Top 10 Super Flattering Loose Fitting Dresses For Spring

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Sometimes Spring time comes a bit too fast and we realize that we didn’t stick to that New Year’s resolution to diet and exercise. Good news is though, that there is still hope! There are ways to look super cute this Spring without having to put on a tight uncomfortable dress and worry about hiding the meal you just binged on. ¬†Below are my top loose fitting dress selections that are super flattering.

While everyone else is adjusting their outfits, you can just sit comfortably in a loose fitting dress without the fear of any extra curves showing that you’d rather hide. ; P Spring is a time for fun and enjoying yourself outdoors, so check out these crazy cute and forgiving outfits!

Watercolor Midi (Loose Fitting Dress Fake Out)
Spring dresses
Found From Natalie Leah And Josh

So I am going to start you off soft here with an outfit that looks like a loose fitting dress but actually isn’t a dress. Some people feel a bit better about themselves when they can split the outfit up into two pieces. So the idea here is to pick a nice flowing top that doesn’t quite hug too close to the body but does show off your curves a little. As for the skirt, make sure to pick a longer skirt that cuts your legs at the right spot for a longer look. Lastly, add a pair of heels to make your body look way leaner.

These loose fitting dresses are the cutest!
Found From Chicnico

If you are looking for something that really doesn’t cling at all, then this loose fitting dress is a fantastic option as it maintains a nice a straight down appearance. Picking neutral colors also helps to draw away unwanted attention to specific areas of your body.

Simple Floral Pattern
spring dresses
Found From Buzz Tendency

If you’re a fan of textures, then this very well might be the loose fitting dress for you! It is nice and simple and as a bonus allows you to show some skin while hiding the ‘important bits’. Since most people tend to want to hide their midsection, lots of people can get on board with this outfit!

Bright & Solid
spring dresses
Found From Gonchas

Maintaining the same color throughout your outfit is a great way to make yourself look leaner. This way, no area is being chopped up into sections. If you are into beautiful vivid colors during the Spring, check this one out!

Small Patterns
spring dresses
Found From Lupsona

Want something a bit more professional for work? Black and white is always safe, plus this dress won’t show off anything you’d rather hide. Remember that the larger your frame is, the larger the print you are going to want.

Blue & White Flow
spring dresses
Found from Style Cusp

If you are like me, you want to go all the way when you buy looser fitting outfits. This dress will help you out if you are wanting to hide your midsection as well as your arms!

Muted Grey
spring dresses
Found From Urban Outfitters

Don’t want to stand out too much today? Try a subtle grey dress with little details on the end that add interest.

Hourglass Pink
spring dresses
Found From Hairstyles & Haircuts

Thick belts around your waistline are a great way to create an hourglass appearance if you have the fear of looking like you’re wearing a potato sack. These soft colors are super pretty and the dress style will do you a great service if you decide at any point you want to lose the belt.

Tiny Stripes
spring dresses
Found From Roolee
spring dress
Found From Chicnico

Last but not least, here comes a classic Spring floral style. This dress is sure to impress with the beautiful long silhouette it creates on any body. These colors are super flattering for most skin tones too!

Spring dresses are a must for enjoying the wonderful weather outside. However, you may want to look at these amazing Summer dresses, too! There is no excuse to not be comfortable when it is time to take a nice walk outside into the sunshine this Spring. So get your outfit ready and seize the day!

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