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Being a forgetful person, it is really important that I plan out a lot of the aspects of my day. Just one little thing can distract me and I end up not completing everything I had sought out to do. If this hits way too close to home for you, it’s okay. We can get through this together.  My solution is a printable daily planner.

Printable Daily Planner

Since I absolutely LOVE making lists, I have plenty of fun creating new ways to make them easier. If you like easy, here is a free printable daily planner I created. Enjoy!

Perfect For Any Day of the Week

The success of a printable schedule keeper or to do list is based on how often you can use it.  I like the option to put the date and the day of the week on this printable worksheet.  It helps me to start to frame each new day and start out fresh.  I can also keep them filed for reference if I need to recheck if (or rather when) I did a particular job.

Housework Done

The first section of my printable daily planner is for my cleaning list.  I find that if I get bogged down in other work, then the cleaning tasks suffer and I get backed up with work that could be prevented if I just took simple preventative steps or did a little bit of regular clean up.  This list makes me prioritize cleaning tasks so I can focus on them when I need to.

Tasks Completed

The big box for my schedule is for all the stuff I regularly focus on, but it helps me to compartmentalize my work load and organize my thoughts.  You can use this printable daily planner, too and then let me know if it helps you the same way that it helps me.

Simply click the link of the size you’d like to download in PDF form.

Daily Planner A4


Daily Planner US Letter

Be sure to let me know how you like this planner and what I can do to improve! Thanks for trying it out. Take care, guys!

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