20 Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Storing bathroom necessities may seem impossible if you lack cabinetry, but it can be very easy if you take advantage of the underutilized space over the toilet. While most people will opt for hanging artwork over the toilet, it’s much better to maximize small spaces by adding storage in areas you don’t currently use. These over the toilet storage ideas are a great way to get started on making the best use of your bathroom space.

20 Over the Toilet Storage Ideas

Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the top places in the home that people struggle to find extra storage. Having a small bathroom space to work with can make getting ready in the morning incredibly difficult, especially if you share your bathroom with someone. Not only does the bathroom store your personal belongings, but your bathroom mate’s. We both know that these items can add up fast.

Keep in mind everything stored in a bathroom like household cleaners, makeup, skincare, hygiene products, hair tools, and accessories. Organizing these items is important if you want to reduce your time getting ready and cleaning up after yourself in the mornings. Check out my favorite ideas for over the toilet storage below.

Handmade Storage From Etsy

Are you in need of more storage space in your bathroom? By using shelves and organizers, you can have a place for extra toilet paper, home decor, and many other bathroom essentials. Here are some handmade storage and organization ideas that’ll solve all your bathroom storage woes.

20 Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, a minimalist storage design goes a long way in making it feel more spacious. This towel rack is both clean looking and efficient.

Bathroom Leaning Shelves

Leaning ladder shelves add style to your small space without losing the minimalist look.

Bathroom Wood Floating Shelves

Instead of adding artwork to the wall above your toilet, add decorative pieces to your shelving. This gives you practicality without sacrificing style.

Toilet Paper Storage Idea

This hanging shelving unit is a great option if you need extra storage for a few small items.

Bathroom Storage on Amazon

20 Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

This low to the ground storage unit is perfect for organizing your skincare products. It provides plenty of space within reach of your sink.

Check out these bathroom organization hacks for more ideas on how to store your hygiene products.

Looking for some cleaning tips for your bathroom? Check out my favorite bathroom hacks.

Cheap Over the Toilet Organizer

Wire storage makes cleanup quick and easy.

Over the Toilet Storage Ideas

Try this over the toilet metal shelving for a more traditional style.

Affordable Over the Toilet Storage Ideas

Matching can help a small space look larger. This over the toilet storage is part of a larger matching set.

Over the Toilet Cabinet

Sometimes you want to hide your mess inside a cabinet. If you are the type who doesn’t like to spend time constantly making their storage look tidy, this cabinet over toilet option will work wonders for you.

Industrial Over the Toilet Storage Idea

This industrial style bathroom storage unit gives you all the space you need for organizing your essentials. The towel bars are a great place to put guest hand towels.

White Over the Toilet Organizer

Keep things simple with this white above the toilet storage unit that matches with pretty much any bathroom.

20 Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

This convenient storage unit can easily be placed on top of your toilet, making it accessible to those with limited reach.

DIY Over The Toilet Storage Ideas

DIY Hanging Baskets Turned Into Shelves

Turning baskets into floating shelves is one of the easiest ways to add more storage to your bathroom. All you need to do is learn how to properly secure the baskets to your wall.

Get the tutorial from The Kim Six Fix.

Bathroom Storage Made With Shutters

How adorable is this copycat Ballard Designs shutter shelf? If you want to add southern charm to your bathroom, this DIY will do the trick. The best part is it only costs $7 to make.

Get the tutorial from Simplicity in the South.

Easy and Cheap DIY Over Toilet Storage Ideas

These bathroom storage shelves are great for beginners who don’t do a lot of DIY. They’re easy to make and come with clear instructions.

Get the tutorial from Build Something.

Floating Shelves Over Toilet Storage Ideas

DIY floating bathroom shelves look great in small bathrooms since they take up minimal space. You can add plenty of them above your toilet and organize each shelf by category.

Get the tutorial from Shades of Blue Interiors.

Over Toilet Box Storage With Hooks

Try a light wood for your DIY bathroom storage shelves to keep things nice and airy. The added strap on these shelves ensures your toiletries stay secure. After all, no one wants their toilet paper falling in the toilet!

Get the tutorial from Houseful of Handmade.

Wire Baskets Over the Toilet Storage Ideas

Use hanging wire baskets with a wood frame above your toilet to create a rustic farmhouse look. Toilet paper, bathroom decor, sprays, and extra hygiene products can be stored here while maintaining a clean appearance. For easy access, be sure to store your toilet paper on the bottom basket.

Get the tutorial from Average But Inspired.

I hope these over toilet storage solutions helped make your life a bit easier. If you have any storage tips for the toilet area you’d like to share, let us all know in the comments.

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