Top 10 Most Adorable Easter Centerpieces to go Nuts Over

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easter decoration ideas

Easter is a great time for family and church gatherings but sometimes things can get a little hectic. Perhaps you’ve already finished getting the place decorated but your table seems to be missing that little wow factor. No worries, because we’ve got you covered. Get ready because here are some Easter centerpiece ideas that’ll have your friends and family talking for weeks!

Easter Peeps Centerpiece
easter centerpiece peeps
Found From Two Sister’s Crafting

These bright a sunny colors will surely lift spirits at the party!

Lavender Elegance
easter centerpiece decor
Found From Nelly Vintage Home

I’m a huge fan of the color lavender, so this one it a complete win. The soft colors are soothing and make for a relaxing get together with loved ones.

Carrot Table Setting


easter decor
Found From Southern Living

This one looks a bit more involved but oh so clever! I love how you can incorporate veggies into this and it brings so much life to the table!

Egg Tree
easter decor
Found From Ebay

While this looks a little complicated, it actually isn’t! All these items can be found in one craft store so no need to buy one already made!

Purple Peeps
easter decor
Found From Home and Garden Ideas

I love how professional this looks! It is almost as if it is a year round type decoration. I suppose it could be but your peeps may go stale!

Pink Peeps
easter decor
Found From Taste of Home

If you like a clean look to your decorations, you should really check out this decor idea from Taste of Home!

White Peeps
easter decor
Found From Mom Spark

This centerpiece actually looks really tasty. If I were at this party it may disappear!

Flower Power
easter decor
Found From Planting Happiness

Having an Easter party with all adults? This is the centerpiece for you then! It’s really stylish and looks like you put thought into the design.

Pink and White Eggs
easter decor ideas
Found From Lush Home

It is the textures for sure that really make this piece so stunning. The smoothness of the eggs really brings out the texture of the flowers!

Dainty Florals
easter ideas
Found From Stone Gable

Just because it is Easter time doesn’t mean that you have to go bright. This centerpiece has a really pure look to it that is sure to impress a lot of your party attendees!

There are really so many amazing ways to create stunning Easter centerpiece designs. You really can’t go wrong! What’s your favorite centerpiece? Let me know in the comments!

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