20 Foods That Start With X – How Many Can You Name?

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20 Foods That Start With X - How Many Can You Name for Trivia Night?

Looking for foods that start with X? Coming up with x foods from the top of your head is actually pretty difficult! So if trivia night is coming up and you are panicking, have no fear! I have got you covered.

Since there are not a lot of American foods that start with the letter X, we will have to pull some examples from around the globe. The upside of this is that you will be able to name foods that your competitors have probably never heard of!

So without further ado, here is a list of x foods ranging from fruits, drinks, ingredients, and dishes.

Foods Beginning With X


20 Foods That Start With X - How Many Can You Name for Trivia Night?

Xacuti is a dish from the Indian state of Goa. It is a curry with mutton or beef, potatoes, and other vegetables like eggplant, okra, tomatoes, and onion in it that’s usually cooked for three to five hours on low heat.

Xalapa Punch

Xalapa punch is a type of Mexican drink made from fresh watermelon, honeydew melon juice, and lime.

Xalapa is the capital city of Veracruz and it’s also where this punch originates from. It tastes like a combination of both fruits with hints of mint that will be sure to cool you down during the hot summer months.

Xampinyons En Salsa Mushrooms

Xampinyons en salsa mushrooms are a type of dish prepared with mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, and garlic.

Xampinyons are also known as wild mushrooms in English and they’re typically found all over the Iberian Peninsula.

This food was traditionally eaten by the peasants in Spain and Portugal that didn’t have much food to eat.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a type of food additive used to thicken things up.

It’s made with a bacteria that feeds on corn sugar and it has the ability to produce this polysaccharide known as xanthan gum.

Xanthin is an organic compound found in dark green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale, or Brussels sprouts.


Xanthia is a dish from the island of Lesbos and is made from a mixture of rice, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, mint leaves, and salt.

The dish’s name in Greek means “yellow food”.

Xanthia is typically served as an appetizer with bread before the main course.

Xavier Soup

Xavier soup is a soup that is typically eaten during Lent in the United States.

It’s a simple soup made from chicken broth, potatoes, and carrots with added seasoning such as thyme, salt, pepper, and parsley.

The name of this dish comes from St. Francis Xavier, who decided to stop eating meat on Fridays out of respect for Jesus.

Xavier Steak

Xavier steak is a type of beef.

It is a steak cut from the top part of an animal’s shoulder blade, and it looks similar to other cuts known as chuck eye steaks or flat iron steaks.

The name Xavier comes from the French word for “cross” because this dish was traditionally grilled with crosses on top to represent Jesus’ crucifixion.

Xi Gua Lao

Xi gua lao is a traditional Chinese soup.

It is made with fermented soybeans, sesame paste (ya you), dried shrimp, green onion, and other seasonings such as salt and sugar.

The name xi gua lao translates to “sesame leaves” because of the main ingredient in this dish which resembles a leafy plant.

Xia Mi

Xia mi is a traditional dish in Sichuan cuisine.

It is made with thin wheat noodles, meat such as pork or beef, and other vegetables like bamboo shoots or green onion.

The name xia mi translates to “small mouth” because the broth has a lot of spice which can make people’s mouths water.

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao long bao is a traditional Chinese soup.

It is made with a dumpling skin steamed and filled with pork, crab meat, or shrimp.

The name xiao long bao translates to “small dragon bun” because the word for small in Mandarin sounds like it’s referencing dragons which are often depicted as being very noble creatures.


Xidoufen is a dish from Sichuan cuisine.

It consists of a soup made from ground pork and chili peppers, as well as different types of vegetables like cabbage or radish leaves.

The name xidoufen translates to “chicken bone dish” because it is served with slices of chicken on top that resemble bones in Chinese culture.


Xigua is a dish from the Jiangsu cuisine.

It is made with pears that are boiled, peeled, and then mixed with a sweetener like sugar or honey before being eaten.

The name xigua translates to “freshwater pear” which makes sense because it doesn’t require any cooking.

Xinggren Donfu

Xinggren donfu is a dish from Jiangsu cuisine, specifically a type of steamed pork dumplings.

It is made with ground pork and other seasonings that are mixed together before being stuffed inside of dough wrappers.

The name xinggren donfu translates to “golden steam cake” because it usually has a golden color when it is cooked.

Xinomavro Grapes

20 Foods That Start With X - How Many Can You Name for Trivia Night?

Xinomavro grapes are the grapes responsible for the wine called xinomavro.

The name derives from two Greek words: “xinos” meaning “sour” and “mavros” meaning “blackberry, black” which is a reference to their color.


Xnipec is a dish from Yucatán cuisine and is made from corn dough that is deep-fried in lard.

It’s typically served as a side dish with other foods, but it can also be eaten on its own.

The name xnipec means “tortilla of maize” in the Mayan language. The first mention of the dish is in a cookbook from 1747.


Xocolatl is a drink from pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

The beverage was often made by Aztecs and Mayans who would grind cocoa beans, mixing them with water or another liquid to produce a chocolate drink.

Xocolatl is the Nahuatl word for “bitter water”.

It’s also called cacao in English because the drink was made from cocoa beans.

Xocolatl helped the Aztec and Mayan people in their everyday life because it could be used as a source of energy, for healing wounds, or improving fertility levels.

It also helps to decrease blood pressure.


Xoconostle is a fruit native to Mesoamerica.

It’s what we now know as prickly pear cactus, and it has been a food source for centuries in Central America.

The fruit is tart but edible when ripe, often eaten with lime juice or cooked into jams.

Xoconostle is also used medicinally – the plant extract is believed to be a natural anti-inflammatory and to help fight diabetes.

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20 Foods That Start With X - How Many Can You Name for Trivia Night?

Xoi is a popular Cambodian dish that is made with rice noodles, pork belly, and a light broth.

It’s often served alongside crispy fried pig ears or deep-fried dough sticks to provide some texture as well as flavor.

Xoi is also called by the Vietnamese name bún riêu đa cua tôm k which means “rice noodle soup with crab and shrimp”.


Xouba is a traditional African dish in the Ethiopian cuisine of Amhara and Tigray.

It is a thick porridge made from cereal grains, usually rice or bulgur wheat, often with goat meat added for flavor.

Xouba can also be served as an accompaniment to spicy buttered popcorn called kocho which is normally eaten during festivals.


Xylitol is an ingredient that can be found in some chewing gums and toothpaste.

It works as a sweetener for many foods such as candy, gum, beverages, or baked goods. Xylitol is also used to prevent cavities because it does not promote the growth of bacteria like sugar does.

You should be aware that excessive use of xylitol could cause side effects such as stomach aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

In addition, if you have any pets, you should be aware that xylitol is toxic to dogs and other animals.

Get Ready for Trivia Night!

Now that you have been equipped with all these foods starting with X, it is time to memorize them!

If you just need a list of the foods along with information, feel free to print this page and keep it for reference.

Want any other food lists? Let me know in the comments so I can make it happen for you! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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