15 DIY Carport Plans + Best Carport Kits to Buy in 2024

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15 DIY Carport Plans and Kits

Cars are one of the most significant investments we’ll ever make, and it’s essential to protect them as much as possible. Leaving your vehicle out in the elements can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your paint. Sunshine, bird droppings, and acidic rain are just a few ways your car will deteriorate when left outside. DIY carport plans are a great way to save money while adding protection to your vehicle.

Building a carport will save you money in the long run, assuming you eventually plan to sell your car. It will also keep your car beautiful for years to come. Say goodbye to burning hot seats in the summer and freezing air in the winter by placing your vehicle in the safety of a carport.

Why Build a DIY Carport?

More Affordable Than Hiring Professionals

In any home improvement project, the most expensive component tends to be labor costs. You can save thousands of dollars by taking on the project on your own or with friends and family.

Protects Your Car

The cost of repainting environmental damages along with the depreciation caused by those damages adds up. Protecting your car from the start will save you money on damages from exposure to the elements.

It Looks Great!

Despite being a cheaper alternative to a traditional garage, carports can look sleek. There are various styles to choose from to fit the aesthetic of your home.

DIY Carport Cost

You can build a carport on a budget by doing as much work as possible by yourself. If you need extra help, ask family and friends to lend a hand in the process. There is also the option to buy a carport kit in case you have time constraints.

Carport Expenses

Concrete Footings: $75 per cubic yard

Demolition, Excavation, etc: Highly depends on project

PVC Roofing: $450 plus cost of labor to install

Electrical Wiring: Electricians cost around $75/hr

Carpentry: Around $75/hr

Wood Framing

Average Price of Carport Built by Pros


Average Price of DIY Carport Kit


Tips for Building an Inexpensive Carport

Are you wondering how to build a carport cheaply without sacrificing quality? Build the perfect carport space by following these helpful tips.

  • First, check if your local zoning laws require you to obtain a permit for building a carport
  • Using a carport kit will ensure you have the correct materials that an engineer has already approved
  • If you are already an expert at DIY projects, you can save money by picking your materials
  • Save upgrades for later and focus on building the main structure
  • If you’re not an engineer, follow exact instructions for structural integrity

Free DIY Carport Plans

Here are some of the best free plans for building a carport on a budget. Aside from cutting labor costs, using a free plan is one of the best ways to reduce costs.

Carport With Storage Plan

Get all your storage needs taken care of without a garage. This carport plan features a generous amount of storage space.

Wooden Carport Plan

If metal carports don’t fit the aesthetic of your home, opt for this beautiful wooden carport instead.

RV Carport Plan

Wooded DIY Carport Plans

Flat Roof Carport Plan

Flat roof carports are popular and sought out by many looking to shade their car from the elements.

Freestanding Double Carport

This freestanding double carport gives you the freedom to decide its placement.

Freestanding DIY Carport Plans

Freestanding Single Carport Idea

This freestanding double carport plan is perfect for beginners.

PVC Carport Tutorial

Learn how to build a PVC carport with this Hunker tutorial.

Low-Cost Carport Plans on a Budget

You can purchase these guides for easy-to-understand instructions on building a carport. They feature several options to customize your carport design project to your needs.

How to Build Your Own Garage and Carport

Build Your Own Carport or Garage From Scratch

DIy Canopy Car Shade Shelter Plans

Build Your Own Canopy Car Shade Shelter

DIY Carport Kits

These DIY carport kits are perfect for beginners looking for a foolproof method. Take the overwhelm out of the carport building process by letting a professional teach you how to do everything. You may even save money by avoiding easy-to-make mistakes following an online plan.

Lean to DIY Carport Kit

White Attached Palram Carport Kit

This lean to carport style is great if you want to limit the distance from your home to your carport. You’ll love the convenience on rainy or snowy days.

Tall Heavy Duty Metal DIY Carport Kit

Heavy-Duty Metal Unattached Carport Kit

Provide shade for an oversized vehicle like a truck. Unattached carports make it easy to wash your car during the summer months.

Modern DIY Carport Kit

Unattached Modern Carport Kit

While most carport styles have a country feel to them, this shade shelter functions in style. Try this modern carport design if you live in a big city area that’s low on space.

Garage DIY Carport Kit

Heavy Duty Canopy Garage Kit

This carport is the most affordable kit option. It is practical if you require a carport that’s portable.

I hope you found these DIY carport plans and carport kits useful. If you have any tips or tricks to share, please leave a comment!

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