13 Creative and Healthy Must Try Ways to Use Tea

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Hi, guys! Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite things to drink ever. For the longest time, tea has been my go to for starting my day, winding down and even DIY products.  Some of the best skincare products come from unconventional uses for various teas.  I have a variety of creative ways to use tea right here to share with you.  If you would like to remedy some seasonal allergies, then have a look at this.

Although I knew teas are healthy for you, there were some things that I learned that absolutely surprised me! Franco from Bondi Beach Tea was kind enough to share with us exactly how useful tea is in our day to day lives. Enjoy!

Tea has been around for ages; its ritual uses extend back to thousands of years and have been known for medicinal, recreational and even creative purposes. Below we share several ways to use it creatively to ultimately better your health.

Blend a smoothie

It’s a no-brainer that to get up early in the morning you would agree that coffee is the go-to drink but for many a green tea smoothie is a far better and healthier alternative.  This smoothie is packed with antioxidant-enriched ingredients for energy to uplift your mood. Create an energizing green tea smoothie with whichever flavors you’d like by mixing bananas, chia seeds matcha and even vegetables such as spinach, the options are endless. A smoothie gives off energy much cleaner and last much longer without the sudden crash that coffee brings.

Soothe sunburned skin

If you ever get a sunburn, then applying some Black tea bags to your burns is a good idea. It can cool the burning sensation and helps to lower inflammation. Let the  bag soak in room temperature water until the color is dark then apply to the burned area.  

Scrub it on

Rinsing your skin, or face with teas have an abundance of health benefits. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help with signs of aging.  Scrubs also exfoliate, reduce oil levels and give off a natural scent. It is also good for treating acne, and clearing skin pores to a shine. As mentioned above it can also help with sunburns so you can lightly scrub it on the affected areas.

Reduce tired eyes

We don’t always get those precious 8 hours of sleep we ought to get.  Some days feel like they drag on and over time you can develop dark marks under your eyes. If your looking for a quick, natural remedy, then place tea bags under your eyes to reduce puffiness. Take 2 bags of steeped green, or black tea bags, then put in fridge for 15 minutes.  Once cool, place on your affected eyes. You can finally combat that tired look and feel better in the morning!

Boost your metabolism

It’s no secret that green tea has been crowned as one of the best products that aids in losing weight and helping with diets. It has high levels of antioxidants such as epigallocatechin that speed up the metabolism and weight loss process. Also the caffeine helps to energize your body, stimulate fat oxidation and remove gut bacteria.

Soothe sore gums

Not only is tea useful for getting rid of your bad breath, it disinfects gums naturally and relieves toothaches. Place the bags directly to the affected area to calm the pain or you may open the bags and rinse your mouth with warm water and black tea thoroughly. Your affected gums will rejoice with many health benefits and less pain.

Clean rinse your hair

There are an abundant of shampoos and conditioners available off-shelves but nothing beats a homemade rinse with tea. If you are lost on which tea to choose, then try green tea as it helps with hair growth.  Chamomile tea is also great for those with colored hair/highlights, black tea and rosemary tea are wonderful for deepening dark colored hair. It’s important to also know that tea is great for helping cure dandruff, no more flakes!

Settle a sore tummy

Quickly reducing stomach inflammation is vital to settling a sore stomach. Whether it’s acid reflux (heartburns) or bloating, tea is the go to answer. Chamomile is considered to be one of the most useful herbal remedies for gastrointestinal ailments. A cup of chamomile can calm and upset stomachs digestive system in many ways. It reduces flatulence and gets you back to normal all while maintaining a natural taste with a cup of tea.

Alleviate allergy symptoms

By now you can see that teas have many antiviral and antibacterial elements which can greatly increase your health in many different ways. Another amazing remedy that does wonders is treating symptoms of infections of the respiratory system, aka the common cold. Add several drops to warm water with a moist towel with pre brewed tea onto the front of your head for 20 minutes and you’ll feel better. Also, drinking some won’t do you any harm either, mix some lemon, ginger and raw honey and let it cool in the fridge for a fast remedy for the cold or flu.

Get rid of bad breath

No one likes to be told that their breath stinks, luckily for you, you can use used tea bags preferably peppermint or green teas to rinse your mouth out and create your own mouthwash. The best teas to use for this purpose is peppermint, ginger, and green. Why should you use tea as a mouthwash? The powerful antioxidants in these teas are guaranteed to kill any bacteria left in your mouth. On the plus side, we promise these mouthwash will actually taste better and won’t include any chemicals and ingredients that are harmful.

Bathe in it

There are so many options for keeping your body clean and well taken care of. Bathing in tea will not only relieve body from pain, it will also detoxify your skin, promote anti-aging to your skin cells and its splendid for relaxing, destressing and most importantly purifying your mind. Imagine laying in a hot warm tub with green tea or peppermint aroma filling your lungs and warm antioxidant filled water surrounding your skin. Modern bathing bubble baths have nothing against these baths. If you feel awkward for pouring a beverage into your tub don’t! For centuries the Japanese and even the ancient greeks did the same. Popular options include  chamomile, lavender, jasmine and rose petals. Begin by filling the tub with hot water to let the tea bags do their thing, then let the water cool a bit before you get in.

Aches and painful muscles

I’ve had one too many muscle pains especially cramps to know that they won’t go away easily unless you do something about it. However, drinking some chamomile  helps relax sore muscles and works as an anti-inflammatory remedy. You can even massage chamomile essential oil into affected muscles to get rid of cramps and spasms. The many minerals will have you feeling normal in no time.


Green tea is predominantly a great substance to be used as a moisturizer combined with lotion to the skin.  It can be extremely efficient fighting skin cancer, prevents UV light damage and replenishes skin cells. You can get creative and mix other ingredients such as coconut oil and a mixture of honey to create your very own moisturizing mask or home made lotion.

These 13 ways to use tea for your health are incredible!

Teas have such an incredible way to boost your quality of life. Bondi Beach Tea was kind enough to send me some samples and I have to say it’s really nice!

I had the pleasure of trying out their ‘Matcha Mint Body Scrub’, ‘Heartburn Tea’ ‘Silicone and Stainless Steel Leaf Strainer’, ‘Colon Cleanse’, and ‘Bondi Slim’ tea. The pictures are shown in this order respectively.

I made sure to use the ‘Heartburn Tea’ while eating some spicy Vegan Thai food and it worked like a charm! Even my partner, who frequently voices his heartburn issues after spicy food, said it was fantastic! Score!

Each bag of came conveniently packed in a re-usable pouch that was easy to open. To scoop it, I just went ahead and used the steeper and dipped it into the bag. It’s delicious and ready in 5 minutes!

If you are on the hunt for some tea or want to learn more about how it can benefit your mood and overall well being, then check out the Bondi Beach Tea website. Thanks Franco for the valuable information!

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