Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden

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Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden (Review)

Rise Gardens kindly sent their 3-Level Rise Garden for me to review. I loved it so much that I have since bought an obnoxious amount of seeds out of pocket. This post contains affiliate links, and all opinions are my own.

As a gardening enthusiast who also loves being indoors, I fully embrace the idea of growing various plants without stepping outside. This is especially true during the cold and damp winter season. Those of you who share this sentiment will be delighted to meet the Rise Garden, an indoor hydroponic garden that allows all-season gardening. Not sure what hydroponic gardening is? Let me tell you all about it!

Hydroponic gardening involves growing plants without soil, instead using a nutrient-rich solution to deliver water and nutrients directly to the plants’ roots. This method allows for faster growth, higher yields, and less water usage than traditional soil gardening.

Rise Garden takes this concept indoors, offering a variety of systems such as the 3-Level Rise Garden, which I personally had the chance to experience. This modular system is not only visually appealing but also comes with an array of features that cater to urban gardening enthusiasts of all experience levels.

Key Takeaways

  • Rise Garden specializes in an efficient and visually appealing indoor hydroponic gardening system.
  • The 3-Level Rise Garden offers a modular design that is perfect for urban gardeners of all experience levels.
  • Hydroponic gardening allows faster growth, higher yields, and less water usage compared to traditional soil-based methods.

Overview of Rise Garden

Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden (Review)
Top Left & Right: Filling in the Rise Garden from empty. Bottom: Rise Gardens Nurseries (So cute!)

As a lover of plants (who also happens to lack a green thumb), having a gardening system that does most of the work for me and holds my hand is invaluable. This innovative solution addresses my concerns about outdoor gardening, as it provides a controlled environment that isn’t affected by unpredictable weather or seasonal changes. The Rise Garden is also less likely to get pests and provides routine maintenance reminders from its companion app.

Rise Gardens offers the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The solid construction made from wood and metal ensures durability, while its sleek design complements my indoor space. With the capacity to grow up to 108 plants per year, I find this indoor hydroponic system quite impressive.

Setting up the Rise Garden is surprisingly easy. In the package, I found all the necessary components, including the base, grow lights, water pump, net cups, seed pods, and a garden nursery for extra seeds and storage. Assembling the parts was a breeze and took me less than an hour.

For someone like me who values efficiency and convenience, the Rise Garden is a game-changer in the indoor gardening scene. I appreciate the fact that it provides a water-based gardening solution, which saves me from worrying about regular watering and soil mess.

Growing plants using this hydroponic system has indeed been an enjoyable and delightful experience. I can now cultivate a wide variety of plants – from herbs to greens – anytime I want without worrying about the challenges posed by outdoor gardening. The Rise Garden has truly transformed the way I approach and experience gardening.

What is a Hydroponic Garden?

A hydroponic garden is a soil-free cultivation method where plants are grown in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution. This system provides a more efficient and sustainable way to grow plants, as it enables them to absorb nutrients more effectively, resulting in faster growth and better-tasting produce. Plants grown in a hydroponic garden grow 25-30% faster than those grown in soil, and the system conserves water by minimizing evaporation.

One of the key benefits of hydroponic gardening is the ability to grow plants year-round without being dependent on weather, seasons, or large amounts of available space at home. The hydroponic system is designed to manage the pH levels of water and nutrients, ensuring that the plants receive a full spectrum of macro and micro-nutrients essential for their healthy growth and development. This also contributes to elevating the nutritional value of the produce.

Indoor hydroponic gardens, such as the Rise Garden, offer flexibility and convenience for growing plants at home. They come in various sizes, accommodating anything from 12 to 108 plants, and include everything you need to get started, from seed pods and nutrients to a nursery and an app for guidance.

To sum it up, hydroponic gardens provide an ideal environment for growing plants indoors, offering faster growth, higher nutritional value, and a sustainable means of year-round gardening.

My Experience With the 3-Level Rise Garden

Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden (Review)
Top Left: Patio Eggplant, Top Right: Sunny Days Sunflower, Bottom: Big Rise Gardens seed haul (I’m a little obsessed)

Did Anything Grow?

Yes, I had great success with my 3-Level Rise Garden, which allowed me to grow a variety of plants. At first, I made some mistakes, like placing it in a sunroom with variable temperatures and planting larger plants too close together. However, I learned from my mistakes and began using the abundant resources available on the Rise Gardens website to place my plants more effectively.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the free resources available on the Rise Gardens blog before getting started. It’s the best way to ensure a smooth growing process and even pick up some tips for maximizing your harvest efficiency.

For example, Rise Gardens has an AMAZING tutorial for growing and harvesting 30 salads every 30 days. If you’re a salad lover or someone looking to add more nutrition to your daily meals, you’re going to love their method.

Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden (Review)
Bottom and middle Levels of my garden. I recommend spacing out plants a lot more than I did here.

My Favorite Plants I’ve Grown So Far

I loved growing plants in my Rise Garden so much that I ordered many additional seeds. Some of my favorite plants I’ve grown so far include basil, arugula, kale, sunflowers, and patio eggplant. It’s been an amazing way to keep gardening, even when it’s cold and rainy outside where I live in the Pacific Northwest.

Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden (Review)

Making Food With My Rise Garden Harvest

I’ve had such a blast making delicious dishes with the produce I’ve grown so far. My most frequented recipe, hands down, has to be pesto. My basil plant grows shockingly fast, allowing me to trim leaves off a few times a week to make a batch of pesto. I often use it on pasta and sandwiches.

Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden (Review)

Quality of Construction

The quality of the Rise Garden is impressive. It features a solid wood frame and steel cabinets and shelves that are built to last, even in high-traffic areas. I can say from personal experience that it’s been durable enough to withstand a large German Shepherd dog and a mischievous cat in my home.

Ease of Use

The Rise Garden is easy to use, as it includes a robust circular water system that ensures your plants receive the nutrients they need. Additionally, the easy-to-use companion app guides you through growing from seed to harvest. This has been invaluable for me, as it has helped me overcome my initial mistakes and grow a successful indoor garden.

Types of Plants and Produce

Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden (Review)
Top Left: Marigolds, Top Right: Kale, Bottom: Parsley & Red Veined Sorrel


In my experience with my Rise Garden, I’ve been able to grow a wide variety of vegetables throughout the year. This indoor hydroponic garden allows me to cultivate everything from leafy greens like lettuce, kale, spinach, and bok choy to taller plants like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and even beets. The Rise Garden system is efficient and provides a great environment for growing many vegetables.

Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden (Review)


Rise Garden also works exceptionally well for growing various herbs. I’ve grown basil, chives, cilantro, and many other popular herbs in my indoor garden. The convenience of having fresh herbs at my fingertips has made cooking infinitely more enjoyable and flavorful.

Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden (Review)


I’ve found that flowers can also be grown in the Rise Garden system, adding a touch of color and life to my living space. Although indoor gardens are typically known for growing edible plants, flowers like marigolds and nasturtiums can thrive in this environment, offering a splendid visual display and even some edible flowers for your culinary adventures.

Grow Stunning Plants Year-Round With an Indoor Rise Garden (Review)


In addition to vegetables and herbs, I’ve had luck growing a selection of fruits in my Rise Garden. The system supports fruit-producing plants like strawberries and tomatoes, offering a delightfully fresh and sweet addition to my personal garden. The opportunities for growing fruits are only limited by the space and the plants you want to cultivate.


Lastly, microgreens are another category of produce that I’ve explored with my Rise Garden. Microgreens, like parsley, grow fast and require minimal effort, making them a fantastic option for those interested in adding nutrient-dense options to their meals. The indoor hydroponic setup enables a thriving environment for growing microgreens of various kinds, from radish to beet, and even celery.

As a keen gardener, I appreciate the versatility and efficacy of the Rise Garden system. From veggies and herbs to flowers, fruits, and microgreens, it has enabled me to grow a wide array of plants in my indoor garden, all year round.

I Can’t Recommend Rise Gardens Enough!

Ever since I started using Rise Gardens, I’ve become addicted to indoor gardening. It has transformed my approach to gardening and taken my love for it to new heights. The convenience and flexibility offered by this hydroponic system are astonishing, and I must admit that I now prefer indoor gardening to traditional outdoor gardening.

The Rise Garden system has provided me with a hassle-free experience, eliminating common annoyances such as pests and unpredictable weather conditions. I can confidently say that this hydroponic kit has enabled me to grow a wide range of fresh produce at home, boosting my well-being and infusing my space with life.

Thanks to the system’s tiered structure, the Rise Garden occupies minimal space and offers customizable options such as 12 or 8 plant receptacles per tier. This space-saving design, combined with the ease of maintaining optimal growth conditions, has contributed to my growing enthusiasm for indoor gardening.

In conclusion, Rise Gardens has completely changed my perception of gardening and rekindled my love for it. Indoor gardening is now my preferred method, and I can’t recommend Rise Gardens enough to those looking to revolutionize their gardening experience.

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