How to Flock a Christmas Tree + Best Flocked Trees on Amazon

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How to Flock a Christmas Tree - And The Best Flocked Christmas Trees on Amazon

Are you experiencing Christmas tree envy? Flocked Christmas trees are all the rage right now – and for good reason! These beautiful modern Christmas trees are a sure way to make your home look fabulous for the holidays.

The thing is, flocked Christmas trees can be quite expensive. As in, a couple of hundred dollars expensive. But no matter! When there is a will, there is a way. Here is a quick and easy tutorial that will teach you how to flock a Christmas tree on the cheap.

Prefer to buy a pre-flocked Christmas tree instead? Scroll down to see the best flocked Christmas trees on a budget from Amazon.

What is a Flocked Christmas Tree?

You have likely seen a flocked Christmas tree before and didn’t realize what it was actually called. A flocked Xmas tree is a tree that has had a white powder applied to it to give the illusion of snow.

This snow-covered look gives your tree a more authentic and cozy winter feeling. It pairs great with a variety of decorations and looks more expensive than a regular tree.

DIY Flocked Christmas Tree Tutorial

There are three main ways to flock a Christmas tree. You can use flocking spray, a DIY flocking kit, or flocking powder.

For all methods, you should wear safety goggles, a face mask, and a pair of gloves. This will protect you as you complete the flocking project.

Option 1: Flocking Spray

Flocking spray will give a frosted, less textured appearance than the flocking powder. You can also use it on your windows to give them a frosted winter look.

Option 2: Flocking Kit

You can purchase a flocking kit that will come with acrylic paint for adhesive, a flocking applicator, and flocking powder. Some people prefer this, but my favorite method is option three as it just requires water, a sifter, and a spray bottle.

Option 3: Flocking Powder

Fill up a spray bottle with water, get a fine mesh sifter, and a bag of flocking powder. You will want to work in sections and spray your tree branches with water, sift your flocking powder onto the branches from above, and then respray the branches to seal.

How Much Flocking to Use on Your Tree

Use the below photos as a reference to figure out the aesthetic you are going for. Sometimes seeing an example helps in figuring out your style. đŸ™‚

Pro Tip: Add more flocking to the top of the tree for a natural look. After all, more snow falls on the top of the tree than the bottom.

Light Flocking Christmas Tree

Medium Flocking Christmas Tree

Heavy Flocking Christmas Tree

Video: How to Flock a Christmas Tree

This video from ‘The Mountain View Cottage Haley Estes’ YouTube channel is my favorite visual tutorial for Christmas tree flocking.

She makes it very easy and the video quality is phenomenal. Make sure to subscribe to her channel for more videos!

Best Flocked Christmas Trees on Amazon

Mini Flocked Christmas Trees

How to Flock a Christmas Tree - And The Best Flocked Christmas Trees on Amazon

Joiedomi 22″ Snow Flocked Pre-lit Tabletop Christmas Tree (Battery Operated)

How to Flock a Christmas Tree - And The Best Flocked Christmas Trees on Amazon

National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Mini Christmas Tree With Snow and Cloth Base

How to Flock a Christmas Tree - And The Best Flocked Christmas Trees on Amazon

MAOYUE Tabletop Mini Christmas Tree With Artificial Snow and Lights

Full-Sized Flocked Christmas Trees

How to Flock a Christmas Tree - And The Best Flocked Christmas Trees on Amazon

LordofXMAS Flocked Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree With LED Lights – 7.5 Feet

How to Flock a Christmas Tree - And The Best Flocked Christmas Trees on Amazon

Prextex Snow Heavy Flocking Christmas Tree – 6 Feet

How to Flock a Christmas Tree - And The Best Flocked Christmas Trees on Amazon

Best Choice Products Pre-Decorated Pine Cone Flocked Tree – 6 Feet

Need ideas to decorate your flocked Xmas tree? Check out these Beautiful Tree Decorating Ideas.

Flocking Christmas trees – FAQ

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding flocked trees.

Is It Messy To Flock A Christmas Tree?

Yes! It is actually pretty messy to flock a tree since you are dealing with fine white powder. For this reason, flocking your Christmas tree outside is recommended. Be sure to check that it is not windy before getting started or you could lose a lot of your precious flocking powder.

How Long Will It Take To Flock A Christmas Tree?

Plan on spending at least 2 hours flocking a small to medium tree and 30 minutes for cleanup. For larger trees, add on an or or two of flocking and cleanup time.

What Size Christmas Tree Should I Buy?

The general rule of thumb is to get a Christmas tree that is around a foot shorter than your ceiling height. This gives you enough room to add a reasonably sized tree topper.

It is always best to measure the height of your ceiling if you aren’t sure. If you don’t have a measuring tape and would rather guess the height, chances are your ceiling is either 8 ft or 9 ft tall.

Older homes have a standard 8-foot ceiling while many newer homes have 9 ft ceilings. This means most people will want to choose a Christmas tree that is around 7-8 ft tall.

What Is Flocking Made Out Of?

Flocking is made out of small cellulose paper fibers. They are produced with an adhesive that allows the fibers to permanently bind to your Christmas tree.

Although flocking is marketed to be flame retardant and safe for kids and pets, it is best you complete the flocking process away from fire, kids, and pets.

Even if flocking is non-toxic, you do not want your small ones breathing in the tiny powder. I recommend wearing a mask while flocking your tree to protect yourself as well.

Better safe than sorry. However, once the process is complete and your tree is dry, there shouldn’t be any concerns about the powder.

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