Top 10 Mystery Subscription Boxes (Like Hunt A Killer)

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Think like a sleuth with these mystery subscription box games delivered to your door. If you enjoy Hunt A Killer, you’ll love these too!

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Maybe you enjoyed reading Nancy Drew as a kid and dreamed about what it would be like to crack real cases. Or, maybe you watched Psych on TV and thought, “If only I had that kind of attention to detail, I could work with the police department to solve crimes!”.

If you enjoy true crime podcasts and TV shows more than you like to admit, then you know how fun it is to crack puzzles and put all the clues together to solve complicated mysteries. Sometimes, a book or a TV show just isn’t as fun as really immersing yourself in the mystery first-hand.

That’s what subscription boxes like Hunt A Killer does. Once a month, you open up the box and you get to play detective. You read through the confusing clues and try to decode complicated letters and numbers. It’s pretty challenging in all the right ways – and a perfect break from reality.

Hunt A Killer is one of the most well-known mystery subscription boxes you can get – but it isn’t the only one out there. In fact, I found the 10 best ones that actually give Hunt A Killer a run for its money!

Best Mystery Box Subscriptions: Hunt a Killer

What Is Hunt A Killer?

Before we get into the other options, let’s take a look at what the Hunt A Killer box is, for anyone that isn’t familiar.

Hunt A Killer is a monthly subscription box that puts you in the imaginative role of a detective who is trying to solve a murder. Each mystery is split up over 6 monthly boxes (they call them “seasons” like a TV show). Inside every monthly box is a new set of clues that build on the previous box.

By the end of the season (of 6 monthly boxes), you will have enough clues to solve the mystery.

The amazing thing about Hunt A Killer is that the clues are realistic. You might receive things like a real pocket watch or a handwritten letter from a suspect. People who subscribe to Hunt A Killer suggest setting up a bulletin board just like a police detective so that you can keep track of how the clues go together and where they lead.

This is the next best thing to reading a suspenseful mystery novel. It’s a really fun way to spend time alone or as a group of friends, all trying to solve the puzzles together.

There are three pricing options for Hunt A Killer – monthly, 6-month, or 12-month membership. Here is how much they each cost:

  • Monthly: $30 per month or $180 total, plus shipping
  • 6-Month:  $165 billed upfront (which makes each box $27.50)
  • 12-Month: $300 billed upfront (which makes each box $25)

Even though this might be the most well-known mystery subscription box, it certainly isn’t the only one.

10 Best Mystery Subscription Box Games Like Hunt A Killer

Date nights, slumber parties, or a totally new hobby – all of them are perfect excuses to treat yourself to a new mystery subscription box. Each of these options has something unique to offer. What they all will give you is a chance to immerse yourself in the macabre and flex your problem-solving skills in brand new ways.

Some of the options on this list send you puzzles you can completely solve that month. Others – like Hunt A Killer – have stories that carry over throughout the entire subscription.

If you like Hunt A Killer, then you will really enjoy these 10 options too.

1. Escape The Crate ($26.60 Every Two Months)

Best Mystery Box Subscriptions: Escape the Crate

This is one of the most family-friendly subscription box options on the list, but that doesn’t mean the puzzles are easy. It just means that the gory details aren’t very high on the creepy scale.

Escape The Crate shows up at your door once every two months and each box costs $26.60. It received the Cratejoy “Best of 2020” making it one of the best boxes on this list. It’s perfect for both solo and group play. Most people enjoy solving these puzzles together as a family.

It is different from Hunt A Killer because each box stands alone as its own storyline. It only takes about 2 hours to solve all the puzzles in the box, so it’s more like you are receiving a new board game every other month than a running plot.

Each box is meticulously packaged with stunning artwork and the puzzles within the box all match that month’s theme. You’ll spend time-solving:

  • Ciphers
  • Letters
  • Using sleuthing tools
  • Cracking puzzles
  • And, so much more!

Make sure to subscribe to Escape The Crate!

2. The Deadbolt Mystery Society ($21.67 Per Month)

Best Mystery Subscription Boxes: The Deadbolt Mystery Society

If you think you have commitment issues, then you might want to try just one box of The Deadbolt Mystery Society (yes, they offer single boxes for purchase).

In The Deadbolt Mystery Society, you’ll solve a new murder mystery each month. It doesn’t carry over in seasons like Hunt A Killer. The creepy and gory details are at a minimum, so parents you can involve your children as you see fit.

Each box is packed with police interviews, evidence, and lots of brain-teasing puzzles that you need to crack in order to solve the mystery. Some boxes even include interactive pieces that include you using your smartphone.

Since you can solve each mystery in one box, it’s like you are receiving a new board game every month.

Check out what Katherine C. has to say about her experience with this box:

A friend sent me Framed as a first box. My partner and I did it to get some time off-screen, and it was a great adventure. Now we are subscribers and are working on another box with our friend. We Zoom, spend a couple of hours figuring things out (mostly together, but also separately and then share), and have some laughs. We take our time, so the box is a really good value (each box takes us about 4 hours, spread out over a week or two). The materials are high-quality, from the plot to the props. We did our first box twice! Highly recommend!

Make sure to subscribe to The Deadbolt Mystery Society!

3. Finders Seekers ($25 Per Month)

Best Mystery Subscription Boxes: Finders Seekers

If you think escape rooms are too easy and feel like you have never met a puzzle you can’t solve, then you should give Finders Seekers a try. It is one of the most challenging and difficult boxes on this list.

Due to the complexity of the puzzles, this is best for older teens and adults, but kids can enjoy learning along with their parents. It’s also probably better for group play since more minds can help crack the difficult and often confusing puzzles.

Another fantastic thing about these boxes is that each month you get to learn about different cultures from around the world. It’s a way of broadening your horizons without leaving your house.

They say it takes about 2-4 hours to complete each box, but some might need more time than that! Unlike Hunt A Killer, each Finders Seekers box stands alone.

Make sure to subscribe to Finders Seekers!

4. Sleuth Kings ($29.95 Per Month)

Best Mystery Subscription Boxes: Sleuth Kings

The magical thing about Sleuth Kings is that as you are working through each box, you actually interact with Lead Detective Sullivan King to uncover additional clues that will help you solve the case. You’ll receive emails from Detective King that will help you move through the box and solve the mystery.

Each box contains a brand new mystery (it doesn’t build on itself) and it takes about 2-3 hours to complete.

If you are brand new to puzzle games, then sign up for the rookie box. If you want more of a challenge, buy the Master box.

This is a fun game for couples and families alike. Just read what Kim W. has to say about her experience:

My husband and I wanted an activity to do with our fourteen year old son. He loved and we loved it!! It was so much fun figure it out the clues and email the detective. The clues were challenging but not to the point of frustration. It took us two days to solve and we are excitedly waiting for our next case!

Make sure to subscribe to Sleuth Kings!

5. Cosykiller ($36.67 Per Month)

Best Mystery Subscription Boxes: CosyKiller

Signing up for Cosykiller takes extreme dedication. The entire mystery spreads out over a whole year of subscription boxes, with new clues building on each other each time. This makes it the one mystery subscription box that resembles Hunt A Killer the most.

There is not a single “best way” to play this game. You can either work on it by yourself, as a small “detective team,” or collaborate in the private Facebook group.

The cool thing is what comes in the box! Each one comes with a personalized letter written just for you. It’s also full of vintage memorabilia, replica items, and even a few keepsakes.

Just look at what Natalie H. had to say about the cool stuff in her box:

I love this box! What an excellent idea. I bought it as an activity my husband and I could do together during lockdown. We’ve only had the first box so far but we were so impressed with it. I was addicted to smelling the burned journal! It smells so wonderful and I can see how much effort has gone into preparing it. We loved deciphering the codes. The only thing we’re sad about is that we have to wait so long for the next box! We’re itching to continue the story.

Make sure to subscribe to Cosykiller!

6. Murder Mystery In A Box ($35 Per Month)

Best Mystery Subscription Boxes: Murder Mystery in a Box

The next one on the list is not as family-friendly as the others. The stories in Murder Mystery In A Box are more detailed and include some slightly-gruesome details. They all take place in the same fictional town and has some recurring characters, so it is a lot more fun if you keep buying boxes and seeing how they relate to each other – but the mysteries can be solved with one box.

The coolest part is what you receive in each box. You’ll get odd clues like a rosewood rosary or a prescription bottle, along with normal clues like autopsy reports and scene photographs.

Depending on your skill level, each box can be solved in about 2-4 hours.

Make sure to subscribe to Murder Mystery In A Box!

7. Madmen And Heroes ($30 Per Month)

Best Mystery Box Subscriptions: Madmen and Heroes

History nerds, this one is for you! Each self-contained mystery box uses real historic events for inspiration. In fact, you might just learn some new things that you never knew before.

Madmen and Heroes is an interactive mystery box. You’ll need internet access while you play because some of the clues are on a website as well. Plus, you’ll enjoy learning more about the real historical characters that are in your puzzles and mysteries.

Even though the mystery can be solved within just one box, you’ll earn a higher rank and unlock more information that ties into an overarching storyline as you solve each one.

Make sure to subscribe to Madmen And Heroes!

8. The Conundrum Box ($25 Per Month)

Best Mystery Box Subscriptions: The Conundrum Box

Another family-friendly mystery subscription box is The Conundrum Box! It’s more than just a mystery box. They describe themselves accurately as, “Part Escape room, part choose-your-own-adventure”. This is definitely fun for a date-night or family game night.

Everything that you need to solve the boxes is contained within the box. You won’t have to use a computer or phone to look up clues online, which makes this a fantastic option for unplugging together. It takes about 1.5-3 hours to work through all the puzzles and games in the box.

Even though each box can be solved by itself, the characters and storyline continue with every subsequent box. It’s an addicting box that you will look forward to each month.

Plus, they send a playlist and recipes to really enhance the atmosphere as you play.

Make sure to subscribe to The Conundrum Box!

9. The Gray Matter Sodality ($25 Per Month)

Best Mystery Box Subscriptions: Gray Matter Sodailty Box

Oh no! Einstein’s brain has been dissected and stolen, and they need your help to find the missing pieces and put them back together. It will take an entire year to solve this mystery completely, but each Gray Matter Sodality box comes with a self-contained mystery so you can feel a sense of accomplishment.

The puzzles are a bit complex, so this is better for older teens and adults. You will need internet access since some clues ask you to read websites or watch YouTube videos. They also have a website where you can find hints if you get really stuck.

Inside each box are some crazy and strange clues – from cassette tapes to coffee mugs – and you will enjoy putting the pieces together.

Make sure to subscribe to The Gray Matter Sodality!

10. Dispatch ($24.99 Per Month)

Best Mystery Box Subscriptions: Dispatch

With Dispatch, you get to choose a series based on how many boxes you want it to take to solve. The shortest series can be solved in just 2 boxes. The longest series spans 7 boxes (7 months).

This is also an online/offline game that takes you to their website for more clues and back to the box to put the pieces together.

The stories are incredibly creative and complex, with characters that grip your imagination and put you into the mystery. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next box to arrive so you can keep working to solve this crime.

Make sure to subscribe to Dispatch!

Best One-Time Mystery Boxes

Blackbrim: 1876 & Reager’s Return

Introducing the Blackbrim Series, a thrilling new adventure game set in Victorian England. Play as a private detective who must solve cryptic puzzles to save the police commissioner and his force from hostages. With two games in the series, there’s plenty of mystery to unravel. You will be entertained for hours on end!

Looking for a challenge? Step back in time to the Victorian era and help save the police force from a kidnapper’s clutches. BLACKBRIM: 1876 contains two escape room-style puzzles that will test your intellect and problem-solving skills. With dozens of clues to uncover, can you solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Here is what Brian J. had to say about his experience:

My family and I absolutely loved this game! I had done a couple murder mystery-type games before, and I enjoyed how unique this one was. I played with four other people and it was fun to see how the different types of puzzles played to our individual strengths. I would definitely recommend this game!

You’ve been waiting for this moment. After a year, Reager Skinner is finally back. The London Police have reached out to you for help in taking him down. This time, you’re not going to let him get away with it.

Reager’s Return is an adventure game that will take you on a thrilling journey through the city of London. With dozens of puzzles to solve and clues to uncover, it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So put on your detective hat and get ready to track down Reager Skinner once and for all!

Here is what Joshua L. thought of Reager’s Return:

My friends and I really enjoyed playing Blackbrim, so we had high expectations going into Reager’s Return. I’m happy to report back that we loved it! There was a lot of new ingenuity in the game. We enjoyed that there was even more plot to this game. Every time we solved a puzzle, we got additional information, which made the game more immersive and fun. We also liked that there was more crossover between Parts 1 and 2. We also liked the twist at the end. Can’t wait for more!

Final Thoughts

It’s just so much fun to take a break from the monotony of life and put yourself in the role of head detective or an amateur sleuth. You simply cannot go wrong with any of the choices on this list. Each mystery subscription box here is crafted with care and attention to detail that will grip your imagination.

When you are looking for a box that is just like Hunt A Killer, check out these rivals next!

10 Best Mystery Boxes Like Hunt a Killer

  1. Escape The Crate
  2. The Deadbolt Mystery Society
  3. Finders Seekers
  4. Sleuth Kings
  5. Cosykiller
  6. Murder Mystery In A Box
  7. Madmen And Heroes
  8. The Conundrum Box
  9. The Gray Matter Sodality
  10. Dispatch

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