80+ Foods That Start With V

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80+ Foods That Start With V - Can You Name 10?

Looking to brush up on your knowledge of foods that start with V? Being able to list foods is a very useful skill when it comes to trivia nights. Even if trivia night isn’t your thing, knowing these V foods will open the doors to experiencing some delicious new dishes.

There is a surprising amount of foods beginning with the letter V. Many are American entrees, desserts, and side dishes, but some of my favorites are Indian foods!

Whether you are searching for vegetables, desserts, entrees, ingredients, or even just a fruit that starts with V, you’ll learn everything you need to from this list. Enjoy!

Foods That Start With V

Here is the ultimate list of foods starting with the letter V. How many have you heard of already? You will be surprised how many you know about.

Vada Pav

Vada pav is a dish from India. It is a deep-fried, breaded potato patty served with chutney and other vegetables on the side. You can commonly find Vada pav offered as street food.

Valencia Orange

Valencia orange is a type of orange grown in the Valencian Community and used extensively in Spain. It is a large, thin-skinned fruit that has very little acidity so it can be eaten fresh without being peeled.

Valencia Pride Mango

Valencia pride mango is a type of mango grown in the Valencian Community and used extensively in Spain. It is thin-skinned with a bright yellow peel, sweet flavor, and high sugar content.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is a plant native to Europe and Asia. It has been used for centuries as a calming herb that is often recommended by herbalists.

Valerian Tea

Valerian tea is made from the roots of the valerian herb. The tea is used medicinally to calm a person down and help them sleep, especially when they have trouble sleeping due to stress or anxiety.

Valor Beans

Valor beans are a type of kidney bean that has a dark red, speckled appearance. They are usually sold dried and have an earthy flavor with hints of chocolate or coffee to them.

Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans are a type of vanilla that is used for cooking and baking. They are often sold dried, but can also come in liquid form which comes from the process known as extracting tincture.

Vanilla Crème Brulee

80+ Foods That Start With V - Can You Name 10?

Vanilla creme brulee is a dessert that is most often found in French restaurants. It consists of a custard base, vanilla flavoring, and either whipped cream or heavy cream on top which can be used as the topping.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is made by soaking vanilla beans in alcohol or glycerin to create a concentrated flavor. It has an extremely strong vanilla aroma that many find extremely enticing.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream is a type of ice cream that is often made with vanilla beans and heavy or whipping cream.

Vanilla Persimmon

Vanilla persimmon is a type of fruit that can be found in the United States only during a few months out of the year. The best way to identify it is by its sweet, fragrant scent and dark brown skin speckled with black spots.

Vanilla Souffle

Vanilla souffle is a dessert that is a cross between pudding and whipped cream. It can be found at most French restaurants, but it’s also easy to make at home with the right ingredients. Vanilla souffle is made from eggs, sugar, cream or milk, and vanilla extract.

Vanilla Wafers

Vanilla wafer cookies are similar in flavor to chocolate wafer cookies but have a little more strength coming from the added vanilla flavoring.

Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar is a type of vanilla extract that has been combined with granulated white sugar in order to create the most delicious sweetener for pastries and beverages alike.

Variegated Banana

Variegated banana is a type of banana that has been bred to have green skin with white stripes running down its length. Other names for this variety include “pineapple” and “dragon fruit.”


Vatapa is a dish that is popular in Brazil and consists of shrimp, tomatoes, dende oil (made from the kernels of palm nuts), garlic, onions, okra, or yams; it can also contain a variety of other seafood.


Vatushka is a type of Russian apple that is known for its large size and thick skin.


Veal is the meat of a calf, a baby cow. It is often an ingredient in dishes like osso buco or calf’s liver.

Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese is a type of food product made from soy, rice, or other plant-based milk that has been processed in order to mimic the taste and texture of real dairy products like cheddar or swiss cheese. There are many varieties available like mozzarella, cheddar, or pepper jack.


Vegemite is an Australian food spread that is made from yeast extract and tastes similar to Marmite.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil is an oil that is used for cooking that comes from plants like nuts, seeds, and the liquid portion of vegetables.

Vietnamese Coffee

80+ Foods That Start With V - Can You Name 10?

Vietnamese coffee is a black coffee with sweetened condensed milk and sugar served in Vietnam. It has a thick consistency similar to espresso but tastes sweeter due to added ingredients like vanilla extract or cinnamon. You can find this type of coffee in many Vietnamese coffee shops.

Vietnamese Noodles

Vietnamese noodles are a type of noodle that originated in Vietnam and is made from rice flour, water, salt, and eggs. This type of noodle can be eaten by itself or with other toppings like vegetables, meat, fish sauce, and chili peppers. Popular types of Vietnamese noodle dishes include pho and bún riêu.


Vegetables are often used as side dishes or to make soup. They are also incorporated into many other dishes, such as pizza and stir fry.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is a type of soup that is often eaten to help with a cold or flu. The soup usually contains vegetables like carrots, celery, and onions as well as chicken broth and seasonings such as thyme, rosemary, and bay leaf.

Velouté Sauce

Veloute sauce is a French white sauce that is made with a roux and butter. It can be seasoned with salt, pepper, onions, and mushrooms for some added flavor.


Velveeta is a brand of processed cheese product originally made by Kraft Foods. It is typically found in the deli section of grocery stores and can be sliced to make a sandwich, melted for some type of dip or casserole topping, or used as an ingredient in many dishes that call for cheese.

Velvet Apple

Velvet apples are a variety of apples that have smooth, velvety skin. They are usually larger than most apples and often sweet, which makes them ideal for pies and other desserts.

Velvet Bean

Velvet beans are a variety of beans that are purple in color. They have a green pod, which bursts open when it is ripe to reveal the bean inside.

Velvet Cake

80+ Foods That Start With V - Can You Name 10?

Velvet cakes are popular because they’re light, moist, and fluffy while still being rich and satisfying at the same time. Their texture comes from adding beaten egg whites to the batter, which makes the cake delicate and velvety.

Velvet Pioppini

Velvet pioppini is a type of mushroom that grows on pine trees. The caps are brown with a velvety texture, and the stem is white near the base but brown at the top.

Velvet Shank

Velvet shank is a type of mushroom that is shaped like a tangle of branches and has a velvety texture.

Velvet Taco

A velvet taco, also called an Arizona cornucopia or Mexican sushi, is made by stuffing the inside of a deep-fried tortilla with rice, refried beans, meat (usually shredded beef), lettuce, and tomato salsa

Velvet Tamarind

Velvet tamarind is a type of fruit that tastes like a combination of apricots, tangerines, and grapefruits.

A velvet tamarind tree is found in East Africa from Uganda to Tanzania. The tree’s leaves are velvety as well because they have tiny hairs on the underside.


Venado is a type of meat that comes from an animal called a deer.


Venison is also a type of meat that comes from an animal called a deer.


Verdolagas is a type of herb that is also known as Mexican coriander, cilantro, or parsley.

Veronese Sauce

This sauce is typically a tomato-based meat sauce with wine added to give it a tangy flavor.

Vermouth Sauce

This sauce is typically made from white wine, butter, vegetables, and seasonings.


Verjuice is a type of beverage that is made from unripe grapes.

Vermicelli Noodles

Vermicelli noodles are a type of pasta that is thin and long. They are used in many dishes, like pasta salad or chicken soup.

Verbena Tea

One of the main ingredients found in verbena tea is lemon balm leaves. It also contains verbena leaf, lemongrass leaves, and other herbs.

Verdant Tea

This green tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant that is grown in a very delicate way to maintain its natural flavors.

Vermont Beauty Pear

Vermont beauty pear is a type of fruit that is a cross between the Bartlett and Comice pears.


Vermouth is a type of alcoholic beverage that is made from a flavored base wine.


Vetkoek is a type of South African sweet bread that is made from a dough mixture, which includes baking powder and yeast.

Vichyssoise Soup

This soup is thickened with potatoes and it has the flavor of leeks or onions in it. It can be served hot or cold.

Victoria Sponge Cake

This cake gets its name after Queen Victoria, the queen of England from 1837-1901.

Vinaigrette Dressing

This dressing is made with vinegar and oil and it’s a mixture that can be used on salads, meats, or as an appetizer dip.

Virgin Mary Tomato Soup

There are many theories about how this drink was first created but the most believed theory is that it was created in the 1920s by a bartender named Fernand Petiot.

Vinegar Tonic

This drink is made by combining tonic water with apple cider vinegar and sugar. It can be served over ice as well, often garnished with lemon or lime wedges and mint leaves.

Vezena Piperka

Vezena piperka is a traditional Bulgarian soup made with vegetables, typically carrots and celery.

Vietnamese Pho Soup

This is a noodle soup that’s most popular in Vietnam. It contains rice noodles which are served in beef broth or chicken stock (chicken pho) and the toppings can depend on the region but often includes bean sprouts, lime, fresh basil, and a side of fresh chili peppers.

Vietnamese Salad Rolls

These are rolls that consist of rice paper wrapped around chopped vegetables, herbs, lettuce, and other ingredients such as shrimp or thinly sliced raw beef. These can be served cold with just the dipping sauce on top or they can also be fried in oil before serving to make them crispy.


Vichyssoise is a cool creamy soup made from leeks, potatoes, and cream.

Victoria Plums

Victoria plums are fruits that are native to China or Japan and they have greenish-yellow skin. The flesh is juicy, sweet, and has a tart flavor.

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Vidalia Onions

Vidalia onions are grown in Georgia and they are sweet due to their low sulfur content.

Viennese Coffee

Vienna coffee is made from two shots of espresso, one shot of liqueur such as Kahlua or amaretto, an egg white, a heaped teaspoon of sugar; it’s mixed together with cream and ice cream before being served topped with some grated chocolate.

Vienna Sausage

Vienna sausage is a type of sausage that is made with pork, beef, and veal which have been ground together.

Vietnamese Pancakes

Vietnamese pancakes are also known as “Banh Xeo” or “Cha Gio.” They usually consist of rice flour crepes containing an egg mixture that includes shrimp, pork, onions, and bean sprouts.

Vietnamese Pork Meatballs

A Vietnamese meatball dish is made of pork that has been ground into small pieces with a dash of salt for seasoning. The mixture is then separated into balls before being pan-fried in oil to seal the outside layer while keeping it juicy on the inside.

Viking Potatoes

Viking potatoes are a type of potato that is often found in Poland and Russia. They have a light yellow skin with white flesh inside, which is sometimes referred to as “Polish Fingerling Potatoes.”


80+ Foods That Start With V - Can You Name 10?

Vindaloo is an Indian dish that is usually made with pork or chicken. It can be served as a soup, but traditionally it is meat cooked in vinegar and spices until it becomes very tender.

Vindi Masala

Vindi masala is a food item that is made for the festival of Diwali. It consists of a mixture of potatoes, onions, lentils, and spices such as turmeric and cumin powder.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

A Vietnamese spring roll dish usually includes pork or shrimp along with carrots and rice vermicelli noodles wrapped in egg wrappers before being fried.

Vine Leaves

Vine leaves are a food that can be served as a wrap or with rice and cooked meat. They are also sometimes used for the stuffing of other foods such as grape leaves, cabbage rolls, or dolma dishes.


Vinegar is made from a base of either grapes or apples. The different types come from the type of fruit and the fermentation process used to make it into vinegar.

Vinegar Pie

This pie dish is made with flour, butter, salt, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, and apple cider vinegar that creates a custard-like filling for flaky crust pastry.

Vitello Tomato

Vitello tomatoes are in a pear shape with a pointed end. These tomatoes are packed in water and are used for making sauces, soups, or pasta dishes like vitello tonnato.

Vitesse Bars

This chocolate bar was released by Nestle in 1976 as an energy-giving snack to compete with Mars bars made by their competitor at that time.


Vitelotte is a type of white grape grown in the Champagne region. It is often used for making wine, but it can also be eaten fresh as a table grape or dried into raisins.


Vla is a type of dumpling that is popular in the Netherlands, Belgium, and northern France.


A vlek or “spotted” can be used to describe a type of cheese with red spots on it made from cow’s milk. This Dutch specialty is usually eaten cold as part of an appetizer plate called an antipasto.

Vlek is a type of dumpling that is popular in the Netherlands, Belgium, and northern France. Vla is a type of dumpling that can be eaten fresh as a table grape or dried into raisins. e used for making sauces, soups, or pasta dishes like vitello tonnato.

Voa Vanga Fruit

Voa vanga fruit is a type of fruit that is found in the rainforests of New Guinea.

Voatsiperifery Fruit

Voatsiperifery fruit is the fruit of a type of tree that is found in the rainforests of Madagascar.

Vobster Sauce

A vobster sauce or “spotted” can be used to describe a type of cheese with red spots on it made from cow’s milk. This Dutch specialty is usually eaten cold as part of an appetizer plate called an antipasto.


Vodka is a type of liquor that is made from grains such as rye, wheat, maize, or potatoes.


Vol-au-vent is a type of savory pie that is made from puff pastry dough.

Volcano Cake

A volcano cake or “volcano brownie” is a type of dessert dish which consists of brownies baked in an oven-safe bowl and served with chocolate syrup poured on top when ready to be served, causing the middle layer to rise up like a volcano.

Vomiting Russula

Vomiting russula is a type of mushroom that can be found in the Northern Hemisphere.

Vori Vori

Vori vori is an Okinawan word that means to “mix, stir.” In food preparation, it is often used in reference to stirring ingredients together.

List of Foods That Start With V

  • Vada Pav
  • Valencia Orange
  • Valencia Pride Mango
  • Valerian Root
  • Valerian Tea
  • Valor Beans
  • Vanilla Beans
  • Vanilla Crème Brulee
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Vanilla Persimmon
  • Vanilla Souffle
  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Vanilla Sugar
  • Variegated Banana
  • Vatapá
  • Vatushka
  • Veal
  • Vegan Cheese
  • Vegemite
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Vietnamese Coffee
  • Vietnamese Noodles
  • Vegetables
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Velouté Sauce
  • Velveeta
  • Velvet Apple
  • Velvet Bean
  • Velvet Cake
  • Velvet Pioppini
  • Velvet Shank
  • Velvet Taco
  • Velvet Tamarind
  • Venado
  • Venison
  • Verdolagas
  • Veronese Sauce
  • Vermouth Sauce
  • Verjuice
  • Vermicelli Noodles
  • Verbena Tea
  • Verdant Tea
  • Vermont Beauty Pear
  • Vermouth
  • Vetkoek
  • Vichyssoise Soup
  • Victoria Sponge Cake
  • Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Virgin Mary Tomato Soup
  • Vinegar Tonic
  • Vezena Piperka
  • Vietnamese Pho Soup
  • Vietnamese Salad Rolls
  • Vichyssoise
  • Victoria Plums
  • Vidalia Onions
  • Viennese Coffee
  • Vienna Sausage
  • Vietnamese Pancakes
  • Vietnamese Pork Meatballs
  • Viking Potatoes
  • Vindaloo
  • Vindi Masala
  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls
  • Vine Leaves
  • Vinegar
  • Vinegar Pie
  • Vitello Tomato
  • Vitesse Bars
  • Vitelotte
  • Vla
  • Vlek
  • Voa Vanga Fruit
  • Voatsiperifery Fruit
  • Vobster Sauce
  • Vodka
  • Vol-Au-Vent
  • Volcano Cake
  • Vomiting Russula
  • Vori Vori

Did you enjoy this list of foods that start with V? Make sure to let me know in the comments what other food lists you would like me to make.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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