20+ Absolutely Stunning Black Outfits That’re Slimming

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black outfits to copy

We all know black goes well with so many things, which is why it is so important to have enough of it in your wardrobe. As a bonus, black outfits do an excellent job of slimming your figure down without looking like you’re trying too hard.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a Gothic, preppy, or beach style because there are styles of black outfits for everybody! Get ready to be inspired because here are some truly awesome black outfits to copy! ┬áIf you’d like more fashion help, then you have got to learn these amazing bra hacks next.

Stunning Black Outfits to Inspire

Pop of Neon

black outfits
Found From Nordstrom

If you’re afraid of looking boring by wearing mostly black, then have no fear, there is a solution for that! Just take some brightly colored pumps and you’ve just totally transformed your look.

Coffee Shop Cutie

black outfits
Found From Mango Rabbit

This outfit truly uses black in all the right places. By using a black skirt, legging, and shoe you create a longer and slimmer looking leg.

Strappy Skirt

black outfits
Found From Sanrense

This cream top with black strapped shorts is just too cute! However, make sure to use an off white color so that the outfit doesn’t look too mime-like.

Glad to be Plaid

black outfits
Found From Abaday

This outfit does such a great job of elevating the look by adding a uniform pattern.

Classy & Lacey

black dress
Found From Crystalline

Want something for going out? Add a little gold to bring some glam into the look.

Hip + Modern

black dress
Found From Where to Get it

Like the previous look, tiny details of metallic really make this outfit wonderful.

New York & Hip

black outfit
Found From Eileen Fisher Inc

I could totally see this one being worn by someone walking around NYC.

Biker Style

black outfit
Found From Abaday

Want a tough look? This biker look is really cute and goes great with circle shaped sunglasses.

Ripped Jeans

Black outfit
Found From Sequins and Things

If you’re a die hard ripped jean fan, then you’ll fall in love with this look.

Lil Beige

black outfits
Found From Just the Design

This smooth beige jacket makes this outfit look so feminine! I’m loving the heels as well!

Celeb Glam

black outfits
Found From Daily Mail

If you want to add some sass, then just pair your black outfit with some animal print pumps.

Let’s Get Down to Business

black outfits
Found From Home Bop

Need to be a bit more professional? Get a blazer to show people you mean business.

Bad to the Bone

black outfits
Source Unknown

Who knew such a tough look could also be super feminine?

Edgy Black

black outfit
Found From Luv to Look

If you want to show off those curves, then try this one out!

Chic Biker

black outfits
Found From Just the Design

Cold weather doesn’t have to look so gloomy if you add some beige!

Warm Weather Casual

black outfits
Found From Lulu’s

Even if you are headed to the beach, you can still use the most slimming shade available!

Fuzzy for the Cold

black outfits
Found From Glam Radar

Mixing up textures can add interest to an otherwise monotone look.

Simple & Sexy

black outfits
Found From Just the Design

Try out a simple dress with a tough of lace so there is a hint of sexiness without being over the top.

French Time

black outfits
Found From Just the Design

This French inspired look so just too cute!

Easy Outfit

black outfits
Found From Ily Couture

If you have any problem spots in your midsection, then there is hope! Just get a slightly loose top and then tighten up at the bottom and wear some pumps to elongate your body.

Fishnet Heaven

black outfit
Found From Shop Style

Out of all the outfits, I like this because its probably the most comfortable. Try out a baggy dress that isn’t too long and pair with some interesting stockings.

Skin Tight

black outfit
Found From Home Bop

Add a single shiny piece of jewelry and you’ve just added some glam to your look without having to spend a lot of money.

Black is a life saver on days when you aren’t really sure what to wear. It goes with tons of different clothing in your closet, and besides which, it gets rid of stressful decision making. So make sure you always have your black staples ready! If you have any favoriteblack outfits, then let me know in the comments!

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