30 Types of Rooms in a House – Images & Descriptions

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30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

Do you know the difference between a living room and a family room?

Knowing types of rooms in a house is important when buying or building a new construction home. There are many room types in a house that serve very specific functions.

Understanding the purpose of each type of room in a house is important in helping you decide exactly what you personally need in a home.

Not everyone needs a formal dining room and that’s perfectly okay. Maybe you want to keep things simple and don’t need a big showy house to impress your friends. This list will help you figure out what’s necessary and what you can skip out on.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a house that serves as a statement piece, you’ll want to have as many of these room types as possible. Whatever floats your boat!

Types of Rooms in a House

These are the room types that you will most commonly see in a house. Get to know each kind of room, and decide what will turn a house into your perfect home. Each featured room type in this list has a description as well as an image.

Keep in mind that it’s your house, and you can design any room in many different ways to adapt it to your needs.


30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

An attic is a space in the upper level of a building, often used to store things. An attic can be finished with insulation and drywall, or covered with boards and tar paper.

An attic can be finished with any touches you desire to make it more functional. It can even be made into a living space for an extra bedroom or office space.

Keep in mind that since heat rises, the attic will typically be the warmest spot in your home. You can install a ceiling fan for the hot summer months to keep the air circulating throughout your home.


30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A basement is an area at the bottom of a building, including things like the crawlspace and the foundation. It is typically used for storage, laundry rooms, or workshops.

Basements can also be used to build additional living space. However, many basements are damp and must be insulated with vapor barriers to prevent mold growth.

If you choose to finish your basement, there are tons of design possibilities that will help you enjoy it to its fullest potential. One popular finished basement idea is to create a man cave/woman cave.

A man/woman cave can be a space in your home dedicated to you and your interests. It could be an office space, a workout studio, or a relaxation spot – basically any type of room that you need.

When designing your man/woman cave there are many different things you should consider. Ideally, the room should have aspects of each activity that it’s meant for.

For example, if you are making it into a place for relaxation then get some nice furniture that’s comfortable. Throw in some speakers if music is what will help set the mood.

Another common way to spruce up a basement is to create a teenager’s space. You’ll want to keep in mind that when kids grow up they’ll want something more than just a garage to hang out in. You can achieve this by adding a large sectional along with a big screen tv. This will keep your kids and their friends busy for hours!


30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A bathroom is a room that includes any one or more pieces of furniture or equipment designed for personal grooming, washing, or other private activities. The room typically has a toilet, sink, and shower.

Usually, the only people allowed to use the bathroom are those who live in the home. This is because it’s often where people go to relieve themselves and get cleaned up.

Friends and extended family are often expected to use the guest bathroom and powder room when visiting.

Bedroom (General)

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A bedroom is a place where you go to sleep. It’s a space that needs to be comfortable and inviting. However, if your house is not large enough, you can still make your bedroom appear bigger without taking up too much space.

One technique is to paint the walls and ceiling white and then use interesting patterns or colors on just one feature wall. This way, it’ll feel like your bedroom is larger than it actually is.

You can also leave the walls bare and install mirrors to help make the room look bigger. If you want to really go for an open feel, try building a bed with no headboard or footboard for added floor space.

Keep in mind that bedrooms are often used as spaces for relaxation and retreats. They should be inviting and comfortable, not cluttered. Clean them up regularly so you can enjoy your retreat to its maximum potential!

Closet (Broom Closet)/Mudroom Closet

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

There are many kinds of closets that are in homes. This type of closet can be found near the entrance of your home. It is used for storing coats, shoes, house keys, car keys, and sometimes cleaning supplies like vacuums and brooms.

Dining Room

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A dining room is a space used for official or special family dinners. It’s usually a large, formal room that has an expansive table and many chairs. Dining rooms are sometimes designed with elaborate molding, high ceilings, and decor.

Homes with dining rooms tend to cost more, and may not be the best choice for owners who do not host parties frequently.

More often than not, dining rooms are left as unused space until the holidays come around. This means dining rooms collect dust throughout the year and must be spruced up, even if they aren’t being utilized.

This is why many owners opt out of having a dining room and use that money towards hobbies like traveling.

Entrance Hall/Foyer

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

An entrance hall is a room where you can hang your coat. It’s also where people walk in when they come to your house.

Family Room

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

The family room is where the members of the household spend most of their time. It’s a casual area for watching TV, playing games, and other activities and it exists in almost every home.

Game Room

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A game room is a space in your house where you can play games. It might have a TV, a sectional couch, a ping pong table, and video games. Some upper-scale game rooms will even feature a bar for entertaining.

Guest Bedroom

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A guest room is a place for visitors to sleep. They might be family on vacation visiting you, or they might be some friends that you invited to stay in your house. Sometimes, these guests are family members who are trying to find their own home and need a place to live while they look for one.

Home Gym

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

Home gyms are very popular, and they’re used by people of all ages. They provide the opportunity to exercise in the comfort of your own home. One reason why people are attracted to home gyms is that they are more convenient – it’s not hard to get out of bed for a quick workout when you live in your own house!

Another perk of home gyms is that they allow you to run on a treadmill while watching TV or fixing dinner. A lot of people also find that their home gym offers solitude – one can exercise without feeling embarrassed about how sweaty they might get while simultaneously making some progress towards improving their fitness level.

Home Office

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A home office provides a space for working from home. In some cases, the family room is set up as a workspace. In other situations, an entire room can be given over to being a home office.

Working from home offers many benefits besides saving on the cost of commuting every day. Working from home allows you to focus on what you’re doing and keep distractions under control.

Less time sitting in front of a computer means better health and more energy throughout the day. And because you have your own workspace, feeling productive is easier. You also don’t have to worry about making sure you have all your work supplies with you every day because they’re already at hand!

Home Theatre Room

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A home theater is a room in your house where you can watch movies. It often features a large TV, comfortable seating, and other audiovisual equipment to make watching movies even more enjoyable. Home theaters are great options for movie-loving households with kids who love to get involved by decorating the space and helping to pick out the speakers/sound system.


30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A kitchen is a room in your house where you can prepare food. There are many types of kitchens–a galley, an island, and a U-shaped kitchen are just some examples!

The function of the kitchen varies depending on its location in the home. Other than cooking, you might find it to be a good place to relax or do other activities like reading or watching TV.

Kitchens are typically open spaces with counter space for preparing meals. Kitchens are designed with easy access in mind so people can easily move around without getting too dirty. Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes – there’s no one size fits all when it comes to this common area in the average household.

Laundry Room

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

Some people might also refer to this as the utility room. The laundry room is where you’ll find the washing machine and dryer, along with other utilities like the water heater.

Laundry rooms are often located near the kitchen because that’s where the dishwasher is found. However, some houses have laundry rooms on another floor or in another part of the house completely.


30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A library is a room in your home that is devoted to books. You might have a small library with just bookshelves and a desk, or you could have a large home library with multiple rooms and areas for different types of books. In recent times, it’s common to see libraries converted into rooms where people can watch TV, work from home, or enjoy video games with friends.

Living Room

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A living room is a formal space that is reserved for special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is an extra living space that usually exists in larger homes.

Like the dining room, living rooms tend to go unused for most of the year, making it a great room to skip if you want to cut costs.


30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A loft is a space that’s typically high up or at the top of a building. Loft apartments are popular because they tend to be spacious and have higher ceilings than traditional apartments. They also offer lots of natural light, making them ideal for those who want a home office without sacrificing too much space.

In houses, lofts tend to be the area you first see after walking up the stairs to the second level. Some homes have large loft areas where you can set up a desk or entertainment area with a couch and TV.

Master Bedroom

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A master bedroom is a room in a house that is reserved for the owners of the house. In most cases, this happens to be the oldest family member. Master bedrooms are designed to provide comfort and luxury for this specific individual.

They contain a variety of amenities such as a luxurious bed, a working desk, a walk-in closet, and an ensuite bathroom with a bathtub or shower. Because they’re meant to be comfortable and private, they’re typically located on the top level of the house where there is less activity and space noise from the rest of the family/household.

Music Room

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A music room is a room that is designed for musical entertainment, practicing musical instruments, and performances. This might be part of a larger space, such as a home theater. They may also be dedicated to music only with the exclusion of other activities.


30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

The nursery is a room in your home where you can keep your baby, toddler, or child. It’s a great space to have when you have a young child because it gives them their own little space where they can feel safe and play without bothering anyone.

This room is typically designed with children in mind so that the parent has easy access to feed, change, and clean up after them. The nursery can also be used for older children who might need a quiet space from time to time.


30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A pantry is a room in the house that provides storage for food. Some people also use this room to store their dishes and other kitchen items. Pantries are typically located near the kitchen or in an adjacent hallway.

Playroom/Rumpus Room

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A playroom is a room in the house that provides an area for children to play with toys. It can also be used by adults for games like chess or board games.

Powder Room/Half-Bath

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A powder room is a small room in the house that provides just the basics–a toilet, sink, and mirror. Guest typically don’t mind using this room because it’s usually very small and can be accessed quickly. This is also commonly referred to as a half-bath.


30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

This room is typically found in larger homes where the homeowner might be an artist, carpenter, or another kind of craftsman. A shop looks more industrial than the rest of the home because it includes tools and materials that are common to these industries.

Storage Room/Utility

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A storage room is a common room in the house where people store things that they don’t need on a regular basis. There are different types of storage rooms and they can be located anywhere in the house: upstairs, downstairs, off the kitchen, or even outside the house. Storage rooms are typically found in larger homes and they allow homeowners to store more items without taking up too much space inside the main home.


30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

Sunrooms and conservatories are very similar and can be used interchangeably. A sunroom is typically a part of the house that has windows and skylights which open up to let in sunlight. In the North, you’ll usually find these on the south side of the house where it’s sunny most of the time.

Walk-in Closet

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A walk-in closet is a room in your home where you can store clothes. It’s typically found in larger homes.

Wine Cellar

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A wine cellar is a place where you can store and age wines so that they taste better. They can also be used as a bar or entertainment area. Wine cellars are typically found in basements of large homes.

Yoga/Meditation Room

30 Types of Rooms in a House - Images & Descriptions

A yoga/meditation room is a place where you can practice your yoga skills every day if needed. You might also want to consider soundproofing the walls so that it’s a quiet, relaxing space.

What Are the Most Essential Rooms in a Home?

There are many different rooms that you might find in a house, but there are four that are considered essential for every home. These are the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and family room.

The bedroom is important because it’s where you sleep. You need a comfortable space to rest.

The kitchen is essential for cooking food and storing your food supplies.

A bathroom is necessary for taking care of your personal hygiene needs like bathing, brushing your teeth, washing your face, etc.

Lastly, the family room provides an area to entertain guests and a space for you to relax, watch TV, and spend time with your family.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the types of rooms you want in your home, keep your best interest in mind. It’s easy to get carried away and add rooms/more square footage to impress friends and family. However, you will be much happier in the long run sticking to a budget and even having extra spending money for the things you care about.

Remember, when people visit you during the holidays, they are looking to spend time with you. Whether you have a dedicated guest bedroom or a formal dining room is irrelevant to them.

So if you have been wanting a room dedicated to one of your hobbies, make that a priority over extra space that will go unused. It’s your home, so you should make it a space that you’re in love with.

If you have a favorite type of room that isn’t listed here, please leave a comment. I’d love to add it to this list. Thanks for reading!

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