10 Mid Century Modern House Tours That’re to Die For

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Mid century modern house decor has been around for a while and is here to stay! Scroll down to see why people are crazy for it.

10 Mid Century Modern House Tours

Gorgeous Mid-Century Modern House Tours

Creating the perfect space can be difficult, even with general guidelines readily available for every style. Sometimes there’s more than one style of choice, decor can be too expensive, or maybe there’s a new addition in your family.

These bloggers fight the uphill battle of getting their home just right and are here to help you put your personal touch on your home. Before we get started, be sure to check out some of my favorite rug picks to help with your design!

Desert Mid Century Modern

10 Mid-Century Modern Home Tours

Everyone loves a good ‘ol before and after and A Beautiful Mess delivers with this living room reveal. Vivid metals, greens and blues really pop against the white walls in this desert inspired home.

Retro-Lover’s Mid Century Paradise

10 Mid-Century Modern Home Interiors

If you’re ready to soak up all of the cool retro vibes that mid-century modern has to offer, check out this home tour Dream Green DIY. This house has the perfect balance between character with its record player and funky furniture shapes and practicality with its minimalist design approach.

A Mid Century Boho Hybrid

10 Mid-Century Modern Home Interiors

A personal favorite style of mine is hybrid mid-century modern boho, and this home tour from Green Wedding Shoes NAILS IT. This home reaps all the fun patterned benefits of boho decor and incorporates it seamlessly with the simple and clean mid-century modern furniture shapes.

Home Full of Color

10 Mid-Century Modern Home Tours to Drool Over

It’s important to give yourself a fun living space that energizes you. For some, one pop of color isn’t enough. In this home tour from Apartment Therapy, Robert and Michael bring buckets full of paint and color into their design. From green to blue to orange, this house really has it all.

Warmth in a Modern Home

10 Mid-Century Modern Home Tours

Who says there can’t be warmth in modern design? Just take one look at this warm modern Frisco home by Kim Telfer and you’ll be begging to move in! With the power of collaboration, Kim and West Elm create a gorgeous home that anyone would love to live in.

A Feminine Home up for Grabs

10 Mid-Century Modern Home Decor Ideas

Some family got lucky in 2014 when A House in the Hills put their home on the market.  This house is seriously decorated to perfection. Mid-century modern is still alive and thriving in the Palm Springs area and this house is no exception!

Baby Proof Mid Century Modern Home

10 Mid Century Modern Home Tours

I never thought a baby proof house could look this good! Check out how Sarah Sherman makes her modern home safe for her new baby. This home tour will inspire you to never settle on your home design and teach you how to make your decor work for your family.

10 Mid-Century Modern House Tours

Add some drama to your home design by incorporating bold black or richly colored walls. In Sarah’s home tour by Camille Styles, you’ll learn how to create a cohesive look, even with a ton of colors.

10 Mid Century Modern House Tours

Texture is key in this Apartment Therapy tour of David Butler’s home. Mixing varying textures add interest to the space and fun colors keep things cheerful in the winter. On a side note, I’m loving the sky lights!

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