10 Bright and Tasty Smoothie Bowl Recipes That’ll Save You Money

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These 10 smoothie bowls will save you so much money and make your skin glow this summer!

While going out and enjoying a nice cool smoothie bowl during warm weather is surely a treat, it is a bit expensive and extravagant to do every single day. No worries though because you can still enjoy smoothie bowls-and at a much cheaper cost too! Just like most dishes, it is much cheaper to make these delicious meals from scratch yourself, especially if you are using acai. So go ahead and enjoy these smoothie bowl recipes and stay healthy!

Purple Power
This "Purple Power" smoothie bowl looks so delicious! It will for sure help you get fit for the warm weather!
Found From The Glowing Fridge

If you want to feel the power, then try out this delicious smoothie bowl! I love how there is a nice dollop of peanut butter on top. I would have never thought of that myself, but it’s so good!

This "Mermaid Spirulina-Mint" smoothie bowl looks so DELICIOUS! I want to take this out on the patio with me today!
Found From Laws of Bliss

This minty smoothie bowl looks absolutely refreshing! Look at that color; it’s so gorgeous!

Mini Smoothie Bowl Deco
This smoothie bowl is definitely something I am getting obsessed about right now. It is just so STUNNING! I can't wait to try this recipe!
Found From Blueberry Boost

I love how this photo gives you a visual guide on how to decorate the bowl. Totally useful!

Vegan Berry Crunch
This vegan berry crunch smoothie bowl looks so YUMMY! I can't wait to try this recipe out!
Found From Domesticate Me

If you want a vegan option, then this is the smoothie bowl for you! No animals products whatsoever!

Protein Mermaid
This mermaid smoothie bowl looks SO YUMMY! This is sure to please your tummy and any lucky people you decide to share it with!
Found From The Glowing Fridge

Doesn’t this photo make you just want to go swimming? Maybe it’s just me! I seriously love the ingredients in this one though!

Beet & Berry
I love this beet & berry smoothie bowl! It looks so YUMMY too!
Found From With Food and Love

I have never thought before to put beets in a smoothie bowl, although it sounds like such a great idea. I have been trying to find ways to incorporate beets into my diet without juicing and this might be the way!

Berry Acai
This berry acai bowl is a classic that is sure to please your taste buds!
Found From Lean Green Nutrition Fiend

I like the Berry Acai Bowl, because this recipe is probably the closest to what I like to do with my acai bowls. It’s classic!

Blue Mermaid
This blue mermaid smoothie bowl is such a knock out! It is just so gorgeous! I can't wait to try this recipe!
Found From Greens of The Stone Age

This color is so STUNNING! Lucky for my boyfriend that I found this recipe as kiwi is his all time favorite fruit!

Mango Smoothie Bowl
I love this mango smoothie bowl recipe! It looks so DELICIOUS!
Found From Potluck-Oh my Veggies

Want something really nice a sweet? Then mango is definitely the way to go.

Springtime Granola
This springtime granola smoothie bowl looks SO AMAZING! I can't wait to try out this recipe!
Found From Elsa’s Wholesome Life

I totally want to eat this smoothie bowl on a tropical getaway. It looks so fitting!

If you are looking to get started on some smoothie bowl action, then there is surely a recipe either on this list, or somewhere out there for you. I really think that smoothie bowls are some of the most attractive meals to have because they are so vibrant and scream health. Which recipe is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! ┬áIf you’d like mare easy and healthy ideas, then take a look at these infused water recipes as well.

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