10 Best DIY Makeup Vanity and Mirror Ideas

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Makeup Vanity Ideas

Building a makeup vanity is a great way to cut costs and get the exact aesthetic you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to store a few lipsticks or require a serious organizer for your makeup hoarding ways, one of these beautiful DIY makeup vanity and mirror ideas is sure to satisfy your needs. These are vanities makeup artists would be ecstatic to have!

Why Build Your Own Makeup Table?

  • Small bathroom with no space for your skincare or makeup products
  • Better lighting in your bedroom
  • Creating a YouTube channel and need a professional vanity
  • Save money by skipping the expensive store-bought vanities
  • Have a large amount of makeup and skincare products (don’t we all?)
  • Don’t like sharing the mirror with others (hehe)
  • You just enjoy the aesthetic of a beautiful dressing table

What Should go Into Your New Makeup Storage

Skincare Products

Store your eye cream, makeup remover wipes, face moisturizers, body lotion, lip conditioner, toner, serums, and masks.


Grab a cute organizer for your eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners, mascara, bronzer, and lip liners.


Use an organizer to hold your makeup brushes and a second organizer for your hairbrushes.

Nail Polish

If you have a ton of nail polishes, your DIY vanity is the perfect place to store them.

Hair Tools

Flat irons, hairdryers, curling irons, etc should be stored here.


You can use your favorite perfumes as decoration.

Candles and Diffusers

Create a relaxing spot to take your makeup off at night by placing your favorite candle or essential oils on your vanity.

Decorative Accents

Personalize your new space by adding a bouquet of flowers or your favorite book.

DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas

Here are some of the best DIY makeup vanity ideas on Pinterest. You’ll find cheap floating vanities, IKEA hacks, vanity organization ideas, and tables converted into makeup vanities. To top it all off, be sure to try some of the DIY makeup vanity mirror ideas. It’ll help you complete the look! Time to learn how to build a makeup vanity.

DIY Floating Makeup Vanity With Gold Circle Mirror

DIY Floating Makeup Vanity

This simple DIY makeup vanity idea from Wellesley and King is the perfect way to organize your cosmetics in a small room. By using a hanging countertop, you avoid trapping yourself in the tight corners of your room. The plastic chair helps to keep your room feeling open. This is my favorite DIY makeup vanity for small spaces in this list as it’s so affordable to make! You can have this DIY vanity under $50 if you get your supplies from the right place.

Black and Gold Floating Makeup Vanity With Drawers

DIY Floating Glam Makeup Vanity

If you had plans to go for a more glam and dramatic look, you can still make a statement without taking up much space. This hanging vanity idea from Rain on a Tin Roof is sure to add some personality to your bedroom! Add a touch of contemporary to your small bedroom with this modern makeup vanity DIY.

Since it’s a floating desk, this is a great option if you’re looking for a DIY corner makeup vanity. Be sure to click the link above to see the tutorial so you can DIY one yourself.

Glass Top Vanity

Cheap Glass Top Vanity DIY

When it comes to vanity makeup table organization, Liz Marie really knows her stuff! If you love being able to see your entire collection of makeup at all times, check out her tutorial. You’ll be able to place your lipsticks, makeup brushes, blushes, foundations, manicure and pedicure supplies, skincare, and more in storage containers.

DIY Wood Makeup Vanity

Wood DIY Floating Makeup Vanity

Rock my Style truly understands how to make minimalism look warm and inviting. By adding warm wood elements to your vanity, you can avoid the coldness and emptiness of traditional modern design. I’m really loving this small space beauty station!

DIY Makeup Vanity IKEA

Cheap IKEA Grey Modern DIY Vanity Idea

Loads of people have been into the classy airy grey home trend and this desk vanity nails it! It’s easy to make a makeup desk DIY type like this by using IKEA furniture. Check out Angela Marie Made to find out how to make this lovely DIY makeup vanity desk.

In case you are the type that prefers video instruction, we’ve got you covered. Here are my favorite YouTube tutorials!

Want more IKEA ideas? Check out my favorite IKEA furniture hacks!

Dollar Tree Vanity

IKEA Vanity Dupe

Vanity With Lights

DIY Vanity Mirrors With Lights

No do it yourself dressing table is complete without a glamorous mirror, right? See below for our favorite DIY vanity mirror ideas!

$70 Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror With Lights

Easy DIY Vanity Mirror Under $20

Which DIY makeup desk is your favorite? I’m loving each small makeup vanity on this list! Let us all know in the comments!

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