5 Things From the Nightclub and Bar Show That Every Bar Needs

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Last week, AJ and I had the pleasure of walking through the Nightclub and Bar Show being held in Las Vegas. There were a ton of neat things to see and we were pleasantly surprised to see some of our favorite hobbies coming into trend.

Las Vegas Nightclub and Bar Show 2018

Big Trends at the Nightclub and Bar Show

As lovers of video games, AJ and I were so excited to see an upcoming trend for virtual reality in nightclubs and bars. Finally, we can do what we like out in the world! To make things even more interesting, we saw a few wholesalers for e-hookahs. This is definitely great for those interested in hookah but don’t want all the smoke that comes with it. To find out more about the Nightclub and Bar Show, read on!

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality bar show

This was actually our first experience with virtual reality and it was awesome! We were a bit apprehensive about trying it out since we didn’t know if the game would be any good and poor frame rates make me nauseous but the game was fun and the game ran buttery smooth.

While there are some bars out there with arcade type games available for play, we never paid much attention. If this were at a bar, however, we’d be all over it! It was tempting to get back in line but we decided to give the other exhibits some love.


hookah at the bar and nightclub show

While hookah has been trending for some time, it is pretty hard to find a bar or nightclub that servesĀ good hookah. A combination of servers with poor knowledge of hookah plus the inevitable inconsistencies between bowls can keep customers from coming back. What makes this hookah so special is that it is electronic. This means customers experience the same thing each time and the vapor is a lot easier for most people to handle. There is also the upside of safety since there aren’t any exposed coals that people can knock over and burn themselves on.

We both have had a fair amount of hookah (I used to work at a lounge) and we can confidently say that all of the hookah we tried at the show was really great! The prices were a bit steeper than regular wholesale hookahs but I do think customers would be willing to pay more for such a reliable product.

Breathalyzer Machine

blood alcohol content tester from barsafe

Now this device was really neat. By blowing into the machine with a straw, you are able to find out how much alcohol is in your blood. Since it is hard to tell how much your alcohol is really effecting you (especially if you’ve been drinking to a certain point), it is important to get an objective view. It would be really nice if more bars had these as it could save lives.

Stylish Tools

I have walked into many bars in the past that had no sense of style when it came to their supplies, which I think is kind of crazy. Bartenders are a source of entertainment for customers, so naturally everything they do should be done in style.

A great example of a stylish bar would be The Parlor Bar at The Mirage, located on the Las Vegas strip. Their supplies are cohesive and even the bartender’s outfit meshed with their tools.

If you are curious where to get the photographed supplies, check out barproducts.com. Their tools are very high quality and we personally use them!

Jello Shots

A ton of people loves Jello shots so it’s surprising I don’t run into them in bars ever. I’m sure people would order these by the tray and pay a premium.

Hyde at Bellagio

Hyde at Bellagio

After the convention we decided to check out the after party which was located at Hyde. I have to say the view outside of the Bellagio fountains was pretty legit but very crowded!

Overall, there were a lot of fun things to see coming into trend at the Nightclub and Bar Show and I am genuinely excited to find out what sticks. A big thank you to the Nightclub and Bar Show for letting us take a peak!

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