20 Easter Home Decor Ideas You Don’t Have to Hunt For

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You won't believe how adorable these Easter home decor ideas are until you see them for yourself!

With Easter around the corner some of us are panicking, because there is so much to DIY in preparation for the holiday. Maybe friends and family are coming over for a party after church so you need to put whip something up.  However, funds may also be an issue for you. Nothing to fear though, because I can help! Although DIY decor saves money, you also get to spend quality time with your loved ones making it. So what’re you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Adorable Utensil Holder

Adorable Carrot Utensil Holder For Easter
Found From Smart School House

This is such an adorable idea! I love how you can get all of the supplies from the Dollar Store if need be!

Dyed Robin Eggs

Easter Egg Nest Home Decor
Found From Honestly Yum

If you want an expensive looking decoration idea that you can make on the cheap, then this is a great option.

Flower Arrangement

Fancy Easter Flower Arrangement Decoration
Found From The 36th Avenue

This flower arrangement will add a classy and clean look to the inside of your home or your front porch.

Mason Jars

Mason Jar Easter Home Decor Idea
Found From Pinterest

If you want flowers that will stay bloomed for you every year, then consider some faux flowers from the craft store.

Easter Egg Basket

Rustic Easter Home Decor
Found From Leap of Faith Crafting

This Easter egg basket idea is really natural looking and has a farmhouse appeal to it.

Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree Decor DIY
Found From Crafty Sisters

Who says eggs don’t grow on trees?

Easter Egg Paint Chips

Creative Paint Sample Turned Into Easter Egg Decor
Found From A Thoughtful Place Blog

Chalkboards seriously make any design look cozy!

Butterfly Bouquet

Butterfly Flower Arrangement DIY Craft For Easter
Found From Design Improvised

I love the colors in this one, because they really give me a sense of happiness and comfort.

Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath DIY Craft
Found From A Pumpkin and a Princess

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the most adorable Easter egg wreaths you have ever seen!

Bunny Kitchen Linens

This Easter bunny linen cloth is GENIUS!
Found From Simple Simon & Company

I am about to have a cuteness overload over here!

Bunny Wreath

Easter bunny wreath idea
Found From Sprinkle Some Fun

If you are skillful with crafts, then definitely try this one out. I love it, because it’s really unique!

Floral Arrangement

Easter Egg Floral Arrangement
Found From Purely Katie

These soft pastel egg colors combined with white flowers is to die for!

Spoon Puppets

Easter Bunny Utensil Craft for Kids
Found From Hobby Craft

This is a craft you can so easily team up with your kids to do.

Egg Tree

Festive Easter Egg Tree Craft
Found From Peanut Blossom

Want something more vibrant and festive?

Rainbow Candle Holder

Bright and vibrant Easter candle holder decor DIY
Found From Sugar & Cloth

I am such a sucker for bright, clean colors like these because they pop with vibrancy.

White Egg + Pink Flowers

Simple white eggs with flowers Easter decor idea
Found From Tulipina

If you don’t feel like painting eggs this year or would like a classic more adult look to your space, then try this idea out.

Tall Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree DIY
Found From Pinterest

If you’ve got a cute tree up front of your house, then try decorating it!

Bird’s Nest in Pot

Cozy Egg Nest for Easter DIY
Found From All Things Heart and Home

This egg nest idea is so cute and really authentic looking.

Happy Easter Nest

Easter egg nest craft
Found From The Rachel Berry Blog

If you want a nest that is a little more clean looking, try this one out.

Framed Wreath

Easter Frame Wreath with Eggs Craft
Found From The CSI Project

If you like clean sharp lines, then add a pastel frame to your wreath, like this one.

I used to have so much fun during Easter running around and looking for eggs. As an adult, I am finding myself still wanting to chase those eggs, but also realizing that there are still tons of other fun activities for me! We adults can craft, drink cocktails and so much more. The fun really never ends! So, what’s your favorite thing to do for Easter? If you have a big Easter activity you do every year that’s a lot of fun, then share it in the comments! Also, if you want more Easter fun, then have a look at these DIY centerpieces!

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