7 Farmhouse Bedroom Designs That Will Make Friends Envious

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Do you have a farmhouse, or just love the farmhouse look?  If so, you can create your unique farmhouse feel with these fantastic farmhouse bedroom designs to inspire you.  There are seven different styles here to draw from for your creativity.  Each one is distinctly a farmhouse design in its way.  When you give your bedroom a makeover using these designs, your friends are going to be so jealous.

farmhouse bedroom designs

If you’d like more farmhouse design inspiration, then have a look at these fabulous decor ideas as well.  You can even use these fun farmhouse Christmas decorations for a neat DIY project around the holidays.

Farmhouse Bedroom Designs

Rustic Chic
Found From The Distinctive Cottage

The chandelier in this room is so gorgeous and adds a romantic ambiance.  Detailed farmhouse bedroom designs like this one can feature many accents and bold pieces to bring about their charm.

Modern French Country
Found From DIY Mommy

I love the little touches like the floral pillow and oversized clock on the wall because they contribute so well to the overall statement—what a gorgeous room with such a powerful personality.

Cozy Cottage
Found From Vibe KeDesign

I could imagine myself with this bedroom if I decided to go for a more minimalist farmhouse look.  I love it because it is so airy and cozy, all at the same time.

Southern Style
Found From Stone Gable Blog

With red being one of my favorite colors, this bedroom is a definite YES!  These flourishes help to give small farmhouse bedroom designs a significant presence.

Planked Wall
Found From Curb Alert Blog

One of my favorite aspects of farmhouse designs is the beautiful woods.  I love the planked wall because of the added dimension it gives to the room.

Silver Grey
Found From Buckets of Burlap

This custom looking headboard is so lovely! I am also digging the very neutral colors and the rustic reclaimed wood appearance.  That’s also a park bench at the foot of the bed.

Wood Ceilings
Found From Whitney Donae

Seriously guys, LOOK at that ceiling! That is such an impressive feature! If you are looking to get a cute rustic bedroom bench like this one, check out my review on the Vasagle shoe bench.

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