10 Bullet Journal Ideas That’ll Get Your Finances on Track

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Budget Bullet Journal Ideas

Using a budget bullet journal is a great way to ensure you keep your goals in check. Track each goal by writing down or even coloring in your progress! Can’t get enough goal bullet journal ideas? Check out these health bullet journal ideas┬áthat’ll get your weight loss on track.

Baby Steps to $1,000

Bullet Journal Financial Savings Planner

Created by Danielle

This baby steps money tracker is a fantastic way to achieve small financial goals and work your way up. Be sure to set bigger goals every new bullet journal spread.

Savings Goals Jar

Bullet Journal Savings Goals

The Journal Life

A savings tracker will help remind you of the most important part of earning money-saving it! Fill the jar up as you save more money.

Simple Expense Tracker

Bullet Journal Expense Tracker

Sharona Journals

To reach your target savings, you’ll also want to track your expenses. Writing everything down will help you realize where you’re overspending and allow you to cut out the unnecessary expenses.

Spending and Savings Tracker

Savings and Spending Bullet Journal

Jashii Corrin

If you prefer to have a uniform style for your budget bullet journal, this is a clean and easy to replicate option.

Goal Fund Bujo

Funds and Goals Bujo

Mint Notion

If you have specific goals to nail this year, keep yourself reminded of them by creating dedicated funds.

Adult Coloring Book Style

Save 1000 Bullet Journal Idea

Prism Cherry Stickers

Adult coloring books are a popular way to unwind right now. Make the most use out of your time by creating a savings bullet journal spread that you can fill in.

Savings Tracker Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book Savings Tracker

Debt Free in Sunny CA

If you prefer a cleaner design for your savings tracker, this is a great spread that you can get creative with.

Bill Tracker

Bill Tracker Bullet Journal

Haylo and Heart

You’d be surprised how many unnecessary bills you can collect over time with all the subscription services these days. Be sure to keep track of your monthly expenses so you can weed out whatever you aren’t using anymore.

Easy Bill Tracker

Bujo Bill Tracker

Plan With Veek

This is another great example of how you design your monthly bill planner.

Savings Tracker

Savings Coloring Book Tracker

Karolina Crafts

Get your big goal as well as smaller goals all on one spread! Be sure to color code them so you can look back on all the little accomplishments that led to your big win.

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  1. Hello, I was looking for simple to set up and easy to manage budget spreads for my new Bujo. Several of these are just right. Thank you!


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