5 Life Changing Tricks to Get Work Done When You’re Totally Unmotivated

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motivation for the uninspired

Sometimes life can be totally overwhelming and inspiration comes and goes. New obligations are always coming up and sometimes we haven’t even gotten around to addressing our current ones. To make things worse, social media is super distracting!! AND it’s always pushing the idea into our brains that everyone except for us is constantly motivated and successful. The truth is though, none of us are perfect and social media doesn’t provide the whole picture. So, get your game face on and soak up these motivation tips to help you get some stuff done today!

Inspiration is Overrated

If there is anything I have learned in my life, it is that you shouldn’t always rely on inspiration. It lasts for maybe 5 minutes then vanishes for a week. I can’t recommend more than I already do now that you focus on building good habits. The key word here is ‘discipline’. Us humans are creatures of habits, so why not make good ones and have an amazing life? It will be hard at first (and trust me, I am still working on this whole discipline thing); but I have seen really great results! Instead of attaching negative emotions to things you don’t want to do, just dive right in without thinking. Eventually, you will even start looking forward to certain tasks you never thought you would’ve liked before.

See The Forest For The Trees

This method helps. It proves super useful for me, because I can feel as if I am waist deep in responsibilities. Every little thing I have to do bares down on me. Really though, motivation is all about perspective. Modern times have made things simple yet so complicated at the same time. You don’t need to do a crazy amount of things each day if you just group them into broad categories and toss out the superficial and unnecessary such as social media.

Good on Those Who Wish me Well and All The Rest Can Go to Hell

Being such social beings, humans tend to overvalue the opinion of others and refrain from attempting difficult tasks in fear of failure. The thing is though, everyone fails and having a witness isn’t going to move you a single step forward or backwards. You might inspire people to try things themselves, because you show them that it’s okay to give it your all and still get it wrong.

Add Incentive

If it seems as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, go ahead and create one for yourself. You know what you like, so use that to your benefit and reward yourself when you accomplish things. It could be a doughnut after a long writing session or a nice movie after working out at the gym. Give yourself reasons to get excited and as a bonus, you will condition yourself to associate positive things with hard work.

Make Work More Inviting

If the situation allows, add some fun and comforting rituals to your work routine! You could have a delicious latte while you sort through business e-mails or maybe jam to your favorite songs while cleaning the house. There are really so many ways to spice up every moment of your day so why not?

Is that Enough Motivation? Go Try it Out!

Those are some of the motivation tips I use for accomplishing my work load each day. What do you do to keep yourself going when you’re totally unmotivated? Let me know in the comments! : )

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