Super Easy Recipe For Whiter Teeth on The Cheap

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It is definitely true that a person’s smile says a lot about them. It can be an indicator of friendliness, it can make you look extra attractive, and it can even be a sign of good intelligence if you smile often. The problem is that a beautiful white smile can be pretty expensive if you take the traditional route, or so I thought. When I was around 18-years-old just starting out college I got a job at Abercrombie & Fitch Co. With a lot of the employees there being quite conscious of their physical appearance I ended up meeting a lot of very well clean up people. There was one girl in particular who had these amazing white teeth and I was wondering, ‘how the heck can she get such white teeth while earning minimum wage?’ So naturally my awkward self decided to go ahead and ask her since she seemed nice enough.

Since I was still a kid and didn’t really care about the health hazards of what she said, I went ahead and tried it out. The results…were amazing! Here is the recipe.

Super Amazing Teeth Recipe

50% water

50% hydrogen peroxide

1x/day for a week and then once a week after.

Did You Expect Some Crazy Recipe?

It’s really surprising how some of the solutions to our problems are pretty simple. Caution though, I am not a professional and I do recommend asking one before trying this, even though I didn’t. If they give you the okay, seriously, you will not regret trying this. My silly younger self used to think all the time about getting my teeth professionally whitened, which is also damaging, but couldn’t afford the crazy hundreds or thousands that were being quoted online. Honestly, even if I made a ton of money I probably wouldn’t get the procedure done because it seems like a total rip off.

When Will I Notice Results?

Personally, I started noticing the tiniest result after the first try and then a big result after about a week of doing this. Of course it will depend on the person what they experience.

How Much Will This Cost?

This will cost you practically nothing! You can get a container of hydrogen peroxide for about 89 cents at your local Walmart.

So that is my crazy super simple trick that I used for getting white teeth. What kind of methods do you use? How are those results? Let us all know in the comments! : )

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