10 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Almost any trendy living room decor style can be adapted to a smaller space, but there are a few tips that should be considered. When looking for small living room decor ideas, try sticking to light colors. Small dark spaces tend to make things feel a bit claustrophobic which is a big no-no. Secondly, consider going the minimalist route to keep your space open.

Small Living Room Decor Ideas

1. Neutral Colors With Pops of Color

Neutral Small Living Room Decor With Pops of Color

Source: Kate Monkhouse Interior Design

Neutrals keep your space open and airy. Add pops of color for interest.

2. Tall Vertical Gallery Walls

Tall Vertical Gallery Wall-Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Be sure to have your art gallery oriented vertically to draw the eyes upwards.

3. Tall Curtains That Reach the Ceiling

Tall Curtains for Small Living Rooms

Source: Rugs USA

Choose curtains that extend from the ceiling all the way to your floor. This will trick your eyes into thinking the ceiling is taller.

4. Block Colors on top of Neutrals

Mid Century Modern Small Living Room

Source: Article

Keep things complication free by avoiding crazy patterns.

5. Two-tone Furniture With Neutral Accents

Two-Tone Small Living Room Color Palette

Source: Justine Celina

Keep things easy on the eyes by focusing on two or three colors. Create interest by varying your textures.

6. Corner Sofa to Maximize Small Spaces

Corner Couch in Small Living Room

Source: Harlowe James

By keeping the main walking area of your living room as free as possible, you can create the illusion of space.

7. Orient Furniture to Focus on Outdoors

Tiny House Living Room

Source: Tiny House Talk

Take the focus away from your small space and draw eyes to the outdoors. If you have a large yard, it’ll feel like you have endless space.

8. Use Tables With Built in Storage to Save Space

Small Living Room Coffee Table With Storage

Source: New Darlings

Not a lot of closets? Maximize your furniture’s practicality by using them as storage.

9. Corner Floating Shelves for Planters and Accents

Corner Floating Shelves in Small Living Room

Source: A Beautiful Mess

If you love to add lots of accents to your space, display them nicely in an empty corner to keep living areas clear.

10. Low Furniture to Create Higher Ceilings

Low Furniture for Small Living Rooms

Source: Mr. Cigar

Opt for lower furniture to make your ceilings look higher than they actually are. Be sure to keep the ceiling white for maximum results.

Scale Down Your Favorite Living Room Decor

The key to making your small living room work for you is simply adjusting your style to a minimalist, smaller scale version. Use less accents, brighten up your palette, and fake your ceilings to new heights.

Hope you enjoyed these small living room decor ideas! If you were wondering about those awesome velvet sofas, be sure to check out these gorgeous blue velvet sofas.

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