100 Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

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100 Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Maintaining an organized home on a regular basis isn’t as common sense and one would think. A lot of thought goes into having everything where it belongs and making your space work for your personal needs. These dollar store organization and storage ideas are the best way to get started on your decluttering journey on a budget. You can expect to learn the best ways to organize your bathroom, kitchen, office, craft room, car, and more without the overwhelm. Let’s get started!

How to Organize Your Home on the Cheap

You can easily declutter your home by following a few simple steps. It may take a while if you haven’t organized in a while (or ever) but you can trust me that it’ll be worth it! Once you’ve organized everything once, you won’t have to do this much work ever again as long as you maintain your new system.

Clear the Space You Want to Organize

Give yourself a fresh start by first taking everything out of the space you wish to organize. This will give you a better idea of how much room you’re working with and which areas you want to keep clear.

Toss Things Out

While you were removing items from the space you probably noticed a lot of things that haven’t been used in a while. A good rule of thumb is to throw away anything you haven’t used in a year. If it has been a few months but you know for sure you won’t be using certain items again, toss it!

Categorize Items

Group the items you’ve decided to keep by category and place them next to each other. This will help you get a visual of how big and what type of storage containers you’ll be needing for each category.

Label Your Organizers

Once you’ve figured out which containers will go with which category, label your containers. This step is especially crucial if you are storing in a container that you can’t immediately see the contents of.

Put Everything Away

Now that you have your storage and categories ready to go, place everything that you want to keep in its place. Now all you need to do if put everything back in the room where you feel is best.

Bathroom Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Bathroom Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Being a commonly shared space, bathrooms can get messy before we know what just hit us. Get your family’s bathrooms in check by categorizing hair accessories, first aid supplies, hair tools, makeup, skincare, and household cleaners. Here are the best ways to store them on the cheap.

decorative basket organizer

Decorative Basket

DIY Tiered Tray

DIY Tiered Tray

Second Shower Rod

Suction Cup Bottle Holders

Hair Accessory Organizer

Hair Accessory Organizer

medicine cabinet and first aid

Medicine Cabinet and First Aid Organization

wood pallet organizer

DIY Glass Jar and Wood Pallet Organizer

mason jar tissue holder

Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Upcycled Glass Jar Organizers

Upscale Apothecary Jars With Lids

Storage Buckets

file box organizer

File Box Storage

Folder Holders

Wicker Baskets

Modular Drawers System

Fabric Shoe Organizer on Door

Bathroom Drawer

Drawer Organization

Makeup Brush Organization

Kitchen Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Dollar Store Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas

Your kitchen is one of the most complicated places to organize because of the sheer amount of items that need to be stored. From cleaning supplies, coffee supplies, fresh produce, cans, to baking supplies, the list seems endless. Here are some organization tips and tricks that’ll get the heart of your home tidy efficiently.

Cookbook and Recipe Magazine Storage

Cookie Cutter Storage

Cutlery Drawer

Easy DIY Spice Rack

Pots and Pans Organization

Drawer Coffee Station

Under the Sink Organization

Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Another Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Cutting Board Storage

Magazine Filer for Paper Plates and Napkins

Canned Food Organization

Dry Food Canisters

Dollar Tree Blue Bins

Magnetic Spice Rack

DIY Lazy Susan

Snack Organizer

Cupcake Liners in Glass Jar

Closet Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Dollar Store Closet Organization and Storage Ideas

Organizing your closet can help you start your day off on the right note. Find out how you can store your jewelry, shoes, handbags, and clothes without getting overwhelmed.

Tank Top Organizer

Shoe Organizer

Closet Makeover

Jewelry Organization

Necklace Organizer

DIY Clutch Organizer

High-Heel Shoe Organizer

Hanging Baskets Storage

DIY Master Closet Makeover

No-Slip Hangers

Earring Canisters

Office & School Supply Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Dollar Store Office and School Supply Organization and Storage

Make doing homework and office work a more efficient process by having all your supplies exactly where you expect them. The office is very important to organize, especially if you share yours with someone.

Office Supply Drawer Organizer

Recycled Organizers

DIY Vintage Locker Bins

DIY Portable Homework Caddy

Cord and Cable Organization

File Folder & Mail Storage

Desk Supply Holder Using Ice Cube Tray

Electronics Organizer

Drawer Organization

Command Center

Craft Room Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Dollar Store Craft Room Organization and Storage Ideas

There are lots of small parts that can be easily lost in a craft room. Having appropriately sized containers with labels goes a long way ensuring you get the most out of your crafting supplies.

DIY Hanging Fabric Baskets

PVC and Wire Shelf Paint Storage

Cardstock Organization and Storage

Rolling Paper Storage

Storage Bins Made From Diaper Boxes

Small Crafting Supplies Organizer

Gift Wrap Storage

Craft Paint Organization Using Recycled Cans

DIY Ribbon Storage

Clothespin Twine Holders

Small Craft Supplies Containers

DIY Small Parts Holder From Pill Container

Ribbon Holder From Shower Caddy

Laundry Room Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Dollar Store Laundry Room Organization Hacks

Time to pick up all those clothes off the floor and get them in their proper basket! These laundry room hacks will make your laundry routine the most efficient it’s ever been. From DIY clothing racks to detergent storage, you may start even enjoying doing laundry.

Detergent and Cleaner Storage

Drying Rack Using a Pool Noodle

Hanging Laundry Bags

Harry Potter Themed Lost Socks Jar

Detergent and Softener Storage

Mesh Bags

Car Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

How to Organize Your Car

Dirty and unorganized cars can be pretty embarrassing. Good things it’s easy to keep your car in check with the right storage and organizational habits. By using shoe organizers and dollar store baskets, you can organize pretty much everything in your car.

Grocery Bag Holder Upcycled From Tissue Box

Glove Box Organization

Kids’ Toys Travel Organizer

Trunk Organization With Baskets

Pop Up Trunk Shelf

Car Fluids Organizer

Lunch to Go Food Organizer

Love clean cars? Check out these genius car cleaning hacks everyone should know.

Garage Dollar Store Organization and Storage Ideas

Cheap Garage Storage Ideas

Wood-working supplies, kids toys, sports equipment, and power tools-the amount of things that can go in a garage are endless! Take advantage of this useful space by storing everything into convenient containers floor to ceiling.

Organizing With Studs

Spray Paint Organizer

Kids’ Outdoor Toys Organizer

Paint Brush Holders

Multi-Purpose Bins

Plastic Baskets

DIY Power Tool Organizer

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