Affordable Area Rugs From Wovenly That’ll Elevate Any Space

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My 6 Wovenly Affordable Area Rug Picks

This post on affordable area rugs is sponsored by Wovenly. I’ve gathered my personal favorites for you to enjoy, and all opinions are always my own.

As of tomorrow, we’ll be living in a new apartment.  It’s time to throw out the old and bring in the new. We took care of the doormat, and now it’s onto the rugs for inside. After an underwhelming brick-and-mortar rug shopping experience, we needed a better way to rug shop. We needed affordable area rugs with more options and reliable customer service.

The goal for our home is to keep things simple and for a rug to upgrade the space. I love using rugs to my advantage as a statement piece but also for more practical uses, such as enlarging the appearance of a room. Naturally, apartments tend to run low on space, so an appropriately sized rug will do the trick to give our home a better balance and flow.

With many quality design choices, Wovenly is a great place to start your rug search. Whether you’re looking to tone down the appearance of brightly colored furniture or add some color to your space, Wovenly is bound to have something you’ll like. The great part is there’s no risk as they have a 60-day trial. You can always exchange or return your rug if you fall in love with another one of their rugs.

My Wovenly Picks for Affordable Area Rugs

While I love so many rugs, I decided to compile my favorite neutral and colorful rugs. These will fit perfectly in many of your decor setups with little effort. The best part is the prices are unbeatable. All of these rugs are under $600 and are built to last.

The Neutrals

6 Stunning and Affordable Area Rugs From Wovenly

The Cadence is a classy choice that’ll stun your guests with its understated beauty. It provides a wonderfully soft texture to step on, which makes it great for bedrooms. I also absolutely adore the subtle geometric designs that add interest without being flashy or overwhelming to the eyes.

6 Stunning and Affordable Area Rugs From Wovenly

The Fitz rug is my pick for any space you want to give a crisp modern edge. The alternating ivory and grey geometric patterns give you many options for home decor matching. Whether you have furniture with rich wood tones, silver, or gold legs, it’s easy to make this elegant rug shine in your space.

6 Stunning and Affordable Area Rugs From Wovenly

If you’re a fan of neutral palettes, you’ll love how this Madison rug works for your aesthetic. It is perfect for pairing with wood accents and neutral textures. With its variations of white and beige textures, this rug adds elegance with a hint of glamour to a room.

Colorful Rugs

6 Stunning and Affordable Area Rugs From Wovenly

The Annabelle is my absolute favorite for creating a sophisticated appearance in your living room. With its updated traditional Turkish design, you can bring your space a healthy dose of character. If you want to add some color to one of your rooms, but don’t want anything crazy, updated traditional rugs are a great place to begin.

6 Stunning and Affordable Area Rugs From Wovenly

The Marley rug will do so much for you if you have pets or children. This rug’s dark and vibrant colors are great for bringing a room to life without the worry of spill stains. While a rug like this would typically be paired with bright colors, I recommend toning it down with beautiful neutral textures.

Paired with the right furniture and decor, this rug shines as a classy and clean bohemian piece. I sincerely couldn’t believe it when I saw that you could get a huge 7’10” x 9’10” size of this for only $251! Seriously!

6 Stunning and Affordable Area Rugs From Wovenly

This Frances rug is hands down my favorite for bright furniture. This is a rug that allows you to get your creative juices flowing! Whether it’s blue, pink, or yellow, try picking up your favorite color from this rug and making it your couch color. Pick other hues from this area rug and incorporate them into your accent home decor for a balanced living space.

If you are in the market for affordable area rugs, I highly recommend checking Wovenly out. They’ve got great sales going on and no risk whatsoever. Stay tuned to see our Wovenly rug in our new apartment tour coming this month!


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