12 Creative Backyard Shed Ideas to DIY This Summer

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12 Creative Backyard Shed DIY Ideas You Haven't Thought of Before

Creating the perfect space in your yard is difficult, especially when it comes to storing all the tools and entertainment supplies you need to make hosting possible. Did you know though that you can actually make your own backyard shed on the cheap, or even better, turn an old shed into an entertainment room or a sauna?

With a little creativity, you’ll have all of your guests in awe when they step outside and they first see that backyard shed. So what’re you waiting for?

1. Gardening Tools Backyard Shed Copycat

Have you ever thought of just mimicking a sold out, or discontinued design? Because this post from The Cavender Diaries shows how a popular shed design can be brought back from the dead. If you’ve ever been disappointed by the words “out of stock” then try this.

2. Bike Storage

While there are lots of clever ways to store your bike inside your garage, don’t you worry about accidentally scraping your car on the way out? I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty terrible when it comes to bikes and small spaces. By keeping your new bike shed outside, you can keep your bike safe and even more readily accessible than in your garage or house.

3. Pub Shed

DIY Pub Shed With Bar
Source: Kloter Farms

If you are looking to create a bar in your backyard, but want a better way to store your entertainment system and alcohol, then a shed might be the perfect solution. This way, your expensive goodies are safe because they are sheltered and locked up.

4. Glamorous Backyard Shed Makeover

Guess what, people? Women love sheds too! Try turning a bland shed into a glamorous backyard getaway to share with friends.

5. Reclaimed Windows

Creating a recycled Backyard shed is actually great for your backyard because it’s authentic and eco-friendly.

6. Tree House Shed

Tree House Backyard Shed Idea
Source: Flikr

If you are looking for an easier way to create a treehouse, then try using an existing structure like your old shed.

7. Skinny Shed

This backyard shed seriously reminds me of a telephone booth and I love it. If you are low on space, then consider a free-standing skinny shed.

8. Glass Shed

Although most people use their sheds as a way to hide all of their tools, I say keep them on display! While you’re at it, you can turn your shed into a greenhouse as well.

9. Motorcycle Shed

If you run out of space for your motorcycle (or don’t use it very often), then try turning your old shed into a little garage space.

10. Studio

Modern Office & Studio Shed Idea
Source: Studio Shed

If you are tired of feeling locked away inside your house while working and want to be closer to nature, then try creating a studio in your backyard out of a shed. This way you can be surrounded by your garden and all the cute little creatures that come with it!

11. Green House & Garden Shed

Greenhouse & Garden Shed Idea to DIY
Source: BHG

Although this cottage style greenhouse used to be a shed, it now looks ADORABLE.

12. Backyard Sauna

Now, this might be the most unique idea of them all – a sauna. Treat yourself with a backyard getaway by transforming your old shed into a brand-spankin’ new sauna!

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