10 Delicious Vegan Dessert Recipes You Need to Make Now

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Vegan food is not as mysterious or inaccessible as it used to be.  These tantalizing vegan dessert recipes are proof of that, and they taste as good as they look.  Try them for yourself.  If you like vegan food and easy recipes, you will love these vegan mug recipes as well.

vegan dessert recipes

There are just some things in life I think I will never be prepared for, and these desserts are some of those things. Plenty of people seem to be under the impression that vegan food is unappetizing, boring, or just too difficult to make. I am excited to say that this post will help to sway those people and make them happy to be so wrong. Please enjoy this love letter list showcasing the hard work of some of the best foodie bloggers. Feast your eyes for now; your bellies can thank them after you follow these amazing vegan dessert recipes. : )

10 Delicious Vegan Dessert Recipes

Vegan Elderflower Cake With Lemon Curd & White Chocolate Frosting
Found From Wallflower Kitchen

My heart nearly stopped and my eyes filled up with tears of excitement as soon as I came across this! I’ll admit, I have never been one who really gets cravings for desserts, but there is just something so magical about how thoughtful and put together this recipe is. This is the kind of stuff that really fills me up with determination, and I can’t wait to try the recipe out.

Vanilla Chai Cupcakes
Found From Baking Ginger

I have always been a huge fan of chai anything so this vanilla chai recipe really sounds amazing. All it takes is one look at that creamy frosting to make me feel like I am falling in love. Chai really brings back such wonderful memories of growing up and heating up some tea during the cold seasons. Nothing like good ‘ol nostalgia to make you focus on the good things in life. : )

Vegan & Gluten-Free Krispie Kreme Donut Holes Copycat Recipe
Found From Nerdy Mamma

It is recipes like this that really show you that there isn’t much to miss if you go vegan. There are tons of copycat recipes you can use if you get a hankering for a certain something-something! I’m sure most of you have tried the donut holes from Krispy Kreme; now you can guarantee you have them fresh and cruelty-free every time!

Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake With Gluten-Free Chocolate Crust
Found From The Crunchy Chronicles

I think it has been established by this point that everything pumpkin is heaven sent. What makes this recipe even better (if that’s even possible) is that it has CHEESECAKE. Yes, you read that right. Two of the most delicious things you can eat, all in just one dessert. I’m sure every time these babies come out of the oven, a choir of angels sing!

Vegan Oreo Peanut Butter Pie
Found From Crazy Vegan Kitchen

So for some reason, I am under the impression that Oreos are an absolute good in this world. I seriously have never found a person who has said they don’t like Oreos. What makes them even better is that they are so versatile! You can fry them, put them in ice cream, and plenty of other unhealthy things! Back to the recipe though, this just looks super well done and I look forward to making it.

Palo No-Bake Raspberry Cream Pies
Found From Texanerin

I find this dessert to be breathtaking to look at; it is so beautifully colored and appears to be very creamy! I like to imagine eating this on a nice sunny spring or summer day while on a picnic. As a bonus, they are made with coconut so you get a tropical kick to your dessert!

Vegan Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes
Found From Wallflower Kitchen

I don’t know about you guys but for the past two to three years I have had this fascination with everything lavender. You know, lavender oil, lavender colored clothes, lavender makeup, lavender flavored tea, etc. So naturally, I am totally into this recipe. If you guys are on the same page as me, then I highly recommend you check this recipe by clicking on the link located under the photo.

1-Hour Vegan Cinnamon Rolls
Found From Sprinkled With Jules

Cinnamon rolls have been and always will be a winter staple for me. The comfort of fluffy rolls topped with cinnamon and frosting is just too irresistible when all you want to do is snuggle up in a blanket by the fireplace. Don’t get me wrong though, I will eat these any time of year!  I’m delighted to be able to include this among my favorite vegan dessert recipes.

Vegan Lemon Blueberry Cake With Lemon Glaze
Found From Ceara’s Kitchen

One of the things I love about this one is that it will taste amazing regardless if it is warm and fresh out of the oven or if you have left it in the fridge overnight. Seriously, you know something is really good when it is just as awesome even when not fresh. This is another recipe I think is great for taking to the park and sharing with your loved ones. It’s bright and cheery and should be shared with the world. : )

Mind Blowing Vegan Tiramisu
Found From Neurotic Mommy

We all have learned (or hopefully will learn now) that a dessert list is incomplete without tiramisu! That goes for vegan dessert recipes, too!  If you haven’t tried this dessert yet, just know your life can be so much brighter. All it takes is this tiramisu recipe and you will live like a CHAMPION. Okay, so that may be taking it a little far! Really though, tiramisu is delicious and you need to try it if you haven’t. On a side note though, I completely love the name of this blogger’s site, Neurotic Mommy.


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