Top 10 One-Piece Swimsuits for the Warm Weather

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top ten swimsuits for flattering your figure

While there are seemingly never ending options when it comes to swim attire, there are times when you will feel like there is still nothing out there for you. Cute designs are easy to find but when you reach to put them on, they just don’t work well on a human body and don’t cover the spots that you would like them to. To make things worse, it can seem like all the best swimsuits are two-pieces! Fortunately, with a little searching, you can find one-piece swim attire that is just as cute or even¬†cuter.¬†

Peachy Keen Peplum
peach white striped one piece peplum swimsuit
Found From Albion

If you are looking to cover your midsection and pooch area while also creating the illusion of an hourglass, peplums are super useful for this. Not only does this style come in swimsuit form, you can find shorts, pants, and shirts!

Sunset Orange Ruffles
orange ruffles swim
Found From Outfits Hunter

The bulk added by these ruffles will draw attention away from your ‘problem’ areas and make them look smaller in comparison.

flower string swimsuit one piece
Found From Gabi Swimwear

Using elaborate designs are a great way of distracting from your body as eyes will be drawn to the patterns instead.

Black Plunge
black plunge flattering one piece swimsuit
Found From DHgate

This is a classic example of how dressing to hide imperfections doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy! What is so interesting about this swimsuit is that the plunge adds a sense of sex appeal but also has a drape which helps to hide your midsection. Brilliant!

Draped Swimsuit
draped purple swimsuit one piece
Found From Liligal

If muffin top is your concern, this might be one of the better options. The draping effect on this piece not only hides lumps but it makes you look longer!

flower structured corset swimsuit
Found From Society 19

Need a little structure in your life? Don’t we all! This swimsuit is perfect if you want to change the appearance of your body shape a little. The structure and lines gives an illusion of an hourglass shape even while there may not be one.

Vertical Stripes
vertical stripes swimsuit
Found From Glam Radar

A solid tip for lengthening your body is to use vertical stripes, which this swimsuit uses throughout. On top of this, it has structured cups to keep everything in place.

hourglass black white swimsuit
Found From Venus

If you prefer to wear darker colors when hitting the water, remember contrast can be a great way to create definition.

Draped Fabric
draped swimsuit
Found From Venus

What I love about this swimsuit is that it is made to be a little loose, which is way more comfortable, but there also isn’t any risk of exposing anything!

Dark Colors
sailor swimsuit
Found From Rose Gal

This sailor suit is so cute! If you want to hide most of your midsection, the extra fabric allows you to layer the suit in a way to disguise any bulges you may have!

There are lots of gorgeous swimsuits that will make you look absolutely stunning when hitting the pool or beach. There is no reason to fear! As long as you keep looking, you’ll find the perfect match for you. What’s your favorite trick for looking good in your swimwear?

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