15 Ways to Use Leftover Juice Pulp

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While it’s oh-so-satisfying to see the juice separate from its pulp during a juicing session, you can’t help but feel guilty about the waste. After all, you’re taking out all the fiber, which is essential to your health. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do with juice pulp, here are some of my favorite ideas!

What to do With Juice Pulp

What to do With Juice Pulp

  1. Make bread out of it for tomorrow’s breakfast.
  2. Add it to your favorite smoothie recipe to add an extra serving of fiber.
  3. Use it as a thickener for some of your more runny soup recipes.
  4. Turn it into a vegan patty packed with nutrients.
  5. Create a vegetable broth out of it by boiling it for around 30 minutes and then straining out the pulp. Add some of your favorite spices to give it an extra kick.
  6. Bake up some delicious juice pulp muffins, then eat them after dinner tonight.
  7. Sprinkle a small amount onto your dog’s dinner. ***First be sure that it’s a pet-friendly fruit/vegetable before offering it to your dog!***
  8. Make some carrot juice crackers so you can snack on them between meals.
  9. Fruit leather is another healthy snack that’ll keep you satisfied before lunch and dinner meals.
  10. Freeze up some cantaloupe, mint, and mango pulp-sicles.
  11. Make cream cheese for morning bagel time.
  12. Get addicted to these veggie fritters. You’ve been warned!
  13. Enjoy the most delicious pulp pancakes by using your carrot pulp.
  14. Indulge on some pulp meatballs.
  15. Add pulp to your favorite mac n cheese recipe to give it some health benefits.

Once you’ve got a staple of delicious recipes to make from your juice pulp, it’s easy to use every bit of the fruits and vegetables. Plus, a little extra fiber never hurts anyone. 😉

If you want more healthy recipes, then check out these infused water recipes to kick start your day.

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