Top 10 Super Trendy Metallic Skirts to Inspire

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Top 10 metallic skirts to try out

Every once in a while we need to spice things up with our wardrobe to add a little excitement in our lives. While some may try clown wigs and others try kilts, there are much more reasonable methods of adding interest to an outfit without going completely overboard. If you are thinking of going to a party this weekend or maybe just want a little extra attention at the grocery store, check out these neat metallic skirts.

Vanessa Hudgens Metallic Skirt
Found From Celebrity Style Guide

I am an avid fan of most things bronze; I seriously want it on everything. Bronze chandeliers, bronze skirts, bronze accessories, and the list never ends!

Pink Pleated
This metallic pink pleated skirt is to die for! Gorgeous!
Found From Charlotte Russe

The silver paired with a soft pink metallic color is totally bomb here! That hair too!

Gold Metallic
This pleated gold metallic skirt is SO AMAZING. I need this in my life!
Found From Life’s Little Moments

Feeling a bit sophisticated today? Pair your metallic with all black and you’ve got yourself a sexy sleek look!

Matte & Metallic
This matte metallic gold skirt paired with an orange sweater is GENIUS! It looks so good!
Found From Fashion For JoJo

This is honestly the most brilliant use of orange I have ever seen. I usually have a hard time pairing something this bright with anything other than jeans. Kudos!

Ice Blue
This ice blue pleated metallic skirt is THE BOMB! I want one now!
Found From Style Weekly

Want to ┬ábe a bit classy? You’ve got it! I am really loving how a hint of gold was added in with the purse. Who says you can’t have both gold and silver?

This metallic chocolate colored skirt is TOTALLY COOL! It looks so sophisticated!
Found From Jimmy Choos

I could totally picture someone wearing this on their way to a nice theatre show or to a museum. It’s so hip and gorgeous!

This tin foil metallic skirt is SO COOL! I never thought something like this could be pulled off so brilliantly!
Found From Street Spectator

I never in my dreams would have thought up a combination like this but it works so well.

Silver & Tight
This tight metallic silver skirt is so BRILLIANT looking. I love the glasses too!
Found From Riches for Rags

This is something I could see a city girl walking around NYC in. Very stylish!

This gorgeous blue and green metallic skirt reminds me of a mermaid!
Found From WWD

I absolutely had to include this when I found it. Doesn’t this remind you of a mermaid? It’s so cool!

Soft Rose
Marissa Webb's soft pink metallic skirt is TO DIE FOR! So cute!
Found From WWD

I believe I saved the best for last here! Look how soft and elegant this is! Ugh, I am dying on the inside. I need this in my life!

There really are so many unique ways to revamp your style without going overboard. Everything on this list will surely draw some positive interest for onlookers! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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