ThredUP Review: How Much Did I Really Save?

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thredUp Review

Disclosure: This thredUP review contains affiliate links. As always, opinions are my own.

I had been eyeing thredUP for the longest time wondering if the clothes are actually worth trying out. I’ve been skeptical because of lackluster thrift store experiences in the past. I’ve sorted through tons of clothes trying to find hidden gems. However, after deciding to take the plunge, I gotta ask myself why I didn’t try thredUp sooner! This honestly had to have been the best online clothing shopping experience I’ve ever had and I’m going to tell you why with this thredUP review.

thredUP Review

thredUp Pastel Clothes Review

Sorting and Filters

Unlike regular physical thrift stores, there is a really easy to use filtering system. I was able to pick my exact size and even the colors that I wanted to look at. This is a huge deal for me as I can be pretty picky about the colors I wear and tend to wear clothes within a certain color range.

Designer Options

While you can get clothes for insanely cheap on this website, I took it as an opportunity to buy clothes at cheap prices that would have normally cost me hundreds of dollars if brand new. As I get older, I am realizing it is much easier to just buy a few quality pieces rather than a bunch of $2 shirts that may not make it past the first month of usage.

Quality Assurance

I’ve seen a lot of stuff in thrift stores that I would never think of purchasing because of the condition. Not the case here! ThredUP makes it so easy as each item gives a description about the condition and everything that I bought came in almost new condition as expected.

What I Bought & How Much I Paid

Cutest Clothes From thredUP

When picking out clothes, I like to buy pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. Both of these tops can be paired with the shorts and the sweater can be worn over the dress to create a comfy attire which can be worn if it gets a bit cold.

Patterned Pastel Sweater American Eagle Purple Sweater


Original Price: $50 What I paid: $10.20

Talbots Pastel Lavender Sweater


Original Price: $26 What I paid: $3.60

Rebecca Taylor Camel Dress

Lacey Top

Original Price: $325 What I paid: $25.20

Rebecca Taylor Beige Slimming Dress

Blue Zimmerman Shorts


Original Price: $350 What I paid: $10.80

I have to say there wasn’t a single item that didn’t feel like top quality. The colors are vibrant and new looking, the materials are comfortable and have a flattering structure. I can’t recommend thredUP enough at this point and can’t wait to share future hauls with you because you can bet I am going shopping here again! If you are looking to save an extra $10 on top of the already awesome prices, use this thredUP link to get started. Let me know if this thredUP review was helpful to you by leaving a comment! ┬áIf you’d like to know how to fix your own problematic clothes, then look at these guides. : )

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