Is Hemp the New Cotton in 2023? (WAMA Underwear Review)

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Should you be using hemp underwear? Find out what you need to know first in this WAMA underwear review!

WAMA Underwear Review
WAMA Women’s Hemp Triangle Bralettes in Medium

When I first heard about WAMA Underwear, I was intrigued by their unique approach to creating sustainable, comfortable, high-quality underwear. Founded in 2017 by Shakib Nassiri, the company significantly emphasizes using hemp, an eco-friendly and naturally antibacterial material. Nassiri’s inspiration comes from the fast fashion industry, the second biggest polluter on the planet, and his mission to provide an organic solution to this problem.

As I delve deeper into WAMA Underwear, I find that their range of premium hemp undergarments includes various styles for both men and women. For women, options like hipsters, bikinis, thongs, boy shorts, and high-waisted briefs cater to diverse body types and preferences. Meanwhile, men can choose from boxer briefs, trunks, and more, ensuring a comfortable and stylish experience.

In addition to considering factors like comfort and design, I appreciate the commitment WAMA Underwear has to environmental sustainability and the well-being of their customers. By focusing on these elements throughout their production process and customer experience, they work to redefine the standard for underwear and shake up the industry meaningfully.

Check out all the amazing WAMA Underwear styles for men and women!

WAMA Underwear Overview

Hemp Fabric

As a fan of WAMA Underwear, I appreciate that their products are made from a unique blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex. This combination creates comfortable and breathable underwear and durable and naturally antibacterial garments. Hemp’s natural properties make it an excellent choice for underwear, as it helps reduce odor and stays fresh longer.


WAMA Underwear takes sustainability seriously and has been certified by Green America, a leading organization promoting eco-friendly business practices. Using hemp, which requires minimal water and no pesticides to grow, effectively contributes to a more sustainable fashion industry. In addition, their packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, further reducing their environmental impact.

Ethical Manufacturing

In an effort to maintain ethical manufacturing standards, WAMA Underwear is a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), an organization that ensures fair labor practices, including fair wages and safe working conditions. By adhering to these ethical standards, WAMA emphasizes that they respect not only the environment but also the people who contribute to creating their products.

Product Range and Sizing

Undergarments for Men

WAMA Underwear Review
WAMA Men’s Hemp Boxer Briefs in XL

In my exploration of WAMA Underwear, I found a variety of undergarments specifically designed for men. Their offerings include classic men’s briefs, men’s boxer briefs, men’s boxers, and men’s trunk underwear. Made from a blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex, these undergarments provide comfort and durability. The available colors are black, green, purple, and several nude shades.

Undergarments for Women

WAMA Underwear Review
WAMA Women’s Hemp Bikini Underwear

As I dug deeper, I discovered an extensive range of undergarments for women offered by WAMA Underwear. This includes bikini underwear, hipster panties, thong underwear, boy shorts, high waisted underwear, a triangle bralette, and a racerback bralette. The material composition is the same as men’s underwear: 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex, ensuring a comfortable and sustainable experience. Like the men’s, women’s undergarments are available in black, green, purple, and various shades of nude/tan.

Size Chart

To help customers find the perfect fit, WAMA Underwear provides a detailed size chart on their website. The size chart includes measurements for both women’s and men’s styles, with sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. This comprehensive guide ensures that everyone can find undergarments to match their body type and preference. Here’s a brief overview of their sizing:

SizeWaist (in)Hip (in)Dress Size
Women’s Sizing Chart
SizeWaist (in)
Men’s Sizing Chart

To ensure you get the best fit, I recommend following the provided size chart on their website and considering your body type when selecting a style.

Comfort and Fit

Softness and Support

As I tried on my WAMA hemp underwear, I was immediately impressed by the softness of the fabric. Made from a blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex, it provides a delicate touch while ensuring I feel supported. The waistband is flexible and comfortable, which makes me feel secure without feeling constricted.


The breathability of these hemp underwear is noteworthy. Wearing them during the day, even in warmer temperatures, I found that they wick moisture away efficiently. This kept me feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. The hemp fabric, combined with organic cotton, offers natural breathability that is superior to traditional materials used in underwear.

Anti-Odor Properties

One of the key benefits of WAMA underwear is their natural anti-odor properties. Since hemp is a naturally antibacterial and antifungal material, it helps to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. For me, this means that I can wear my WAMA underwear without worrying about unpleasant smells, and feel confident knowing that they are working to keep me fresh throughout the day.

In summary, WAMA hemp underwear offers a comfortable fit, soft support, excellent breathability, and effective anti-odor properties. These eco-friendly underwear are a great choice for those who prioritize both comfort and sustainability in their wardrobe.

Additional Features

First Pair Guarantee

As a customer of WAMA underwear, I am pleased to report that they have a “First Pair Guarantee.” This means that if you are not satisfied with your first purchase, you can contact the company, and they will either replace the product or issue a refund. It gives customers confidence in trying out the product without worrying about wasted investments if it doesn’t work out.

Green America Certified Business

One thing that impressed me is that WAMA is a Green America Certified Business. This certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. By supporting a company like this, it makes me feel good knowing that I am contributing to a more sustainable and ethical industry.

Oeko-Tex Certified

I also learned that WAMA’s products are Oeko-Tex certified. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a globally recognized and independent testing system for textiles that evaluates products for harmful substances. This means that WAMA underwear is made with materials free from toxic chemicals and safe for human use.

Supply Chain and Organic Materials

  • Made of 53% Hemp, 44% Organic Cotton, and 3% Spandex
  • Sourced from ethically responsible suppliers
  • Manufactured in factories that prioritize workers’ rights and fair labor practices

By purchasing WAMA underwear, customers like myself can feel confident about the materials used and know that the company is dedicated to creating comfortable products with a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain. The focus on organic materials like hemp and organic cotton further proves their dedication to sustainability.

Comparing WAMA with Other Fabrics

Cotton vs. Hemp

When comparing WAMA underwear with other fabrics, it’s essential to consider the sustainability and performance of each fabric. For instance, cotton is a widely used fabric for underwear; however, organic cotton is a more sustainable choice. In my experience, hemp fabric has shown to be more sustainable than even organic cotton. Hemp requires less water and fewer pesticides than cotton, making it eco-friendly. As for the feel, WAMA underwear feels comfortable and is known to have anti-bacterial properties, which can help prevent common issues like yeast infections.

Bamboo vs. Hemp

Bamboo fabric is another sustainable option for underwear. It is soft, breathable, and has natural moisture-wicking properties. While bamboo is considered an eco-friendly choice but requires more processing than hemp. Furthermore, hemp fabric, like the one used in WAMA underwear, remains breathable, flexible, and feels hole-proof. Both fabrics have positives, but I prefer the environmental benefits of hemp fabric.

Spandex vs. Hemp

Spandex is commonly used in underwear for its stretchiness and ability to maintain shape over time. WAMA underwear, on the other hand, contains only 3% spandex in its blend, which allows sufficient elasticity without compromising the natural properties of hemp. In addition, spandex is not biodegradable, whereas hemp is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric. Thus, I find the combination of hemp and minimal spandex in WAMA underwear to be a superior choice for comfort and flexibility.

Polyester vs. Hemp

Polyester is a synthetic fabric often used in traditional underwear. Although it is durable and has moisture-wicking properties, it is made from plastic and can contribute to pollution. Moreover, polyester can cause yeast infections and other skin irritations. Conversely, hemp fabric is a natural, eco-friendly alternative with anti-bacterial properties that can protect against such issues. In my opinion, WAMA underwear, composed mainly of hemp, stands out as a healthier and more sustainable option compared to polyester-based underwear.

Durability and Quality

WAMA Underwear Review
WAMA Women’s Triangle Bralette in Medium (Nude 2, WAMA Green, & Purple)

In my experience with WAMA underwear, I’ve noticed that their durability and quality are quite exceptional. Since hemp is naturally resistant to pests, there’s no need for pesticides in the production process, making these undergarments an eco-friendly option.

One aspect that stands out with WAMA underwear is the construction of the seams and straps. The waistband is flexible and comfortable, resting at the hip for a perfect fit. The design not only looks aesthetically pleasing without excessive external markings or tags, but also features minimal seaming, ensuring that these undergarments remain as comfortable as possible.

From the available reviews I’ve read about WAMA underwear, many customers seem to be quite happy with their purchase. With a majority of 5/5 star ratings, people are praising the comfort, softness, and breathability of these undergarments. Furthermore, the quality of the fabric and construction appears to be long-lasting, making them a great investment.

While it’s difficult to provide a guarantee on future durability, the overall consensus from customers and my personal experience suggests that the quality of WAMA underwear is likely to stand the test of time. The careful selection of materials with sustainability in mind, as well as the attention to detail in construction, result in a high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly undergarment option.

Some highlights of WAMA underwear include:

  • Hemp, organic cotton, and spandex blend for optimal comfort and breathability
  • Pesticide-free, eco-friendly materials
  • Flexible, comfortable waistband and minimal seaming
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Positive reviews praising quality and durability

Price and Value

When I first looked into WAMA Underwear, I was curious about the pricing and whether it was worth the investment. As I researched, I found that WAMA offers free shipping within the U.S., while Canada enjoys a flat rate of $15. Moreover, customers can save 20% on their first purchase through the discount prompt on their website.

WAMA Underwear’s affiliation with the National Hemp Association demonstrates its commitment to sustainably sourced material and ethical practices in the industry. This adds to the overall value of the products as customers can feel confident that they’re investing in eco-friendly and responsible undergarments.

When evaluating the cost of WAMA Underwear, it is essential to consider the quality and longevity of the products. While I cannot guarantee the future durability of the underwear, I did encounter positive reviews indicating a noticeable difference in the feel and quality of WAMA products compared to other brands.

So, based on my research, the expense of WAMA Underwear goes beyond just the price tag. It extends to sustainably sourced materials, ethical practices, and commitment to comfortable, high-quality products. While some may initially view the products as expensive, the long-term benefits and ethical characteristics of WAMA Underwear may justify the investment for many customers.

Activities and Performance

Gym Performance

During my gym sessions, I found WAMA underwear to be extremely comfortable and supportive. The organic hemp fabric was surprisingly soft, allowing for natural movements and flexibility without any chafing or irritation. The moisture-wicking properties of hemp kept me cool and dry even during intense workouts. Additionally, the natural antibacterial properties of hemp helped prevent unpleasant odors that can result from sweating, giving me added confidence in the gym.

Hiking Comfort

I recently went hiking with my WAMA underwear, and the experience was fantastic. The lightweight fabric provided the support and comfort I needed for long hours on the trail, without causing any chafing or discomfort. I was truly impressed by how breathable the hemp fabric was, allowing for proper airflow and keeping me cool even in warmer weather. Wearing WAMA underwear, I could really feel the difference compared to conventional plastic-based undergarments.

Physical Activity

On a day-to-day basis, I engage in various physical activities, from yoga to running errands around town. WAMA underwear has proven to be a reliable and comfortable companion for all my activities. Whether I’m wearing thong underwear for a yoga session or organic hemp boxers for a brisk walk in the park, I can count on WAMA to provide the support, comfort, and hygiene I need to feel confident and at ease. Moreover, I appreciate the fact that WAMA prioritizes sustainability and ethical production, which aligns with my personal values and motivates me to recommend them to others.

WAMA Underwear Review

In my search for comfortable and eco-friendly underwear, I found WAMA Underwear, a brand focusing on using hemp to create their products. They offer various styles for both men and women, and I was excited to give them a try.

What drew me to WAMA Underwear was their commitment to sustainability. Their products are made of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex, making them both environmentally friendly and comfortable to wear.

I tried their line of premium hemp undies for women, which come in 5 different styles, including hipsters, bikinis, thongs, boy shorts, and high-waisted briefs. Sizes range from XS-3XL, catering to almost every body type, and they are available in black, WAMA green, and beige for some styles.

During my trial of WAMA Underwear, I found the waistband to be flexible, soft, and comfortable. Moreover, the material felt supportive and secure. From the provided search results, I learned that many other customers also had positive experiences with WAMA Underwear.

WAMA offers free shipping within the U.S., and a flat rate of $15 for Canada. For those looking to save on their first purchase, there is a 15% discount on their website that can be applied by entering your email address. Furthermore, WAMA offers their underwear in various packs, such as 3, 6, or 10 packs, providing convenient options for buyers.

In conclusion, my experience with WAMA Underwear was positive due to their focus on sustainability, comfortable materials, and range of styles.

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