12 Best Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms With No Windows

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Here are ideas for the best paint color for a small bathroom with no windows.

What Color Should I Paint a Room With No Windows?

You’d be surprised by the number of viable options for painting a bathroom with no natural light. While your first instinct might be to find a color that will make your small bathroom look more substantial in size, it isn’t always necessary. Since bathrooms without windows tend to be comparatively used less than the rest of your home, you can choose to make it airy and big or bold.

Best Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms Without Windows

  • Light Gray
  • Lilac
  • Pastel Green
  • Black
  • Beige

Should You Paint a Small Bathroom a Dark Color?

Small bathrooms without windows are one of the best places to express your style. People are in and out of these rooms in a snap, meaning you won’t be looking at the paint long enough to get overwhelmed or bored by it. So if you love dramatic dark walls, your tiny bathroom is where you should experiment a little. Been eyeing the pastel farmhouse paint color you’d been seeing on Fixer Upper? Feel free to try them out here.

How do You Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

You can create the illusion of a larger space by using a mix of these tips.

  • Big reflective surfaces like over-sized mirrors
  • Light paint colors like white, off white and bright pastels
  • Less decor that takes up minimal space
  • Shiny, metallic fixtures
  • Small geometric patterns
  • Keep your ceilings white to make them look taller

Use Paint Samples So You Can Try Before You Buy

Being able to see an accurate representation of paint is essential before investing in a painting project. My favorite way of testing out new paint colors is Samplize, a peal and stick paint company.

What sets Samplize apart from other paint sample products is that their samples are made with real paint. Most companies print their paint colors, which can leave customers confused when their walls don’t turn out as planned.

If you are into high end paint brands, you will love Samplize. They carry brands like PPG, Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball, and Sherwin Williams.

Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms Photos

Best Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms Without Windows

From left to right-Pop Top, April Sky, Black Magic, Case in Point, Olive Branch, and Sea Crest.

Pop Top

This light/medium gray color is great for pairing with white tiles and dark grout. To add some color, opt for rich and vibrant colored accents. My favorite bathroom decor accent to go crazy with are towels. You may even want to try out some geometric patterns.

April Sky

This is a lighter gray than the first option and works great for those who want an airy and neutral space. If you want to add drama to your space, black or other dark tiles will complement this off white paint color.

Black Magic

While it may be scary to paint your small windowless bathroom black, it can really bring your space to life. By decorating with reflecting metallic materials, you can brighten a windowless room.

Case in Point

Green with envy over the homes you see on Fixer Upper? Add some rustic farmhouse flair to your bathroom by choosing pastel greens. Add to your look by using white shiplap as a backsplash.

Olive Branch

Create some contrast with your backsplash and mirror by using a darker gray color.

Want to know how to decorate with this paint? Here are our favorite farmhouse bathroom decor ideas.

Sea Crest

Turn your small bathroom into a seaside escape with this gorgeous seafoam colored paint. Add nautical accents such as anchors above your toilet to get the beach vibe going.

Best Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms Without Windows

From Left to Right-Lacey Lilac, Orchid Blossom, Childhood, Famous, Tea Time, and Beach Sand.

Lacey Lilac

Using a pastel blue paint in your bathroom will make the space with light and clean.

Orchid Blossom

This off-white, purple undertone paint is great for adding color without going overboard. If most of your home is white, but you’re looking to spice things up a little, this is the perfect option for you.


This versatile light grey-blue color will pair perfectly with bathroom that are decorated with artificial plants.


This warm-toned beige bathroom paint will create the illusion of light in your small space.

Tea Time

Make the most out of this neutral color by adding rich green artificial plants.

Beach Sand

Whether you’re going for a coastal bathroom decor or even a Tuscan bathroom, this neutral dark paint will make visitors feel cozy and at home.

Want to test out more colors? Try out the Amazon Paint Finder to see the paint colors in an actual bathroom. You’ll find your best paint color for your powder room with no windows with zero effort!

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