19 DIY Bed Frames That’re Better Than Store Bought

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With big plans for your bedroom makeover, you’ll want to invest time designing your bed frame. While sheets, pillows, and artwork are easily swapped out, bed frames are difficult to move around. To make matters worse, they can be unaffordable if you are into the trendy modern styles.

If you don’t mind using a little muscle and spending time on projects, creating a DIY bed frame can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Depending on the frame, you may need a little expertise. Don’t worry though, most of these instructions are beginner-friendly.

19 DIY Bed Frame Ideas That Look Expensive

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1. Pottery Barn Storage Bed – Queen & King Size

DIY Pottery Barn Storage Bed

While this Pottery Barn inspired bed will set you back around $500, it is still much cheaper than the bed it is modeled after. It is a great option if you have all white bedroom furniture and are looking to add some extra storage to your room.

See the tutorial at Do it Yourself Divas

2. Distressed Finish White Farmhouse Bed

DIY Distressed Finish Farmhouse Bed

This bed was designed with the intent of placing storage boxes and other materials underneath. Since not everyone is a fan of going through the extra hassle of building storage drawers into the bed frame, this is a great alternative.

See the tutorial at DIY Design Fanatic

3. $100 West Elm Inspired Bed Frame & Headboard

West Elm Style DIY Bed Frame and Headboard

Bet you didn’t think you’d ever be able to have a West Elm style bed for this cheap! If we’re being honest, the hip mid-century modern and minimalist stores charge an arm and a leg for their products. While they look great, no one wants to spend over a grand on a bed frame considering most mattresses sold cost that much.

See the tutorial at A Piece of Rainbow

4. Walnut Plywood Bed Frame With Welded Legs

Walnut Plywood DIY Bed Frame With Welded Legs

Break up the solids in your room by adding a bed frame with an interesting design. Be sure to continue the wood and black metal look by making the DIY nightstands as well.

See tutorial at Dan’s Le Lakehouse

5. Floating Modern Platform Bed With LED Lights

Floating Modern Bed DIY With LED Lights

This modern bed makes an eye-catching focal point for your bedroom. Use RGB light underneath to customize the mood any time of day.

See tutorial at Remove and Replace

6. Gorgeous Herringbone Bed

DIY Herringbone Bed

None of your guests are going to believe this bed costs only $200 to make! I’ve seen many versions of this style in showrooms priced at over a thousand dollars. What a steal!

Find the tutorial at Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

7. Easy Platform Bed

Easy DIY Platform Bed

This bed is a great option if you like tucking your sheets under the mattress for a tidy look. Since there isn’t any space beneath the bed frame, you don’t have to worry about cleaning under there.

See the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic

8. Rustic Nautical Bed Frame

Rustic Nautical Bed Frame DIY

Looking to create a modern beachy getaway in your bedroom? This headboard helps set the tone for the entire room.

See the tutorial at The Thinking Closet

9. Rustic Modern Platform Bed

Rustic Modern Platform Bed DIY

This platform bed is perfect for creating a minimalist look. This is one of my top picks for those living in a loft-style home.

See the tutorial at Ana White

10. Traditional Wood Bed

DIY Wood Bed Frame With Handcrafted Look

This bed screams cozy worldly cottage to me. If you’re up for the extra work, this bed will pay off big time.

See the tutorial at The Accent Piece

11. Hotel Style Black Bed Frame

DIY Hotel Style Black Bed Frame

Want to feel like you’re in a fancy hotel? This bed frame will make you feel like you’re always on vacation.

See the tutorial at Inkwell Press

12. DIY Simple Bed Frame Made From Foundation

DIY Bed Frame Made From Foundation

This easy to make bed frame is absolute genius if you happen to have a foundation laying around in your home.

See the tutorial at The Clever Bunny

13. Simple On Floor Bed Foundation

DIY Bed Foundation Low to Floor

This low to the ground bed foundation is great for the younger crowd as it may take some effort getting up and out of bed in the morning!

See the tutorial at The Merry Thought

14. White Pallet Bed for Teen

DIY White Pallet Bed for Teens

Your teen will adore this unique pallet bed idea that adds personality to their room.

See the tutorial at Honey N Fizz

15. Modern Floating Platform Bed

DIY Platform Floating Bed

This modern floating bed is another awesome option for those living in a loft.

Find the tutorial at Modern Builds

16. Reclaimed Chevron Bed

DIY Reclaimed Chevron Bed Frame

Chevron lovers rejoice! While this bed is photographed in a young girl’s room, it’s perfect for adults as well.

Find the tutorial at Jen Woodhouse

17. Reclaimed Wood Bed

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bed

In case you weren’t a fan of the previous tutorials, here’s an alternative plan for a fantastic platform bed.

See the tutorial at Mr. Kate

18. DIY Rolling Platform Bed With Storage

Want the modern platform bed look with the practicality of storage? Get all your organization out of the way with this bed frame.

See the tutorial at Chatfield Court

19. CB2 Mid-Century Modern Bed

CB2 Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame Tutorial DIY

No need to fantasize about owning one of those expensive CB2 beds any longer! You can make one yourself for only $175.

See the tutorial at Bigger Than the Three of Us

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