17 Easy Painted Rocks That’ll Make Someone’s Day

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This is worth a look, because lately we’ve been seeing an incredible increase of photos on the Internet of adorably painted rocks. So, what’s the deal with these rocks and why paint rocks?

17 Painted Rocks for Spreading Kindness

Although we may like to do things big, sometimes it’s the little things that can help someone have a better day. Like many of us, Megan Murphy believes that kindness rocks! In case you were wondering about the origin of painted rocks, this girl is the one you’re looking for. Whether you’re leaving a rock with an inspiring message on it, or a cute strawberry designed rock, someone is bound to smile when they see it. Read on, because there is more to learn about how to join The Kindness Rocks Project.

How to Participate in the Kindness Project

If you’d like to get involved, then here’s a way: simply begin with painting a rock with one of these below ideas for painting rocks. Leave it somewhere where it can be found. Whenever you find a painted rock someone else has left behind, you can either replace it with one of your own or find your new hiding spot for painted rocks.

Best Painted Rocks Ideas

Olive You Painted Rock

I Love You Painted Rock

21 Easy Painted Rocks

If you like an inspirational quote, then try this painted Rock.

21 Best Painted Rocks

Yay! It’s Friday!

21 Painted Rock Ideas for Beginners

Poem Painted Rock

21 Painted Rock Ideas

Positive Quote Rock

21 Ideas for Rock Painting

Appreciation Rocks are great however you paint them!

21 Rock Painting Ideas

Motivational Painted Rock

21 Inspirational Painted Rocks

Believe Painted Rock

21 Pretty Painted Rocks

Artsy Painting Rock

21 Painted Rock Art Ideas

Winnie the Pooh

21 Inspirational Painted Rocks

Aladdin Rock

21 Cute Painted Rocks

Vintage Painted Rock

21 Pretty Painted Rocks

Tree Painted Rock

21 Inspirational Rocks

One Day or Day One – You Decide

21 Cute Painted Rock Ideas

Turtle Rock

21 Rock Painting IdeasStrawberry Painted Rock Idea

21 Beautiful Painted Rocks

Owl Painted Rocks

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  1. I’ve been painting rocks for about 3 years now. I do like the inspirational rocks. And my drawing is becoming better just by trying different things. I find paint markers easy to draw with.


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