14 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him That He’ll Actually LOVE

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14 Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day can be an intimidating experience for women-at least it is for this girl! There are plenty of vague romantic gifts that men couldn’t care less about and lots of gifts are just plain unpractical. For me, store bought gifts are pretty lame as they don’t cater to the individual. This means the only options left are DIY gifts. If you’re looking to personalize your gift to your partner, be sure to check out these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him that he’s bound to love!

Before we get started though, be sure to check out these Valentine’s Day date ideas you’ll both love.

What I Love About You

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

What I love About You Book by YOU. Create the perfect book about your loved one with your own personal experiences. It’s a sweet way for your partner to remember exactly why you loved them. Even better, it’ll help you reaffirm to yourself the special bond between the both of you.

DIY Valentine’s Day Candle

14 Valentine's Day DIY Gifts

Add some handmade charm to your gift by creating a DIY candle with your initials on it. Give it a nice base by adding a stylish wood stump. Find the tutorial at Hello Glow.

52 Things I Love About You

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

In case you were on the hunt for a more personal version of the Why I Love You book, this DIY poker card book may do the trick. Let Visual Heart teach you how to make this simple, beginner friendly DIY Valentine’s Day gift.

Video Gamer Gift Basket

14 Valentine's Day DIY Gifts

Improve your romance game with this DIY gamer gift basket from The Dating Divas. Particularly for video game nerds, this gift set will get you more involved in your boy’s favorite hobby.

All About You Gift Basket

14 Romantic DIY Gifts for Him

Your boyfriend/husband is the person you face the world with. You spend the most time with him and you tell each other things you’d never reveal to anyone else. At the end of the day, no one knows your partner better than you do.

That’s why the best way to make him smile is by touching on his interests. Check out the ‘All About You Basket‘ from the Desert Divas to learn how to make a perfectly balanced basket catered to your man.

Game of Love Bed Sheet

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Let’s face it, not many people know what’s going on between the sheets in your home-literally. If no one is looking under those covers, why not have some extra fun?

The Game of Love is a bed sheet that comes with washable fabric markers that allow you to get a little personal. Each space can be filled in with a question, gift or activity for you and your partner.

Light of my Life

14 Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

Your partner is the light of your life, so why not shine a little light on their day? Check out this DIY light bulb tutorial from Design Sponge. It’s a practical yet romantic gift.

White Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

First, start his day off with a delicious, indulgent breakfast in bed. These perfect white chocolate raspberry pancakes from Mariah’s Pleasing Palates will blow his mind!

Lavender Rose Bath Bombs

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

Treat the both of you by making these DIY Lavender Rose Bath Bombs by Maison de Paux. If you have a bath tub fit for two, take advantage of it!

White Chocolate Lotion Bars

14 Romantic DIY Gifts for Him

Living in the desert can wreak some serious havoc on your skin. Get his skin soft and itch free for your night of ‘fun’ with a lotion bar. This white chocolate lotion bar is perfect for getting in a romantic mood. There’s only 3 ingredients so it’s easy to make.

14 Flirty DIY Gifts for Couples

Surprise your babe when he gets up for work with this sticky note DIY. I’m going to call it the sticky love notes of gratitude. What a great idea from Life Lives Here!

14 Romantic DIY Gifts for Him

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him get a pass when it comes to being sappy. Take a trip through memory lane with this bed of memories DIY from Our Everyday Art. Simply take some balloons, rose petals and photographs and decorate your bed with them. Attach one photo per balloon string. How cute!

14 DIY Valentine's Gifts for Him

Have a little fun with a good ‘ol scavenger hunt this Valentine’s Day. This DIY Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt from Creations by Kara will tickle your brains with loads of adorable riddles.

14 Valentine's Day DIYs for Men

Some men are just simple. Give them a jar of candy and they’re happy. If this is your kind of guy and you still want to elevate the gift a little, try this DIY marbled mason jar by Positively Splendid.

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