35 Irresistible Ube Dessert Ideas

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35 Delicious Ube Desserts You Need to Make

Ube desserts have been taking the Internet by storm lately, but this ingredient has been a staple in Filipino cuisine for a very long time. Although there is no official documentation of how or when Filipino families began using ube in recipes, we do know it will continue to be a favorite.

If you are interested in experiencing the wonders of ube, make sure to try out a few of the recipes below. They’ll blow your mind! However, before we get started, check out the answers below to the most popular questions about ube.

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What is Ube?

Ube comes from the plant Dioscorea Alata, which is specifically grown in the Philippines. The ube plant is often used in Filipino desserts and eaten at potlucks, birthdays, and holidays.

What Does Ube Taste Like?

The taste of ube can be described as nutty and sweet with a hint of vanilla.

Is Ube Naturally Purple?

Yes! Ube gets its beautiful vivid violet color from the high amount of anthocyanins it contains.

Does Ube Taste Like Taro?

Both ube and taro are known for their purple colors, but they taste pretty different. Ube is significantly sweeter than taro and works best in dessert dishes. Taro is a bit more earthy in taste and has the grainy texture of a sweet potato.

Is Ube Healthy?

Ube is quite healthy! Just like the sweet potato, ube is high in healthy carbohydrates, fiber, and antioxidants. Compared to other types of sweet potato, it excels in nutritional value. The best part is, ube is naturally very sweet and doesn’t require extra sweeteners to taste delicious.

35 Best Ube Dessert Recipes

Here is a roundup of the most delicoius ube desserts! Some of these are more traditional ube desserts while others are pretty modern. All of them are absolutely scrumptious though!

Ube Mochi Waffles | Keeping it Relle

Ube Milk Bread | The Little Epicurean

Ube Oreos | Casa Creatures

Ube Cake Roll | Woman Scribbles

Easy Ube Mochi Recipe (Gluten-free) | Keeping it Relle

Ube Tres Leches Cake | The Sweet and Sour Baker

Ube Halaya Jam for Ube Recipes | Bigger Bolder Baking

Easy Ube Butter Mochi | Wanderlust Style

Ube Japanese Cheesecake | Phil and Mama

Ube Crinkle Cookies | Keeping it Trelle

Ube Bars | Pagkaing Pinoy TV

Coconut Ube Rolls | Kitchen Confidante

Ube Hayala | Amiable Foods

Ube Macapuno Cake | Baked Happy

Ube (Purple Yam) Bread Rolls | Woman Scribbles

No-Bake Ube Halaya / Ube Jam Mini Cheesecakes With Ube Milk Jelly Topping | My Bare Cupboard

Baked Ube Coconut Doughnuts | Lito Supply Co

Ube and Coconut Cream Pie | Love and Olive Oil

Easy Ube Cake | Amusing Maria

3-Ingredient Ube Ice Cream (No Churn) | Bigger Bolder Baking

Ube Creme Bruelee Cake | Yummy

PUbe Langkasuy Graham Float | Pinoy Recipe

Easy Twisted Ube Mochi Bread | Lito Supply Co

Ube Chiffon Cake | The Little Epicurean

Ube Doughnuts With Coconut Milk Glaze | Burnt Lumpia

Ube Pie | Woman Scribbles

Ube Custard Tart | Woman Scribbles

Ube Cake | Woman Scribbles

Ube Panna Cotta | Woman Scribbles

Toasted Coconut Thumbprint Cookies With Rum and Ube Jam | Burnt Lumpia

Ube Pancakes | The Unlikely Baker

Ube Mochi Pancakes | Jeanell Eats

Vegan Ube Pancakes With Coconut Almond Glaze | Dining and Cooking

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