10 Creamy Iced Latte Recipes That’ll Make Your Heart Sing

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10 Iced Latte Recipes That'll Save Money and Time

While it is Iced lattes are a great way to cool down during the hot summer months. They also taste delicious and give people a pleasant morning pick-me-up or afternoon treat. The only problem with iced lattes is that they’re very expensive from cafes. So if you want to have this beverage at home, here are some unique iced latte recipes you probably haven’t tried yet.

Cold-Brewed Shiso & Hibiscus Tea

This cold-brewed shiso & hibiscus recipe is surely going to satisfy your cold brew summer cravings!
Found From Dolly & Oatmeal

I never really thought of combining the concepts of iced tea and coffee until now! This drink is the work of a genius!

Cardamom + Rose Iced Latte

This cardamom and rose iced latte/Japanese coffee looks soo DELICIOUS! Can't wait to try it out!
Found From Local Milk Blog

I adore everything rose scented or flavored so this drink is a total win!

Almond Milk Latte

I think it’s the coolest thing ever when people make flavored ice cubes. It’s so clever! Say goodbye to regular nasty ice cubes!

Iced Horchata

I am so OBSESSED with this iced horchata latte recipe! Omg!!
Found From Milly’s Kitchen

I never thought to turn a horchata drink into a latte! Wow! I drink horchata all the time; it is seriously an addiction. I think I have found a way to step up my horchata game and I am so excited!

Lavender Honey

I love this lavender-honey iced latte recipe! Looks so YUMMY!
Found From Offbeat & Inspired

Honey is seriously one of my favorite ways to sweeten my coffee drinks so I am really excited that it is incorporated into this recipe.

Coconut Matcha

This iced coconut matcha latte looks so AMAZING! I can't wait to try out this recipe!
Found From Sprinkle of Green

I am so ready for this one! I love putting matcha on so many things and this gives me another excuse to add some.

White Chocolate Latte

If you are looking for a more indulgent option, this is an excellent choice. I know plenty of people who would kill to try this!

Golden Turmeric

This golden turmeric latte recipe looks DELICIOUS! It is also great for those who are on a Paleo diet!
Found From Paleo Hacks

I have been trying to find the perfect turmeric drink to make and this might be the one! It is definitely a trend that I need to jump on.

Blueberry Acai

This blueberry acai iced coconut latte is TO DIE FOR! It looks so delicious!
Found From Organic Burst

Is it just me or is this drink absolutely stunning? I really like adding blueberries to my drinks so this will be an interesting beverage to try out.

Skinny Caramel

This skinny caramel iced latte looks AMAZING! If you are on a diet, no worries, this recipe has got your covered!
Found From The Live Fit Girls

Want a totally awesome diet option? Caramel lattes are loved by so many people; there is no way you can go wrong here!

Would you rather head to your local coffee shop and try something delicious there? Here are the best iced coffee drinks from Starbucks.

All these drinks look seriously amazing! I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to try all of them out. Which one has got you all excited? Let me know in the comments!

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