14 Cork DIY Ideas That’ll Justify Your Wine Obsessions

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You’ll be surprised by the amazing amount of uses for wine corks. If you love drinking wine as much as I do, you go through a lot of bottles and corks. While the wine bottle DIYs are a bit more obvious, you have to get creative with wine cork crafts.

14 Wine Cork Crafts That Actually Look Expensive

Wine Cork Crafts

When people think of using up-cycled materials to decorate their homes, it can be easy sometimes for them to dismiss it as a cheap or ugly looking option. Wine corks, however, can be a totally different story as they are naturally beautiful to look at even on their own. If you are looking to change the minds of nay sayers, consider showing these photos!

Kitchen Utensil Holder

You won't believe this wine cork utensil holder until you see it.
Found From A Magical Mess

If you need something to hold your cooking utensils and don’t feel like buying an expensive piece from the store, consider making your own!


This wine cork planter is awesome!
Found From Beckman Vineyards

Put your old corks to good use by turning them into a planter.

Candle Holder

These wine cork candles give such a warm and cozy glow to any room.
Found From Two Twenty One

Wine corks are great for candles as cork is very heat resistant.


You won't believe what this birdhouse is made of!
Found From Recycle Daw Blog

Create an adorable home for the neighborhood birds!

Succulent Planters

You only need one material to make this awesome planter for succulents!
Found From Upcycle That

Tiny plant holders are totally in right now. Skip the expensive store bought planters and make your own!

Bulletin Board

Who knew this common household material could get you organized?
Found From Simply Designing

Keep the family organized with a bulletin board.


You'll never have to worry about buying another wine coaster!
Found From Cambria Wines

Keep your wine cork craft in theme by using it to hold your current drinking wine.

Want Wine Cork Christmas Crafts?

Wine Cork Christmas Crafts That’re Too Cute

Bath Mat

This moisture resistant material found in your home can make the most gorgeous bath mat.
Found From Crafty Nest

Wine works are surprisingly comfortable to step on!

Wine Charms

Create a present with this household item that your friend will never forget!
Found From DIY Inspired

These charms are just the cutest. : )


Who knew this item that you thought you were going to throw away could become art?
Found From Design Improvised

Make a home decor piece everyone will be talking about. It looks way better than the store bought stuff I usually get!


What a cute wine cork necklace!
Found From Instructables

This wine cork necklace is super easy to make and I’m sure you know of at least one person who would appreciate something like this.

Name Tags

Step up your dinner party game with wine cork name tags!
Found From Martinka

These assigned seat tags are so stylish!

Key Chains

Make your keys easier to find with this wine cork key chain!
Found From Cleverly Inspired

These are the most unique key chains I’ve ever seen!


This wine cork side table is so awesome!
Found From Our Crafty Mom

This makes me want to make an entire bar top out of wine corks!

After seeing the final products, you really get to realize how useful wine corks really are! I’ve always thought they looked really classy on their own and now I’m glad I don’t have to throw them away. What do you think of using wine cork crafts for home decor-stylish or blah?

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  1. I love your wine cork crafts. I use them to decorate plain acrylic picture frames. Some I leave natural, some I paint different colors.


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