150+ DIY Recycling Projects Perfect for Earth Day

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Going to the local craft store can be pretty expensive for things you thought should cost less than a buck. Enjoy these recycling projects; I know I will!

Recycling Projects

Why Make a DIY Recycled Project?

  • Create a unique piece of home decor that most people won’t have
  • Make a copycat of one of your favorite store brands and save hundreds or thousands
  • Cut down on waste
  • Bragging rights to home guests about how you made your own home decor
  • The satisfaction of completing a home improvement project

Best DIY Recycling Projects

Recycling projects are one of the best ways to put old stuff to good use. If you don’t feel like selling or donating the stuff you’ve accumulated in your home, there are so many beautiful crafts you can create and show off to your family and friends. The best part is, you save a ton of money! If you’re ready to learn how to reuse plastic containers and create art from garbage, read on.

Mosaic Tile Birdbath

This birdbath is a DIY recycle project made from used DVDs. Incredible!
Found From Me and my DIY

As a kid, I’ve always been in awe with how sparkly and wonderful the back of DVDs are. With digital downloads becoming more and more popular though, DVDs are sort of obsolete at this point. Instead of throwing away your old DVDs, try making something gorgeous like this mosaic tile birdbath out of it!

Hanging Light Bulb Planter

This hanging light bulb planter is a great DIY recycle project if you have old light bulbs hanging around!
Found From DIY Projects

At first glance, light bulbs are maybe a boring concept, but once they’ve burned out there are plenty of cool things you can do with them. Why not take something initially intended for electronics and technology and use it for nature?

25 Uses for K-Cups

How to Re-use K-Cups

There are many practical uses for K-Cups that you’ve probably never thought of before. From playing card holders, kids crafts, and gardening seed starts, you’ll never run out of things to do. Get the details from Happy Hooligans.

50+ Ways to Re-Use Baby Food Jars

Baby Food Jar Recycling Projects

If you’ve recently had a baby, you’re likely wondering what you should do with all of the leftover baby food jars. Gather up all the jars you’ve left lying around and try one of these easy recycling projects from Happy Hooligans.

30+ Toilet Paper Crafts

30+ Toilet Paper Crafts

Instead of throwing your used cardboard rolls into the bathroom trash can, try one of these toilet paper roll crafts. Happy Hooligans will show you how to make Christmas, Halloween, and even Easter crafts for kids with your upcycled rolls.

20 Brick Recycling Projects

These repurposed brick DIYs are so awesome!
Found From DIY & Crafts

Bricks are super fun; you can use them in your house, on your house, for your garden. You are bound to find something you are interested in trying out in this list of 20 brick DIYs!

Old Drawers

These 15 old drawer hacks will help you save used materials and money!
Found From DIY How To

Now this is something a lot of people can use when they plan on moving homes. If you want to get new furniture but want to get more use of the old stuff you invested so much money into, try creating something new out of it!

Bird Feeder

This Heinz ketchup recycle DIY is seriously GENIUS!
Found From Wild Life Gadgetman

While ketchup bottles aren’t the most expensive items in the world, and most people have no problem just tossing them, it is still made out of plastic. Instead of just throwing the plastic away, why not feed some cute birds?


These 10 DIY lamps are seriously GENIUS! I can't wait to try these DIYs!
Found From 10 Awesome

These lamps are seriously cute! This DIY project shows just one of the many creative water bottle uses when creating recycled home decor.

The Garden Glove

This trampoline turned hanging bed recycle DIY is so GENIUS! I want this!
Found From The Garden Glove

Trampolines are expensive so if you don’t want to toss out your trampoline once you kids have grown up, just turn it into a stunning hanging bed!

Wine Bottle

These 19 wine bottle recycle DIY cratfs are genius and so easy to make!
Found From Me Craftsmen

I am seriously in love with the torch idea here! If you want to see tons of wine bottle recycle DIY ideas, check this site out!

How to Upcycle Milk Jugs

How to Upcycle Milk Jugs

You will be surprised by the many ways you can recycle milk jugs. These milk jugs upcycling projects will show you how to create a DIY watering can, make a DIY bird feeder, and even a DIY plant pot. Let Cool DIY Ideas show you how it’s done.

Tin Can Recycling Projects

Recycling Projects for Tin Cans

Tin cans are one of the most common household items that can be repurposed. Let Cool DIY Ideas teach you 10 recycling projects using tin cans. These tin can crafts are easy to make and the perfect Earth Day crafts.

Water Bottle Wind Spirals

Water Bottle Wind Spirals
Found From CBC

More Recycling Projects to Try Out

How to Flatten Wine Bottles from Hunker

Plastic Bottle Planters from Ideas2Live4

Magazine Silhouettes from Supply Me

Hair Accessory Holder from DIY Inspired

Pill Bottle Fire Starter from Mom With a Prep

DIY Toothbrush Holder from Domesblissity

Mini First Aid Kit from One Good Thing by Jillee

Candy Wrapper Hair Bows from Doodle Craft

Sock Snowman Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun

Wine Bottle Planter from HomeTalk

Being the type of person who doesn’t like to spend a whole lot of money on my hobbies, these DIYs are a blessing to know about! Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Could you share step by step directions for the birdbath made from cds? I’m interested in doing it with children, what did you use as the surface to put the cds on? Thanks for any tips you can offer!

  2. I loved them all your very clever I cant wait to try out all of these crafts…

    oh and by the way if you have any more websites I can use for crafts that would be great

  3. Hi!! First of all, THANKS a bunch for the can ideas!! I do NOT like to add to the junk in our landfills, oceans etc!( basically everywhere…!) I want to know, IF you or anyone knows of some good uses for GOBS of plastic grocery bags? If so please email me at lisa.bowman1955@ gmail.com. I know that these bags are very dangerous for sea animals, but recycle doesn’t take them…..!! Thanks for ANY suggestions!


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