5 Info Graphics That Will Turn You Into a Fitness Expert

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Going to the gym may intimidate you. If you either have never stepped foot in one before, or just have been out of commission for a while its super scary. Just know it is okay to start over. Everyone in the gym knows that every single person has started somewhere in their fitness journey. The biggest and best tip I’ve ever gotten was actually from a famous athlete that I used to work for. She told me to just pay attention to my goals and if anyone tries to bug me, remember that they are the ones with a problem.

The gym is a place for wellness and it’s one of the best things you can invest in. To make things super easy for you, here are some info graphics which will fill you in on what you need to know in order to get started! Have fun!

Back & Chest
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Lots of women are under the impression that strength training is something they should never do due to the risk of bulking up. This couldn’t be further from the truth as it is actually one of the best ways to lean up! When I first went to the gym I was sort of a skinny fat person with a waist of around 25 inches. I had no idea that lifting weights would help me lose even more circumference. After a couple months I was around 24 inches and still shrinking. The best part was I was even gaining better curves because of the muscle. Remember though, it is super important to take care of every body part for the best health and best look. You want to be nice and balanced.

Legs & Abs
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Legs are probably the most favorite exercises among women. Since women are usually stronger in the legs and gluts in comparison to men, they have an easier time lifting more weight during leg day which can be a huge boost of confidence. Plus, a tight bootie and toned legs are always in style.

Beginners & Advanced All Inclusive
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Just in case you already are familiar with the basics, here are some exercises you can mix it up with. Either way you have plenty of options with this guide!

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Arm exercises are really fantastic if you have issues with wobbly arms whenever you decide to wave at someone. No worries, this is all fixable and this graphic will help you out. Personally, I absolutely love doing arms. I think it has a lot to do with my laziness. When I do arms, I don’t necessarily have to move my body a whole lot. ; )

No Gym Needed for Fitness
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If the gym doesn’t fit in with the budget or if you would like to get started at home instead, I recommend this graphic. There are plenty of ab exercises to get you all prepped up for the beach.

There are tons of resources online for getting yourself in shape; a lot of them are even free. While getting in excellent shape does not require a gym membership, it’s a good fast track option. Regardless of what you do, believe in yourself and remember that everyone starts somewhere. ┬áIf you are not ready for the gym, or prefer to exercise at home, then get started with these transformative fat busting workouts.



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