The Essential Grooming Gift Guide for Men

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This grooming gift guide is so full of ideal gifts for the men in your life.  They will love this products whether, or not they are inclined to buy them for themselves.  I was lucky enough to try out several mens products in exchange for my honest opinion.  Below is a list of my best recommendations.

Mens Grooming Gift Guide

Men’s Grooming Gift Guide Essentials

Birthdays and special occasions have been popping up left and right for me lately. So, it’s been important for me to keep some ideas up my sleeve for gift giving. I’ve found that many of the men in my life love taking care of their hair and skin. However, they are too nervous to actually go out and buy themselves specialty products.  This grooming gift guide hits the bullseye, because these men’s products will be enjoyed. Plus, it’s something they may not get for themselves otherwise (For more gift ideas, see my easy DIY gifts for him).

This is why I have taken up the challenge of finding the perfect hair and skin regimen that is practical, manly and effective.

SheaMoisture Tea Tree Oil and Shea Butter Hi-Def Foamless Shave Gel, Beard Conditioning Oil and African Black Soap and Shea Butter Facial Wash and Scrub Review

Hi-Def Foamless Shave Gel

So I have a boyfriend that is insanely impatient when it comes to shaving. He may have had years of experience but it takes a really good shave gel to ensure he doesn’t come out of the bathroom with cuts all over his face.

By using a soothing and conditioning shave gel with a lot of slip, disaster can totally be avoided.

Facial Wash & Scrub

Men have much larger pores than women, requiring them to take extra care when it comes to keeping their skin clean. It’s easy for blackheads to form and by washing your face properly, your skin can look clean and presentable. What I really like about this face scrub is that it has an exfoliate built-in.

Since many guys don’t like the idea of going the extra mile for beautification, this allows them to get it all done at once.

Beard Conditioning Oil

If there is anything on this list that you should definitely get, it’s the beard oil! Beards are definitely a good look, provided that they are well taken care of. I’ve seen this oil do its magic and it turns a scraggly dry looking beard into a soft and clean looking fluff of hair.

SheaMoisture Bay Laurel and Shea Butter 4 in 1 All-Over Wash Review for Men

4 in 1 All-Over Wash

Every man I have in my life prefers using 4 in 1 hair and body care in the shower. What makes these ones special is how moisturizing they are. Be sure to use them with a loofah to get plenty of foam to go around.

Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner, Travel Size Toner and Peppermint Body Bar for Men

Witch Hazel Toner

This toner is such a quick and easy step that men can add to their grooming routine, and it will make a world of difference! To help skin calm down post shaving, be sure to apply a nice thin layer of this. Best part is there’s a small version!

If you have the type of guy who likes to just splash water all over his face in the bathroom every chance he gets, you’re welcome. When he travels with toner in his car, he’ll get refreshed whenever he needs to without looking like he just dunked his head in a pool! : P

Body Bar

I know there are some old fashioned men who don’t like liquid soap, and this body bar is a great alternative. It will give them the same classic squeaky clean they know and love.

Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for more holiday gifts?  Then get a jump on the holiday season, and come look at my 12 DIY Stand Out Christmas Gifts!

A big shout out to Thayers and SheaMoisture for providing these products for me to review! All opinions are my own, always. : )

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