7 Easy Cable Management Ideas

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These cable management ideas are exactly what you need to achieve that flawless, clean aesthetic around your home.

7 Easy Cable Management Ideas

Having various fun gadgets around your home is great, but it can lead to plenty of overwhelm when it comes time to organize your cables. You’ve got all the tech you could ever ask for, but it will take a little creativity to make everything look presentable.

Each room has its wire challenges that can be addressed with the right tools. With the use of sleeves, command hooks, and drills (if you’re feeling a little extra), you can say goodbye to unsightly tangled cables. Here are some of the most genius solutions to your cable-related woes.

Best Rooms to Cable Manage

  • Kitchen-Appliances and cell phones
  • Living Room-Mounted TV, video game consoles, VCRs, DVD/Blu-Ray Players, light fixtures, stereo systems
  • Office-Printers, light fixtures, home phone, cell phone, tablets, laptops, desktops, and studio equipment
  • Game Room-PC, streaming equipment, LED lights, mouse, keyboard, monitors, video game consoles, and light fixtures

Want more ideas for organizing your home? Check out these 100 best Dollar Store organization hacks.

Essential Cable Management Tools

Here are some of the most useful cable management mounts, cable holders, desk organizers, chargers, and ties for getting your excess cables out of sight. Each of these tools helps you hide and group cables together. To check the item out, simply click on its picture.

Under desk cable management organizer
Under the Desk Organizer
Rotating Extension
Union Smart Charger
Reusable Magnetic Cable Ties for Cord Management
Reusable Magnetic Ties
Cord Rope Holder
Cord Holder
Cord Holder
IR Remote Control Extender
Cable Management Sleeve
Cable Sleeve
Car Charger Cable Mount
Standard Power Cable
Velcro Ties
Self-Adhesive Nylon Tie Mount
TV Cable Management Kit

Easy Cable Management Ideas

Here are my favorite cable management ideas for upgrading your home.

How to Hide Office Desk Cords

Under desk cable management idea

Check out The Golden Hive to learn how to make the most of an under the desk organizer for cable management.

How to Manage PC Gaming Desk Cables

This ultimate cable management guide will show you how to hide every wire by drilling holes into your gaming desk. Take a look; you won’t find a single cord!

How to Mount a TV and Hide its Wires

When mounting a TV above your fireplace, you’re going to want to make sure it not only looks good but isn’t a fire hazard. This tutorial will show you how to keep your TV cords safe and out of sight.

How to Hide Dash Cam Wires

If you have ever wondered how others hide their dashcam cords, this is probably what they are doing. You will be surprised what parts of your car you can open up and store your cables inside.

How to Hide Your Keyboard Cable

While your keyboard likely isn’t your biggest offender concerning cables, you can make a massive difference in the aesthetic of your desk by hiding its cable.

How to Hide Kitchen Cables

Keeping your kitchen looking clean doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put away all your appliances. By following these tips, you can have all your most-used kitchen appliances out while looking organized.

PC Cable Management Guide

When it comes to PCs, you know you can trust the Linus Tech Tips team. I’ve been following this YouTube channel for years and learned how to build my first PC from these guys. If you’re a custom PC building enthusiast, you will appreciate these PC cable management tips.

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