Top 10 Most Hauntingly Beautiful Sunsets You’ll Ever See

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There is something truly magical about just sitting and watching the sunset in silence. Whether you are in a big city or in the middle of nowhere, sunsets are something that can be appreciated all over the world. Here are 15 of the most stunning sunsets to get you inspired for your next vacation.

Madikwe Game Reserve In South Africa
South Africa Sunset Sanctuary Retreats
Found From Sanctuary Retreats

I have always wanted to go to Africa and this photo definitely is pushing me more in that direction. The funniest part is I found this photo from a website offering lodging. I think it’s a sign… of amazing marketing! Seriously, I want in.

Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto Japan Sunset
Found From Kurvpted

I am starting to think that most of the gorgeous photos on Pinterest come from Japan. I mean, come on. Is it just me? Seriously though, if I lived here, I could see myself walking up to this point every day just to see this over and over.

Denali National Park, Alaska
Alaska Wonder Lake Pictures Denali National Park
Found From Wild Nature Images

This photo sort of looks unreal in the sense that it makes you feel like your staring into a story book from your childhood.

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park California Sunset
Found From Travelling Spots 4 U

Desert sunsets are always really gorgeous! I know this from experience too as I live in one!

Staffsvallen, Harjedalen, Sweden
Sweden Sunset
Found From Places Must Visit

I feel like a lot of people would brave the cold any day to look at this.

Netherlands Sunset
Found From Fab Forgotten Nobility

The colors in this photo are super pretty and romantic looking!

Cairo, Egypt
Cairo Egypt Sunset
Found From Worth Visit

This photo gives a special kind of feels. There is a haunting yet exciting quality to this sunset.

Iceland Sunset
Found From Flikr

Not only do you get super cool sunsets like this, I have also read that there are outdoors springs that you can soak in. How cool!

Sahara Desert
Sahara Desert Sunset
Found From All Women Talk

While open desert can seem pretty intimidating, there really is a whole lot out there to see.

The Alps, Switzerland
Switzerland Alps Sunset
Found From Blog Lovin

Walking through a field of sunflowers like this seems like a total dream!

Sunsets really are magical to witness and there are so many different ones to experience across the world. Which sunsets have you been able to watch and what are your favorites?


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