List of 27 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

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List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

Christmas time is getting closer and closer each day. Is your Christmas tree up already? How about your Christmas wreath on the door? Ornaments, lights… If you want to deck out your house for Christmas it’s a good idea to get prepared early. Luckily we’re here with a Christmas decorations list for all households.

So break out the Christmas music because it’s Christmastime! Oh, wait… You don’t have Christmas music yet? Fear not my friend, simply open up YouTube or Spotify and look for the Chipmunks Christmas playlist. It’s the BEST when you want to do your decorating in Christmas style!

Christmas Tree Decorations

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is a large evergreen coniferous tree that is typically brought into the home and decorated as part of the Christmas season. They are traditionally set up in some homes to allow everyone to sing carols, open presents, and provide unique decoration for the home during the holiday season. The most popular type of Christmas trees are ones made out of metal with LED’s or artificial trees made out of material.

Tree Ornaments

On the Christmas tree, ornaments not only serve as a decoration but to add both color and texture. Tree ornaments come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Each ornament is meant to represent a certain idea, trend, or culture. An ornament can even tell a story by being passed down from family member to family member every year or have a special meaning for you personally.

Want to see some fully decorated Christmas trees? Check out these beautifully decorated tree ideas.

Traditional Ornaments

Here is a list of traditional Christmas ornaments:

Angel- The angel is meant to symbolize the birth of Christ and his arrival on Earth during Christmas

Bell– The bell is meant to represent the bells one can hear when visiting a church during Christmas

Candy Cane– The candy cane is meant to represent the life of Saint Nickolas and his past of giving small sweets to children during Christmas

Bow– The bow is meant to represent the bow on the back of a present and plays a role in gift-giving during Christmas

Stocking– The Christmas stocking is meant to represent the story of Saint Nickolas and his gift-giving during Christmas

Star– The star is meant to symbolize the star that leads the Three Wise Men to the birthplace of Christ

Tree Topper

Tree toppers are typically a decoration that goes on top of a Christmas tree. At the very top of the tree, they provide a crowning jewel for the already decorated beauties of the tree’s interior. Tree toppers come in many different shapes and sizes, from simple snowflakes to angel figurines. However, there is one common tree topping decoration that is an important part of any Christmas tree: the star of David.

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

In ancient times, it was believed that stars were powerful heavenly bodies that brought hope and joy during their presence. In Christian culture, stars symbolize the Star of Bethlehem which guided three wise men to Christ’s birthplace. When we decorate our Christmas trees with these stars we are able to represent both the old and the new ways of Christmas.

Tree Skirt

A Christmas tree skirt is a cloth that goes around the base of your Christmas tree. The Christmas tree skirt sits underneath the branches of the tree, protecting the floor from any potential water damage. It can also add to the overall design of your living room.

Tree Lights

Christmas tree lights are often any of the small strands of electric light that are hung on a Christmas tree. Usually, the lights are pre-wired on metal branches or on strings of wire. The strands usually come with bulbs at the end. These lamps produce a warm incandescent or fluorescent glow, simulating the Christmas spirit.

Don’t want to spend money on a tree this year? Here are my favorite alternative Christmas tree ideas.

Tree Stand

A Christmas tree stand is an important accessory to any Christmas tree. It may not seem important at first but it plays an essential role in holding up your tree without having to tie it down with wires or nails. It also helps protect your floor from water damage caused by the tree’s base.

Fake Snow

Fake snow is a great way to decorate your Christmas tree. I personally like to make a little snow pile next to my tree and put some fake snow on top of it. Fake snow comes in many different varieties, including glitter snow, snowflake mold, and freeze-dried.

You can create a snowy tree appearance with a process called ‘flocking’. Here are my best tree flocking tips.

Door Decorations

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need
List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need


Christmas door wreaths are a beautiful decoration to add to the outside of your home. Wreaths can be made out of real greens, artificial greens, polyester fabric with glitter accents, and many other materials. Christmas door wreaths are typically hung on exterior doors to signify Christmas cheer for the holiday season.

Hanging Garland (Hang this on your door or even the banisters to look Christmassy)

Hanging Christmas garland is a popular decoration in many homes during the holiday season. Hanging Christmas garland is typically used on the inside of windows and around the mantel. They can also be strung across doorways or from banisters. In addition to the typical hanging Christmas garland, some people use them as curtain accents throughout their home.

Decorative Window Clings/Stickers (stickers with Christmas trees, Christmas presents, etc.)

Decorative window clings/stickers are an easy way to decorate windows for the holidays. They are available in different Christmas themes, such as Christmas trees, Christmas presents, snowflakes, etc. Decorative window clings can also be used on mirrors or banisters.

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

Bedroom Decorations

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need
List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

Christmas Bedding

Most people think of Christmas decorations as decorations for the entertainment areas of your home but you should also consider bedding during the holiday season. Bedsheets and comforter sets can be a great way to create a cozy and inviting environment. The best thing about bedding during the holidays is that it’s an idea that won’t cost you much money.

Throw Blankets (with a Santa print)

One of the most important parts of Christmas decorating is making sure your family is comfortable. Throw blankets are an excellent way to do this during cold winter nights. If you’re worried about your throw blanket taking up too much space, consider getting one of the smaller size blankets like a couch throw or car seat throw.

Living Room Decorations

Coffee Table Décor (place some nice Christmassy books and decorations here)

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

Christmas coffee table decor is an essential part of the Christmas experience. The following are some ideas for coffee table decor:

– place some nice Christmas themed books on your table

– add a Christmas table cloth

– decorate with Christmas lights

– place a Christmas centerpiece

– burn some cozy Christmas candles

Fireplace Decor

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need
List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

Want more Christmas fireplace decor ideas? Check out these stunning Xmas fireplace setups.

It doesn’t stop there, Christmas fireplaces can be a really nice decoration during the holidays. Adding a few twinkling lights around it, stocking up on some snow or snowflakes, and placing a few candles in vases around it will make the atmosphere perfect for the holidays.

You can personalize your Xmas fireplace by adding your favorite Christmas characters like Santa Claus, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, or Frosty the Snowman.

Don’t forget to add some cute Christmas stockings to your fireplace! Here are my favorite DIY Christmas stockings.

Bathroom Decor

Hang a tissue garland around the bathroom mirror or over the toilet. Add some pinecones, figurines, or other ornaments to your bathroom counter. This will not take much time out of your day but will help to transform your space for this holiday season.

Toilet Paper (with a Christmas print, of course)

A cheap and fun way to decorate the bathroom is by using Christmas-themed toilet paper rolls. Most people forget to dress up the bathrooms so taking care to decorate this area will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Christmas Candles

Christmas candles are one of the most exciting pieces of decor. Go to your nearest home goods store and take some time trying out the different candles.

Christmas Soap

I love getting Christmas-themed soaps, especially the sweet treat and pine-smelling ones. You can get these at a home goods store, your local grocery store, and Bath and Body Works.

Dinner Table Decor

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need
List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need


Christmas placemats are a great way to add a little bit of holiday cheer to your home by adding a pop of red and green. They’re inexpensive, easy to find just about anywhere, and can be used practically all year around!

There are many kinds of Christmas placemats. There are those with Christmas artwork, those with the words “Merry Christmas” on them, those that come as gifts in gift sets like napkins and plates.


Some of the most popular Christmas centerpieces are made with pinecones. You can layer these on top of each other and put a little bit of water around them so they’ll stay fresh for up to two weeks. Another centerpiece idea is to fill clear glass jars with pinecones, beads, ribbons, and bows.

Not sure how to style your centerpiece? Here are my favorite Christmas centerpiece decor ideas.

Christmas Plates

Christmas plates are the perfect way to set the mood for Christmas dinner. They’re also a great way to spread Christmas cheer without breaking the bank. There are many different designs that work well as Christmas plates, but one of the main considerations you have to make before buying them is whether or not they can be used throughout the year. If you want your plates to last through the entire holiday season, look for something with neutral colors or materials that can stand up to all different kinds of food.

Ambiance Decor

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

If you want to save a little money this Christmas, be sure to incorporate some printable Christmas decorations. They’re free for download!

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are one of the most popular Christmas decorations. People put them on their front lawns, trees, and bushes. They also hang them in their trees or outside windows.

The most popular color for Christmas lights is blue. A lot of people believe that this is because of the traditional Scottish song called “Blue Bells of Scotland.”

There are many different kinds of light strings available to decorate with which include bulbs that change colors, blink, or have motion sensor timers. Some people prefer to buy new lights each year while others reuse old ones from previous years.


Another popular Christmas decoration is a candle. These can be placed near a fireplace or on a table in the middle of a room. There are many different candle holders to use with them, such as a simple metal holder or a decorative glass one. A lot of people will place them around their home in order to create an ambient atmosphere.

The most popular Christmas scents include evergreen, pine, apple, cinnamon, and orange spice. The scent of the candle will also depend on what mood you’re trying to evoke from your guests when they come over for Christmas dinner.


A little sprig of mistletoe is a fun decoration that you can put outside near your door, over your fireplace, or inside your front window during Christmas time. It’s inexpensive, easy to find at any store, and can be used for any kind of party, event, or get-together.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of mistletoe, you can always buy artificial versions instead. Often times these come in hanging ball form and work well as a centerpiece at your holiday dinner table. They’re also small enough that they won’t take up too much space.

Porch and Outdoor Decor

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

Want to outdo your neighbors this year? These are my top outdoor Christmas decor setups.

List of 20 Essential Christmas Decorations You Need

Walkway Decorations

Christmas Walkway Decorations can add some festive color to your home this winter. Installing Christmas decorations in the walkways of your property will not only add some holiday spirit, but it will also provide a level of safety and security for your family and visitors. When you choose the perfect Christmas decorations to install on your property, you want to be sure that they are durable and eye-catching.

Lawn Decorations

The most popular Christmas lawn decoration is the Christmas tree, specifically a metal tree with colorful lights or electric LED lights. If you are looking for something that requires less upkeep then consider purchasing a static tree with white lights that remains lit all season long.

Other popular Christmas lawn decorations are pre-lit snowmen, reindeer, and Santa Claus.

Porch Garlands

Christmas porch garlands are a wonderful way to welcome Christmas visitors and make your home feel festive. A wreath on the front door is another popular Christmas decoration, but some people also prefer more outdoor decorations, such as a garland on the porch railing or a door wreath.

Christmas porch garlands are available in all sorts of materials and styles, from live greens to rice straw, and they can be used to decorate the railing of a balcony or staircase as well as a porch. There are also a number of different options for hanging, including metal hooks that screw into the house siding or over-the-door hooks that wrap around the door frame.

Mini Christmas Trees

Don’t like the idea of lugging a heavy tree into your house? Then get one that’s small enough to fit into your living room. We usually think of Christmas trees as these huge 6-7 foot tall, 6-7 foot wide evergreens, but there are plenty of mini Christmas trees on the market that are perfect for the one room in your home where you want to have a Christmas decoration.

Mini Christmas trees come in different heights, from 3 feet tall to 5 feet tall, and in a variety of types too: prelit or unlit, artificial or live. You can use a mini Christmas tree for an indoor display in any room–or even porch–that doesn’t have much space because it will take up less room than a regular-sized Christmas tree.

Tip: If you would like a printable Christmas decorations list, feel free to copy and paste the table of content into a word document. You can even click on the printer icon located at the top of this post to print the whole thing.

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