Top Halloween Movies You Need to See This October-With Printable Calendar!

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One of the best ways to get into the Halloween season is to read a scary novel.  However, think how much more you can get done by watching a scary movie, instead.  Even better: How many more scares can you get by watching a new scary movie every night?  If you love festive countdowns, or are a Halloween enthusiast, then this list of my top Halloween movies is for you.

Top Halloween Movies to See This October

October is just around the corner and you want to start it right. My favorite way to celebrate Halloween month is by watching a ton of Halloween movies. While that seems a bit excessive, if you try naming your favorite spooky flicks, you’ll realize there are a ton of classic and modern movies that deserve another watch!

I spent some time going over my favorites and ranked the top scary movies of all time, keeping in mind there should be a good balance between sub genres. If you aren’t a horror fan, then try this list of halloween movies for kids instead.  Before we start, to make things convenient, I created an October calendar out of these awesome Halloween movies. You can download the printable PDF by simply clicking the link below. Enjoy!

Halloween Movies You Must See

  1. Night of the Living Dead

  2. A Quiet Place

  3. The Descent

  4. The Exorcist

  5. Friday the 13th

  6. The Sixth Sense

  7. The Fly

  8. The Omen

  9. Alien

  10. Aliens

  11. Rosemary’s Baby

  12. The Shining

  13. The Thing

  14. Poltergeist

  15. The Ring

  16. The Evil Dead

  17. Young Frankenstein

  18. Gerald’s Game

  19. Psycho

  20. Get Out

  21. Carrie

  22. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

  23. The Silence of the Lambs

  24. A Nightmare on Elm Street

  25. The Nightmare Before Christmas

  26. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  27. Scream

  28. It

  29. Cabin the Woods

  30. Babadook

  31. Halloween

Some of these, you may have noticed have remakes although I haven’t specified which version to watch.  However, do you really have to ask?  In most cases the original is superior, although some remakes hold their own. You may decide for yourself, especially if you haven’t seen the remake, or the original.  Even so, the safest bet is usually the classic.

Halloween Horror Movie Calendar

Top Halloween Movies October Calendar Printable

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