22 Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

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22 Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Before we get started, check out these farmhouse bedroom ideas to complete your modern farmhouse look! If your rustic bedroom is already complete, then try out some of these DIY farmhouse decorations.

Best Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas

Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation

Design Ideas #1-4

Striking the perfect balance between vintage and modern design can be difficult, but Christina from Christina’s Adventures totally nails it! I’ve always loved the charm of farmhouse decor for its cozy ambiance. The white planks on the walls provide a clean look while the brown wood accents on the mirrors and counter tops warm up the space. Keeping clutter to a minimum adds even more appeal to the space.

Farmhouse Powder Room

Jodie from Sypsie succeeds at making a huge impact with little space by combining neutral, unsaturated colors with bold patterns. You can personalize this look for your home by choosing some of your favorite family photos and framing them.

Farmhouse Mirror DIY

Transform your entire bathroom by following this salvaged window tutorial from The Weathered Fox. With just one statement piece, you can add so much character to your space.

DIY Bathroom Vanity

Getting creative can produce big results! Making it in the Mountains shows the payoff of hard work with this DIY bathroom vanity made from a vintage buffet.

Giant Farmhouse Sink

Design Ideas #5-8

If you aren’t the type to need a ton of counter space, why not just turn your vanity area into a giant sink? You could probably wash three babies at the same time in this large farmhouse sink from Country Living!

Farmhouse Bathroom With Black Walls

Add some modern drama to your farmhouse decor by painting your wood walls matte black. Keep the farmhouse charm by adding some woven baskets for storage. Check out Studio Mcgee for more inspiration. They have some of my favorite farmhouse bathroom decorating ideas!

Farmhouse Floating Shelves DIY

Floating shelves are perfect for farmhouse style storage in your bathroom. They’re easy to make on a budget and take up minimal space. Find out how to copy this look at Thrifty and Chic.

Budget Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover

If floating shelves are a bit too modern for your look, then this open cabinet style storage works great above toilets. Find out how to make it at Bless’er House.

More Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

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