14 Mantel Decorations for Christmas

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Check out these gorgeous mantel decorations for Christmas that’ll stun your guests!

14 Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

Mantel Decorations for Christmas

There is something so magical about Christmas mantel decorations when it is night time and you have the fireplace burning. Soft lights that flicker and dance across the walls while you spend time with loved ones is an experience hard to beat! What’s arguably even more fun is being able to decorate your mantel for Christmas with family and personalize the style.

Whether you’re looking to add farmhouse character to your Christmas home decor or to create a minimalist mantel that’s universally appealing, you’ve come to the right place. This Christmas list has all the mantel decor inspiration you need to nail your DIY mantel this holiday season!

Before we begin, be sure to check out these DIY Christmas stocking ideas to decorate your mantel for Christmas with. You can also get some Christmas tree decorating ideas to use as inspiration for your holiday decor setup.

This modern farmhouse mantel from Damask and Dentelle marries the best of both worlds from minimalist home decor and cozy farmhouse. It has a simple and rustic design that can be recreated in many spaces. Personally, I adore the the contrast of the bright whites against copper accents.

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If you’re going for colorful Christmas decor, like this cottage mantel decor from The Lettered Cottage, try to keep to a color scheme. Since you already have a blue Christmas mantel, decor should be more downplayed Christmas colors to complement it.

With a little DIY, you can create unique wood pallet art to go with your mantel decorations for Christmas. I love the enormous amount of added character these simple Christmas decorations add to this cozy mantel from The Lily Pad Cottage.

In case you’re looking for chalkboard farmhouse DIYs to add character to your home, this ‘Merry Christmas’ black and white mantel from Our Faux Farmhouse will definitely do the job. This neutral mantel decor is perfect for creating a low key holiday look.

Get a little more foot traffic around the fireplace by making a DIY advent calendar everyone can use. This wood advent calendar adds so much warmth to neutral decor in this gorgeous snowy Christmas mantel from Thrifty and Chic.

Incorporating figurines into your design is a great way to bring your holiday mantel to life. Try adding DIY reindeer to your mantel decor, like this vibrant Christmas mantel from The Magic Brush Inc, to give your home a festive mood.

I don’t know about you, but I am LIVING for this white Christmas mantel design by Monika Hibbs. The contrast of greenery against bright white ship lap is just so aesthetically pleasing!

This simple Christmas mantel with reindeer featured in a Our Southern Homes roundup is so classy! The candle light adds a touch of glam to an otherwise understated decor.

When you already have a cozy red brick fireplace, you don’t have to do much to make it look festive. Recreate this minimalist Christmas fireplace decor from Obsessive Compulsive Design by adding clean, simple design elements such as a wreath with bows and wood barrels.

Create the ultimate white Christmas mantel by adding frosted garlands with pine cones and white decor. I’m loving the woodsy decor aesthetic this white mantel from Ana White brings to this home.

This white and golden Christmas mantel from Blooming Homestead truly does bring a sense of joy to this scene. The subtle variation of golds and whites makes a big statement in this Christmas decor theme.

When your mantel already makes a big statement by itself, keep your Christmas decorations a bit more simple. You can make this easy DIY Christmas wreath yourself by checking out Growing Gupzee.

Rustic plaid holiday decor is always a treat when you want to fill your home with color. Check out more photos of this stunning farmhouse Christmas decor from Hawthorne and Main.

Follow the lead of Worthing Court’s Christmas mantel setup if you love including all the Christmas colors you can. The combination of green and red on this white farmhouse mantel looks amazing and truly makes this look like a family home!

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