancakes with blueberry syrup, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream.

Raspberries are firm and tart, but they also have a beautiful color that looks very appetizing on top of the pancake. Blueberries are juicy and sweet. They can be eaten by themselves or with other toppings like powdered sugar, honey, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or fruit compote.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a fresh dairy product used as a topping. It is made from milk, cream, and thickeners like starch or whipped egg whites. Cream cheese can be bought already made or it can be homemade. You can also make your own by simmering milk, cream, salt, and lemon juice until thickened. To make your own cream cheese without any additives, you will need to let the mixture cool overnight.

Pancake Topping Combinations

I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of some great pancake topping combinations for people who like creative cooking ideas or just want something new to try! Here we go:

Strawberry syrup + blueberries – strawberries make everything better, including breakfast foods!

Blueberry syrup + whipped cream – this is a classic combination for pancakes.

Cream cheese spread + peanut butter – these two flavors go great together.

Almond slices + chocolate chips – this is a simple combination that allows the taste of almonds to come through.

Crushed candy + chocolate syrup – if you want something sweet and crunchy, this will hit the spot. For a healthier option, you could use granola instead of candy.

Caramel sauce + strawberries – caramel is delicious and sweet, while the strawberries add a refreshing flavor.

Fruit compote + bananas – fruit compote will give you a solid fruit base for your pancakes, and the bananas will add a creamy element.

Banana slices + chocolate sauce – the chocolate sauce is a great topping on its own or mixed with other ingredients.

Bananas + honey – this combination will be especially good if you like bananas and honey. 

Bacon + peanut butter – combine two popular breakfast foods to make this combination.

Peanut butter + blueberry syrup – this flavor combination is great if you have a huge sweet tooth.

Caramel sauce + banana slices – caramel sauce tastes great all by itself, but adding the bananas gives it a different flavor.

Crushed candy + chocolate syrup – a super-indulgent combination.

Nutella + bananas – if you like bananas and chocolate, this will be a great choice for breakfast!

Chocolate sauce + powdered sugar – the classic chocolate sauce and powdered sugar combination.

Banana slices + chocolate chips – another combination that features bananas.

Final Thoughts

Pancakes are a popular breakfast food, but they can be made more interesting by adding pancake toppings. In this post, we’ve provided you with some of the most common and creative ways to add flavor–from fresh berries to creamy cream cheese spread.

If you’re looking for something new or just want an excuse to try out your creativity in the kitchen, consider one of these pancake topping combinations! Hopefully, our list was helpful and inspires you to give your pancakes an upgrade.

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