9 Spring Cleaning Hacks for Messy People

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Disclosure: A Eufy 11+ vacuum had been generously donated for review purposes. Additionally, this post may contain affiliate links. Please check my disclosure page for more information. As always, all opinions are my own and a special thank you to Eufy for making this review possible!

If you are the kind of person who has the tendency to let messes go on for quite a while and you’re looking to change your home for the better, you’re definitely going to need some hacks. By building up your arsenal of tips and tricks, you can keep everything pretty clean with minimal effort. Don’t like vacuuming? That’s okay, you don’t have to. Don’t want to scrub your shower head? We’ve got a set and forget option for you. So what’re you waiting for?

Keyboard Crumbs

You won't believe how easy it is to get rid of particles stuck in your keyboard!
Found From The Krazy Coupon Lady

I am on the computer all the time, guys. I work on it, I play video games, and I eat at it (yes, I should stop munching at the keyboard). Keeping the keyboard is a must to keep my head on straight, but wow do I spill a lot! Good thing cotton swabs exist. Just grab some from your bathroom and follow this guide from The Krazy Coupon lady. You won’t regret it!

No More Vacuuming!

Having a dog AND a cat in the house, there is a lot of maintenance that has to be done on the floor. Vacuuming every other day is the minimum that has to be done to keep it livable. With a robotic vacuum (like the Eufy), however, you can vacuum every single day without getting up from the couch.

Source: Eufy’s YouTube

Time for a real life review! This video from Cam Secore’s YouTube channel pretty much sums up my experience as I already had a Roomba prior to the Eufy. You seriously would not believe how quiet the Eufy is compared to the Roomba. The Roomba was so loud my dog would attack it! When I run the Eufy, she completely ignores it.


Source: Cam Secore’s YouTube

Just like in the video, my Eufy picks up WAY more dirt than my Roomba, and without intervention. Whenever I run the Roomba, I end up rescuing it as it will start calling out for my help.

Guess what else? It is WAY cheaper than a Roomba! Check it out here! 

How to Clean Your Shower Head

This shower head cleaning hacks is so EFFORTLESS I almost forgot I was cleaning the house!
Found From The Melrose Family

Vinegar is going to be your best friend here. Just bag up your shower head with water and vinegar for a set and forget kind of cleaning day.

Smelly Home be Gone!

You won't need a new air freshener for WEEKS with this genius hack!
Found From The Krazy Coupon Lady

Those plug ins from the store are awfully expensive, try to give yourself a break financially and grab a car freshener from the grocery store. Clip it to your air vent and you’ve got a long term solution!

Scorched Pans

If you can be kind of a sloppy cleaner like me, you’re bound to face the music eventually with some build up on your pans. There is a solution though!


You won't believe what this pan looks like after adding these ingredients on it!
Found From Apartment Therapy


You won't believe this pan isn't brand new until you see what it looked like before!
Found From Apartment Therapy

Check out this guide from Apartment Therapy on how to fix all those pans you once thought were ruined. They even have a helpful video to get you going!

Brighten Lightbulbs

Don't change your light bulbs before you see this hack!
Found From The Krazy Coupon Lady


Easy Microwave Cleaning


Don't try to clean your microwave until you've seen this GENIUS hack!
Found From Simply Stacie

Cleaning the microwave is one of my least liked things to do. I am too short to reach without getting a chair and it’s difficult to scrub tough stuck on messes at weird angles. Luckily, this hack will help you get off the the messed in as little as one wipe!

Dirty Porcelain Sinks

Getting these sinks to look like brand new was a BREEZE once I knew this hack!
Found From The 36th Avenue

Porcelain sinks tell the WHOLE story, guys. I have been to many people’s homes and by looking at the state of their porcelain sink, you get a pretty good idea of how clean the rest of the home is. If you look into this guide by The 36th Avenue, you’ll learn how to make even the roughest messes disappear!

Window Blinds

I didn't even need to go to the store to get the supplies needed to clean my blinds!
Found From One Crazy House

Those window blinds can get pretty nasty if you let them. Cleaning them can be easy though because you only need tools that are commonly found around you house! Check out this guide from One Crazy House to learn more!

Cleaning is such a great way to keep your home life healthy and less chaotic. While there are plenty of things in your house that need to be cleaned, it doesn’t need to take forever to get it done. What are your favorite cleaning hacks? Let us all know in the comments! : )

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